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GedStar Pro

GedStar Pro from GHCS Software is the premier solution for having your genealogy data with you at all times right in the palm of your hand! Whether you are in a library, on a research trip, or just at a family gathering, all of your most important facts are just a few taps away.

GedStar works directly with Legacy Family Tree: no GEDCOM file is needed. In addition, GedStar is fully compatible with any genealogy software that can export data in the standard GEDCOM file format. This includes all known free and commercial products that are currently on the market.

The number of people that you can have in your GedStar database is virtually unlimited, as the program works the same for a few hundred or many thousands of individuals. You can store your data in multiple independent databases, and can store databases on insertable memory cards.

GedStar gives you several different ways to view your data, notes, and sources. Both color and monochrome devices are supported.

The program's screens include:

  • Main view (lists all people in the database)

  • Family view (shows information about a marriage)

  • Individual view (displays an individual's details)

  • Ancestor view (displays three generations in an ancestor "tree")

  • Descendant view (displays a descendant "outline")

  • And more...

In addition, GedStar offers these features:

  • Several options for detailed searches

  • Multiple databases, with add-in memory card support

  • Source citation details for major events

  • Bookmarks for up to eight persons per database for quick access

  • Relationship calculator for any two people related by blood

  • Show a day's major events: what happened today in your family history?


GedStar Pro

GedStar Pro is an all-new addition to the line of GedStar PalmOS genealogy programs. It is optimized for the latest devices with color screens, fast processors, and increased storage space.

It can take advantage of most of your Legacy program's features to store and display virtually all of your important data.

All events — primary and alternate, standard and custom — can be converted, along with their source citations, sureties, notes, and repositories. It will even include your research task to-do list.

System Requirements:

  • A handheld device running PalmOS™ 3.5 thru 5.x. This includes all color devices, but also many monochrome devices.
  • A PC running Windows 98, ME, NT, XP, or 2000.
  • Legacy or a  supported PC genealogy program that can export a GEDCOM version 5.5 file using ANSI or ANSEL encoding.

GedStar's user interface operates in a very intuitive manner to display a person's events and allow you to examine all of the details. These screen shots illustrate the program's completeness and power:

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