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Introducing Legacy Family Tree: the Simple FTM Upgrade

On December 8th 2015 announced in this blog post that they will discontinue their Family Tree Maker software effective December 31, 2015. We know this change is difficult (my very first genealogy software purchase was FTM...), yet know that you will enjoy Legacy Family Tree. Millions have already downloaded it.

How to Import a Family Tree Maker file into Legacy - 90 second video.


Also, download the FREE guide here.

Why FTM users love Legacy

So many former FTM users have turned to Legacy, and we asked them why. Here were their top reasons:

  1. Company-user relationship, support
  2. Reasonable pricing and free updates
  3. Navigation and data entry
  4. Sourcing capabilities
  5. User-friendly
  6. Reports
  7. Name list
  8. View multiple databases side-by-side / drag-drop
  9. Web pages

Here's the complete list with the users' comments.

Legacy Pricing

  1. Free - Standard Edition. Millions have downloaded Legacy. Download here and import your FTM file in minutes.
  2. Legacy Deluxe Edition (download-edition) is just $34.95. Click here to purchase.

Need Help?

If you ever need a little hand-holding, we are there to help. We are known for our quality and responsive technical support.

Click here to read our follow-up article that answers more of your questions.

Need a little research help?

Not only will we help you organize, research, and share your research, we'll show you how to find your ancestors. Visit to learn from industry experts. As of today, 284 classes are available and more are added every month.

Sync with FamilySearch

Legacy Family Tree is "Tree Share" Certified for FamilySearch™ Family Tree

Legacy Family Tree is "Tree Share" Certified for FamilySearch™ Family Tree. This means you can share your Legacy information with FamilySearch™ Family Tree and of course pull information from Family Tree into your Legacy family file.

Legacy Family Tree is award-winning genealogy software that helps you:

  • Organize your family tree
  • Search the best websites
  • Find your ancestors with Research Guidance
  • Share and publish your research via CD, book, chart, or website
  • Accurately document your findings
  • Reserve ordinances (LDS) and track your temple cards
  • Lots more...

Legacy is the only FamilySearch-certified program to both search FamilySearch and have built-in Research Guidance

When you have exhuasted the resources of FamilySearch, Legacy's built-in Research Guidance takes you to the next step. It analyzes what is already known about your ancestor, and then builds a prioritized custom To Do List for you. It suggests the best records to help you solve your research problems, explains what you would expect to find in the new records, and points you to the right repository of website. Many of the suggestions even provide the specific call number at the Family History Library. For more information, watch the Research Guidance section of the Legacy for Beginners video here.

Which edition do you want to download? (simple Family Tree Maker Gedcom import)

  • Legacy Family Tree Standard Edition (free)
  • Legacy Family Tree Deluxe Edition (from $34.95)
  • Lots more...

Click here to compare the two editions.

Click here to download Legacy. 

Upgrading from Family Tree Maker

Upgrading from Family Tree Maker to Legacy is simple. Everything imports - your notes, sources, pictures, even your RINs and MRINs. You will continue to enjoy everything you had in Family Tree Maker (reports, sources, searching, ease-of-use) plus you will get a lot more:

  • Wall Charts
  • Research Guidance
  • To Do List / Research Log
  • Historical timelines
  • Chronology View
  • Dozens of additional charts and reports
  • Blank census forms
  • Lots more...


Quick Video Overview

International Versions of Legacy

Video Tutorials
Legacy Family Tree Overview. This is an overview of Legacy Family Tree. 46 minutes.
What's new in Legacy Family Tree 8. This is an overview of some of the new features that were added to Legacy Family Tree. 1 hour 49 minutes.
Legacy Family Tree and FamilySearch Family Tree. This is an overview to working with Legacy's FamilySearch tools - linking, duplicates, sharing, ordinance reserving and tracking, etc. By Geoff Rasmussen, 13 March 2014. 46 minutes.

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