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Pocket Genealogist 4.0

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Pocket Genealogist Version 4.0 Now Available! (Download Only)

Pocket Genealogist is the leader in genealogy software for Windows Mobile Devices. (Requires PocketPC 2003, Windows Mobile 5.x or 6.x, Touchscreen or Non-touchscreen). Note: Will not run on Windows Phone 7. It offers the most extensive data support available in a handheld genealogy program.. Supported data types include images, events, facts, notes, sources, repositories, addresses, to-do lists, alternate names, LDS Ordinances and media. Now you can take your genealogy data with you in your pocket! No more laptops or bulky notebooks! Pocket Genealogist also supports a number of Languages including Danish, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish.

Pocket Genealogist Advanced Version 4 imports data directly from Legacy Family Tree -- no GEDCOM file necessary! Data changed on the device or in your Legacy database can be synchronized using the 2-way synchronization feature of Pocket Genealogist.

Fully compatible with Windows NT, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10. (32 or 64 bit).

Winner: Pocket PC Magazine Genealogy category for 5 straight years!

Pocket Genealogist features include:

• Add, edit or delete Individuals, Events. Notes, Facts, Sources, Repositories, Addresses, Alternate Names, To Do lists and other data. Some features depend on the availability of that data from your desktop genealogy program. Pocket Genealogist has the MOST comprehensive data support of any handheld genealogy program.

• Export changes made on the device to a GEDCOM file for transfer back into your desktop program.

• Multiple "Views" available to navigate your data: 3-Generation, 3-Generation with Images, Ancestor Tree and Descendant Tree (all devices), and Individual list (touchscreen devices only).

• Supports multiple databases on the device, as space permits.

• Changes Report displays what has changed on the device if 2-way synchronization is not elected.

• “Check for Update” feature allows download and installation of new updates.

• Support for “capacitive” touch screens (finger instead of stylus)

• Program and/or databases can be stored in memory or on storage card.

• Up to 250,000 individuals per database. (393,216 for Windows Mobile 5 or 6.) However, the user may find that databases of that size are not practical because of space and time constraints.

• Extensively tested for compatibility Legacy Family Tree and others. Pocket Genealogist uses GEDCOM "profiles" which provides a far superior import of your GEDCOM data.

• Supports GEDCOM files, available with all desktop genealogy programs, for data transfers.

• Advanced Level: Full direct 2-way synchronization of data with Legacy Family Tree databases (including editing). No GEDCOM necessary.

• View your multimedia images on the device. Supports JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PNG, GIF and PDF formats

• Adds GPS support for all Windows Mobile versions.

• Includes a relationship calculator which can determine the relationship between two individuals.

• Adds GPS support for Windows Mobile 5 or 6 devices and GPS devices which support the new Windows Intermediary driver. Add Coordinates to Notes, Locations, Addresses or Repositories (depending on capability of your desktop genealogy program to support that information at those levels.)

• Includes a Backup utility for your Pocket Genealogist databases.

• Ability to change the font size for the 3-gen display, the Tree Views, Lists and edit fields. (Touchscreen devices only.)

• Add "Field Notes" on the device with view and print feature on the desktop.

• New "Research Lists" feature allows Individuals, Families, Sources or Repositories to be added to lists of your choice. (For example you can create a "Further Research" or "Bookmark" lists.) View the lists on the device or on the desktop.

• Find Individuals by Given name, Surname, or Location.

• Find To Do tasks by Task name or Repository.

• "Go To" individuals or families by ID.

• "History" list shows individuals viewed during a Pocket Genealogist session.

• "Add Person" feature on the device makes it easy to add spouses, parents, siblings or children.

• Includes a Date and Soundex Calculator.

• Coordinates (latitude/longitude) converter.

• View/Edit Master lists of sources, locations, surnames, etc.

• Perform a soft or hard reset from within Pocket Genealogist. (Not available on all devices, depends on manufacturer's implementation of Windows Mobile.)

• Format storage cards from within Pocket Genealogist. (Not available on all devices, depends on manufacturer's implementation of Windows Mobile.)

• Extensive set of configuration options including setting the colors used on the 3-gen screen.

• Most comprehensive device support of any Windows Mobile genealogy program. Supports PocketPC 2003, Pocket PC 2003 Second Edition, and Windows Mobile 5 & 6 (including "Phone Edition Devices" and “Smartphones”.)

• Supports VGA screen resolution and Portrait/Landscape switching on devices supporting that feature.

• Supports ‘square screen’ devices such as the PalmOne Treo 700W and iPaq hw6900

• Supported date types: About, Circa, Before, After, Between, Say, Or, From/To, Estimated, Calculated, WFT EST, Approximated, Either, To and LDS values such as BIC, Pre-1970, DNS, etc. (Availability of a particular type depends if the originating program supports that date type.)

• Column widths and column positions for all lists can be changed and saved.  (Touchscreen devices only.)

• Easy to use display

• Easy Installation

• Detailed downloadable User Guide in Adobe Acrobat or Microsoft Word format.

• Professional-grade support: unlimited and free support via email.

Your research trip routines are about to change.  No more lugging your laptop around, chaining it to table legs and hoping it (and the table) will be there when you return from getting a book or searching through a roll of microfilm.  Your data is in your pocket and ready for viewing, editing, and additions at any time.  When you get back home, just load the changes back into your Legacy family file on your desktop computer, and smile....

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