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  • ProQuest and MyFamily.com Form Partnership


  • Coverage for Houston's Clayton Library Added


  • NEW! Legacy's Tagging and Searching Made Easy
  • Family History CD Is the Ideal Family Reunion Solution
  • Pocket Genealogist 2.81 Supports Ancestor and Descendant Tree Views
  • Legacy Video Tape Blow Out Sale! Now only US $7.50!


  • Selecting Report Options in Legacy
  • Cleanup Master Lists



  • FREEReg for Parish Record Searches in the UK




  • Epitaphs From Actual Tombstones...




  • ProQuest and MyFamily.com Form Partnership

ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN - June 25, 2004 - ProQuest Information and Learning announces exclusive rights to distribute a new product, Ancestry Library Edition, from MyFamily.com, Inc., in the library market. The new agreement gives ProQuest the two premier genealogy resources: HeritageQuest Online (TM), ProQuest's popular library genealogy and family history database, and Ancestry Library Edition, an enhanced edition of MyFamily.com's popular consumer genealogy database, Ancestry.com. Ancestry Library Edition will replace the Ancestry Plus database for current subscribers. ProQuest Information and Learning, a unit of ProQuest Company (NYSE:PQE), creates and publishes databases to libraries and educational institutions worldwide.

MyFamily.com, based in Provo, Utah, publishes electronic and print resources for family historians. Key collections in Ancestry Library Edition include:

· Immigration Collection: New York Passenger Lists, San Francisco Passenger Lists, and New York Petitions for Naturalization

· US Data Collection including US Birth, Marriage and Death Collection, World War I Draft Registration Cards, and Social Security Death Index

· US Census Collection including US Census 1790-1930 images and indexes

· UK and Ireland Collection including England and Wales Census Images and Indexes, England and Wales Civil Registration Index 1837-present, and England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales Parish and probate record 1500s-1837

"The resources in Ancestry Library Edition are an excellent complement to HeritageQuest Online. By providing both databases to libraries, we're able to meet more fully libraries' needs for genealogical, demographic, and historical research. The agreement is a great fit for customers in this rapidly growing research area, for both hobbyists and professionals. Users will gain rich sources of content and search tools for illuminating their ancestry," said Rod Gauvin, ProQuest senior vice president, marketing and publishing.

ProQuest will continue to distribute Heritage Quest and all its component data sets of the US Census, the PERiodical Source Index (PERSI) and Genealogical and Local History Collection (G&LH). Freedman's Bank Records and the Revolutionary War Pension Records are also slated to be added to HeritageQuest Online.

Information about subscriptions to Ancestry Library Edition will be forthcoming. Free trials of HeritageQuest Online are available. Libraries may receive more information by contacting their account representative at 1-800-521-0600, ext 3183 or 3452 (outside the U.S., call +44-1-223-215-512) or pqsales@il.proquest.com.


  • Coverage for Houston's Clayton Library and Ancestry.com Added

    Version 1.0.5, a free upgrade for registered users of GenSmarts was recently released. GenSmarts for Legacy is an easy to use add-on program that can audit your data in seconds, highlight missing information, tell you where to find it, and for online sites, can even do lookups for you with one click. Here's what's new in this recent update:

    1. Getting research suggestions for a specific individual can now be accomplished by simply double-clicking the person of interest on the MY GENEALOGY FILE tab.

    2. To zero in on missing data, click the FILLS MISSING DATA filter on the TO DO list tab.

    3. For those of you that like Clayton Library in Houston, Texas... several thousand volumes of their genealogy collection are now included in GenSmarts analysis.

    4. For Ancestry.com users... over 1000 additional Ancestry.com databases have been added to what GenSmarts analyzes for... Are you making the most out of your subscription? GenSmarts can match up your data with what's available in these databases.

    5. You can now add your own custom geography for unusual places or to accommodate places not previously known to GenSmarts.

    Registered users can download the 1.0.5 upgrade at www.gensmarts.com/versionhistory.asp 

    If you are not a registered GenSmarts user and want more details or wish to order it, please visit our Online Store at www.legacyfamilytree.com/


NEW! Legacy's Tagging and Searching Made Easy

The purposes for which tagging and searching are used in Legacy Family Tree are basically endless. This new video training CD will teach you how tagging and searching can be applied to your personal research problems. Recommended for intermediate to advanced users. Topics covered include:

• Tagging basics
• Advanced tagging
• Record selection for reports
• Before you tag: The Rules
• Searching
• Use and display tags 4-9
• Using locations
• Searching with GENViewer 

For details and ordering please visit:

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  • Family History CD Is the Ideal Family Reunion Solution

Family History CD software is the perfect solution for this summer’s family reunion projects. You can publish photos, video and audio clips, documents, histories and genealogical data to a CD. With this easy to use software, you can create a visually attractive screen with buttons that lead to your precious files. The end users need very little computer experience to enjoy viewing the various files on the CD. It is also excellent software for the computer novice, very easy to use. Each CD you create will be self contained, the end user will not need to own the Family History CD software. This do-it-yourself software is very easy and fun to use. Visit www.familyhistorycd.com for examples of what others have done using this amazing tool. 

For details and ordering please visit:

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  • Pocket Genealogist 2.81 Supports Ancestor and Descendant Tree Views

Pocket Genealogist is the leader in genealogy software for PocketPC's and other "Windows Powered" mobile devices.  Now you can take your genealogy data with you in your pocket!  No more laptops or bulky notebooks! Better yet, Pocket Genealogist will directly import your Legacy family file. No GEDCOM file is needed! Pocket Genealogist supports most data types including events, facts, notes, sources, repositories, addresses, to do lists and LDS Ordinances.  Pocket Genealogist also supports a number of Languages including Danish, Dutch, French, German, Norwegian, Portuguese and Spanish. 

For details, other screen shots and ordering please visit:

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  • Legacy Video Tape Blow Out Sale!  Now only US $7.50!

• Legacy 3.0 Training Video -- Was $ 14.95, Now $ 7.50

Find out how the pro's get the most from Legacy with this self-paced video. Although produced for Legacy 3.0, this video still covers all the basics of Legacy 4.0 and 5.0!

• Legacy Intermediate Training Video -- Was $ 14.95, Now $ 7.50

This video contains information about custom reports, tagging, customizing displays, sources, e-mailing reports, and comparing files, relationships, research aids and little known, yet exciting features.

There are self-paced video tapes in VHS - NTSC Standard (US/Canada).

For details and ordering please visit:


  • Selecting Report Options in Legacy

    The following standard reports are just a few of the available from Legacy. Click on the report name for an example.

    These other reports are also available from other locations within the program:

    Some of the most frequently asked questions at the Support Desk concern report options because a user wants to customize a report to achieve a specific result. Each report screen has a Help button that can be clicked to learn about the options specific to that screen. Please note that where options are 'grayed out' or 'ghosted' they are not available for that particular screen. By reading the program's online Help and trying different options, you should be able to produce a customized report that satisfies your needs. If you "get lost" experimenting with options, just click the Reset button to return to the default settings.

    The video training CD 'New Innovations in Legacy' shows how report options can be set for the Family Picture Tree, the Descendant Chart, Multiple Lines of Descent report, and Calendar Creator. In addition, the video shows how to select report languages, preview reports and more. To order the video training CD please visit www.legacyfamilytree.com/

    Options common to all reports include:

    · RIN Numbers 
    · Christening Date and Place 
    · Notes 
    · LDS ordinance information 
    · Printing orientation, line spacing and font size.

    The following reports are included in Legacy:

    Family Group Sheet

    · Selected blank lines can be removed. 
    · Multiple families can be printed at once, including tagged families and focus groups that can include ancestor lines, descendant lines, etc. 
    · Pictures can be included for the husband and wife in various sizes, including captions and descriptions. 
    · Page numbering is controllable 
    · A sorted index can be created

    Descendant Report

    · Specify number of generations 
    · Indentation between generations can be set 
    · Boxes can be printed around names and can have drop shadows 
    · Duplicate lines can be suppressed

    Ancestor Report

    · Same options as Descendant Report

    Timeline Report

    · Print for ancestors or descendants of any individual 
    · Specify number of generations 
    · Specify number of years across page 
    · Specify average life span for individuals with missing birth or death dates 

    Pedigree Chart

    · Four, five or six generations per page 
    · Cascading charts to any number of generations 
    · Specify starting chart number 
    · Boxes can be printed around names and can have drop shadows 
    · A sorted index can be generated 
    · Duplicate lines can be suppressed 

    Lineage Report

    · Pictures of main individuals can be included 
    · Specify number of generations 

    Individual Reports

    · Multiple individuals can be printed at once, including tagged families and focus groups that can include ancestor lines, descendant lines, etc. 
    · Pictures can be included in various sizes, including captions and descriptions. 
    · Page numbering is controllable 
    · A sorted index can be created 

    Ahnentafel (Ancestor) Book

    · Duplicate lines can be suppressed 
    · Pictures can be included in various sizes, including captions and descriptions. 
    · Underlines can be printed in the place of missing names 
    · Specify number of generations 
    · Include a Title page with picture and other layout options 
    · Include Table of Contents in various formats 
    · Include sorted index in various formats 
    · Font names, sizes and attributes can be set for each section of the book 
    · Can start a new page after every generation 
    · All paragraph indentations are adjustable 
    · Margins are all adjustable 
    · Heading position and justification are adjustable 
    · Three formats are available for generation subtitles 

    Modified Register (Descendant) Book

    · Same options as Ahnentafel Report 

    Descendant Narrative Report

    · Same as Ahnentafel Report 

    Source Citation Report

    · Print a list of all individuals and marriages that cite each master source.
    · Can include dividing lines 
    · Can include source comments

    Potential Problems Report

    · Once a reported problem has been researched and found valid, the record can be marked so that it is excluded from future reports. 
    · Warning parameters can be set. 
    · Problem records can be automatically tagged 
    · Can check All Records, All Records not checked yet or All Records not marked to Exclude 

    Surname Summary

    · Prints a summary list of all surnames in the Family File or all surnames in a grid. 
    · Includes the Surname, how many records use it and the date range of the uses 

    Relationship Report

    · Prints a list of each person related to an individual. 
    · Can include the spouses of the relatives (e.g. "Wife of 2nd Cousin, Twice Remove") 

    LDS Ordinance Report

    · All records, with or without any ordinance dates or places 
    · Only records with one or more missing ordinance dates 
    · Only records with all ordinance dates filled 
    · Only records with one or more ordinance dates filled 
    · Shade various line groups for ease of reading 
    · Include vertical column and/or horizontal row lines 
    · Exclude living individuals 
    · Include surrounding relative (parents, spouses and children) for ease of identification 
    · Include a Temple Name List appendix 

    Ages Report

    · Print a report including the date, day of week and age for birth, christening, marriage, death and burial of a married couple. 

    Name List Report

    · Print a list of all names in the Family File or any subset produced by a search 
    · Column contents are customizable 

    Blank Reports and Forms:

    Census forms

    · Includes United States census forms for 1790, 1800/1810, 1820, 1830/1840, 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880, 1900, 1910 and 1920 
    · Includes Canadian census forms for 1851 and 1901 
    · Can print 1 or more copies of all or some forms 


    · Prints a customized questionnaire for requesting information about your family 
    · Can specify how many children to prompt for 

    Relationship Diagram

    · Prints a diagram showing the title of all relatives of an individual. These include sons, daughters, grandchildren, nieces and nephews, parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, and all the cousin relationship names. 

    Research Log

    · Prints a log to be used to track research progress

    The Family Picture Tree, Chronology, Multiple Lines of Descent reports and Calendar Creator are found only in Legacy 5.0 Deluxe. To order the Deluxe Edition, please visit the Online Store at www.LegacyFamilyTree.com/ or call 1 425 788-2121 (toll-free 1 800 753-3453 in the US).

    Wall charts, Fan charts, Historical Timeline charts, and Drop-line charts are not available in Legacy, but they can be created by the add-on programs Charting Companion, Genelines for Legacy and TreeDrew Legacy also available through our Online Store.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

  • Cleanup Master Lists

    You can have unused entries removed from any or all of the master lists maintained by Legacy. For example, abandoned entries can happen in the Surname List if you were to delete all the people with a certain surname from the family file. That surname would still remain in the master list as an unreferenced name. You can have Legacy run through the Surname List to remove any names that are not being pointed to. This is most often the case if you entered a misspelled name and then later corrected it. "Smiht" could end up in the list, taking up room, and never be referenced.

· To Remove Abandoned Information from Lists:

1. Select the lists you want to clean up by clicking on the checkbox next to each list name. (You can select all the lists by clicking Set All.)

Keep/Restore Original Values: 

Legacy starts with a few built-in lists. These include common Source Types, Event Definitions, Marriage Statuses, Child Statuses, To-Do Categories, and Temple Names. When purging unused items from master lists, you will probably want to keep the original default entries even though they have not been used yet.

· To Restore Master Lists to Their Original Contents:

1. Select the lists you want to restore by clicking on the checkbox next to each list name. (You can select all the lists by clicking Set All.)

Combining Duplicate Entries: 

While cleaning up the master lists in your family file you can have any duplicate entries combined into one.

· To Combine Any Duplicate Entries in the Master Lists:

1. Select the lists you want to combine duplicates within by clicking on the checkbox next to each list name. (You can select all the lists by clicking Set All.)

When you have selected all the lists you want to clean up, click Proceed.

This and other helpful tips can be viewed on the video training CD 'Your 12-Step Checklist to Using Legacy Family Tree' available through our Online Store by visiting www.legacyfamilytree.com/


Do you have an expert tip to share? Send your ideas to JimTerry@LegacyFamilyTree.com. We'd love to include it in our newsletter and on our Web site. We are looking for short, simple things everyone can do to improve they way they use Legacy, but may not have thought about.


  • FREEReg for Parish Record Searches in the UK

    The FreeREG Project's objective is to provide free Internet searches of baptism, marriage, and burial records, which have been extracted from parish registers and non-conformist church records in the UK. The recording of baptisms, marriages and burials in parish registers began in England in 1538. 

    This is a part of the FreeUKGEN Project and companion project to FreeBMD, which is a database of the GRO birth, marriage and death indexes from 1837. 

    Records are to be made freely available through a search engine only, not as complete sets of data for a church. For complete transcriptions, where available, refer to the local County Records Offices, or Family History Societies. 

    The FreeREG database is just a finding tool. It should not be considered to be *proof*, or indeed that it is always 100% accurate, or contains all of the information in the actual register. Once you have found a record, then write to the relevant Family History Society or County Record Office, who, for a small fee, will obtain a print from the original register for you. In many cases you can also purchase a full transcript of the register from the FHS.

    Note: this database is still in preparation and being tested. Keep an eye on this site for when it goes "live." Please point your browsers to http://freereg.rootsweb.com


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It's Free!
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Take a Look at Our Busy Calendar for July 2004....

• 10 July - Legacy Class held after Utah Valley PAF Users Group meeting (9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.)
4000 North 650 East (Timpview Drive) in Provo, Utah
For more information please visit www.uvpafug.org/meeting.htm

• 10 July - Oklahoma City Legacy User Group, 11:00-12:00, following 9:00-11:00 Oklahoma City PC Users Group (OKCPCUG) Genealogy SIG.
Suite 201, Center 3000 Building
3000 United Founders Boulevard (NW 57th and N. May Ave)
Contact Joanne at okclug@att.net or La Nell at nellgen2@cox.net for details.

• 21 July - Calgary, AB, Legacy Users Group, 7:00 p.m.
Alberta Family History Society Library
712 16th Avenue NW, Calgary AB
Contact: Charles Aubin at cwaubin1@telus.net 

• 26 July - Kitsap County, Washington Legacy User Group
Contact Lynn N. Ramey at dar0643@earthlink.net for more information.

• 26 July - Legacy Training sponsored by the Cornish Association of Victoria. Inc., 10:30 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
Uniting Church Hall
Kangaroo Road Hughesdale
Walking distance from Oakleigh Railway Station
Oakleigh, VIC, Australia
For information contact Tom and Libby Luke at tomluke@alphalink.com.au or telephone 03 9801 1270 or visit http://home.vicnet.net.au/~caov/program/program.htm

• 31 July - Orange County Legacy Users Group, 4:00 p.m.
LDS Family History Center - Relief Society Room
674 South Yorba Street
Orange, Calif. 92869
Please contact person Frank Chocco at fchocco@yahoo.com

• Auckland, New Zealand, Legacy Users Group
Contact Jan Gow: phone 09 521 1518 or e-mail jangow@genealogy.net.nz with LUG meeting as the subject if you would like to be on the mailing list.

• Boston Legacy Users Group
Contact: John Lisle, jbl@tqsi.com or Julie Michutka, jmm@pathbridge.net

• German Legacy Users Group (Yahoo E-mail Group)
To subscribe please visit send a subscribe message to:

• Netherlands Legacy Users Group
Please send e-mail to Richard Nijboer at reobijn_richard@hotmail.com or visit http://members.lycos.nl/legacynl

• Norway Legacy Users Group
Visit the Norwegian Legacy web site that is packed with news, tips, help pages and a user forum you can participate in.

• United Kingdom Legacy Users Group
f you would like to join a Legacy Users Group for the UK please contact Richard Prior at sauntonuk@yahoo.com

• Windsor, Ontario, Legacy Users Group
Group meets the last week of the month. Day and location vary.
For more information contact Kathryn Lake Hogan at klake@cogeco.ca or phone (519) 250-1528.

For information on new groups that may be forming in your area, please visit www.LegacyFamilyTree.com/UsersGroup.asp


Epitaphs From Actual Tombstones... 

· In a London, England cemetery:
Ann Mann
Here lies Ann Mann,
Who lived an old maid
But died an old Mann
Dec. 8, 1767

· In a Ribbesford, England, cemetery:
Anna Wallace
The children of Israel wanted bread
And the Lord sent them manna,
Old clerk Wallace wanted a wife,
And the Devil sent him Anna

· Playing with names in a Ruidoso, New Mexico, cemetery:
Here lies
Johnny Yeast
Pardon me 
For not rising

· A widow wrote this epitaph in a Vermont cemetery:
Sacred to the memory of
my husband John Barnes
who died January 3, 1803
His comely young widow, aged 23, has
many qualifications of a good wife, and
yearns to be comforted.

· Lester Moore was a Wells, Fargo Co. station agent for Naco, Arizona in the cowboy days of the 1880's. He's buried in the Boot Hill Cemetery in Tombstone, Arizona:
Here lies Lester Moore
Four slugs from a .44
No Les No More.

In a cemetery in Hartscombe, England:
On the 22nd of June
- Jonathan Fiddle -
Went out of tune.

· More fun with names with Owen Moore in Battersea, London, England:
Gone away
Owin' more
Than he could pay.

· Someone in Winslow, Maine didn't like Mr. Wood:
In Memory of Beza Wood
Departed this life
Nov. 2, 1837
Aged 45 yrs.
Here lies one Wood
Enclosed in wood
One Wood
Within another.
The outer wood
Is very good:
We cannot praise
The other.

· On a grave from the 1880's in Nantucket, Massachusetts:
Under the sod and under the trees
Lies the body of Jonathan Pease.
He is not here, there's only the pod:
Pease shelled out and went to God.

· In a Thurmont, Maryland, cemetery:
Here lies an Atheist
All dressed up
And no place to go.

Kind regards, 
RCJ - Alberta, Canada

If you have a good genealogy joke, please send it to Editor@LegacyFamilyTree.com.


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