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Comments from Legacy Users

  • Aside from the fact that Legacy is a terrific program, I appreciate the responses that I have always received whenever I have had any questions.  Your product and staff are outstanding. Thank you very much.



  • After comparing a LOT of products, your's is a standout  - well done!

    Selina Iddon

  • Dear Legacy Customer Service, 

    Itís not often that I e-mail an organisation's Customer Service dept (unless something has gone wrong), but I feel compelled to e-mail you about Legacy. 

    Iíve been using Legacy for a few weeks now to keep track of my ancestry, and I am really impressed with the program. Thereís masses of functionality which is relevant to the task in hand, the authors have anticipated the userís needs brilliantly, thereís lots of short cuts, and the whole program is very intuitive. Each day I use Legacy, I find something new. It is almost as though the designers and authors have a genuine love of their program, and have done all they can to make it brilliant. 

    My only problem is that after paying less than twenty US bucks for it, I feel that I have stolen something! If this was a Microsoft product it would cost a great deal more! 

    Well done! 

    Best regards, 

    Geoff Penn
    (on the Sunny South Coast of England)


  • You really have a fine program. It just isn't the program however. The training disks are excellent! I have used your product for several years but just recently got the training disks. I wish a thousand times over that I had studied the training disks prior to start using Legacy.

    My file is large by my standards at 17,000 individuals and while I have used the source function I have not used it effectively and thus now I am faced with editing my sources. I have been doing genealogy as a hobby/passion for 35 years. You do a wonderful job not just providing software but training too.


    Jerry Cranford


  • Thanks for answering my question. I have to say that Legacy is one totally awesome program. This is my first Genealogy program and I was amazed at the many features it has. The support and updates are wonderful. It's hard to imagine a company providing this kind of service these days. I always recommend Legacy when asked for a Genealogy program.

    Jerry Marsh


  • Thank you for such a wonderful Genealogy tool. My database is quite large and I have tried 7 different similar programs all of which claimed to handle large databases but NONE did. Not only did Legacy handle my database but did so quickly smoothly and with GREAT results looks absolutely WONDERFUL especially the web pages Legacy produces.  BRAVO to all involved in the creation of Legacy.

    Rick Howard


  • I just want to tell you how much I appreciate Legacy. I have used multiple different genealogy software programs since 1985 and Legacy is by far the best. I currently use Legacy and always look for new upgrades.

    I highly recommend it because of the ease of entering new data or deleting or changing errors. It also prints charts that are quite nice especially when using it with the PDF format.

    Ron Moore


  • I've made the switch! After using Family Tree Maker for three years along with Brothers Keeper and PAF. I first came across your Comparisons Page and decided to take a peek. I was quite surprised at the many differences and seeing things that I had desired for a long time in Legacy, I immediately downloaded the free version to give it a try and was so hooked that first night I ordered the Deluxe version within a couple days.

    Legacy outperforms the other programs by a landslide. It is by far the best and most versatile genealogy program I have used! I now have the ability to do the myriad of things I could not do with the all the other programs put together. Just wishing I had found Legacy sooner!

    And thank you for your suggestion form! It's exceptionally great to know that you are interested in the user's ideas for what we would like to see in Legacy!

    Thank you again!

Shauna Wells


  • This is the best program I have ever seen. I have been involved in genealogy for about 5 years and I have been struggling with pen and paper for all of that time. I downloaded Legacy one night out of interest since it was free and by the next morning I had purchased the complete program.

    It has opened up brand new avenues of investigation and made some connections I had not noticed before. I have recommended the programme to every one I have met in the genealogical community. All I can say is WOW and keep up the hard work.

    Sam Boxall

  • I started out several years ago with Brothers Keeper and have since used PAF, Family Origins, TMG 4.0 and Legacy. I have installed and experimented with Family Tree Maker, Ancestral Quest, Cumberland Family Tree, and maybe some others.

    Legacy by my estimate has the very best combination of features available today.

    Deck Bargy

  • Ken, just had to write and tell you a very big thank you! I received the Legacy 4 deluxe and the manual, and the two videos. Last night I watched the first one. It is worth its weight is gold! I have been using Legacy, beginning with Legacy 2, and for the comparatively small price, I have learned so many things I did not know about the programme. Buttons that I was afraid to click on in case I broke something. It is well done, and very informative.

    It is too bad that these videos can not be 'pushed' a bit harder -- they have so many answers that are being asked.

    I really congratulate all of you at MyHeritage Ltd. for thinking of all the little things that make this the most enjoyable programme to work with, and wish all of you every success in the future. I sing your praises to all those I know that are doing their family search.

    Patricia B. of British Columbia
  • I have several genealogy programs, each of which I use for different reasons, but no longer. Legacy 4.0 is everything you promised - I have often thought, why doesn't someone come up with a program that "has it all". Now it has happened - you guys have done it! A wonderful and successful effort. An added bonus - no heavy hype to buy more products when you use the program, no heavy hype for same on the website - makes me WANT to explore your other services, which I will. Another plus - I got my manual in the mail within two days of downloading the program. THIS is customer service!

    Thanks for a very fine and useable product and what seems to be a sincere effort to please (and thus keep) your customers. Don't change!

Gratefully, Carol B.


  • Legacy Deluxe is Awesome! I recently began using the Four Color Ancestor Coloring scheme developed by Mary E. V. Hill, A.G. When I printed out a pedigree chart I was surprised to learn the Legacy Deluxe supports this system. Wow!

    I am overwhelmed by all the goodies in the latest edition. It was well worth waiting for. Legacy should be the industry standard by which to measure all other genealogy programs. It is far better than programs costing several times as much.

    Thanks to all at MyHeritage Ltd. who made this the very best program at any price.
  • The new features - and gee, there are a lot of them - are fantastic. The "Ages" view is one I am especially happy to have. I do a lot of writing and the age view and the Chronology view are great tools. Version 4 is fantastic and a good product. It is a nice piece of programming and user interfaces. I have now tried all the new options without encountering any problems. This is one program that justifies doing a "happy dance".
  • I have now been three times impressed by the Legacy team.
        1. A great program.
        2. Friendly and prompt phone service when I registered.
        3. Fantastic support.
    We have used Reunion, Generations Grand Suite, Family Origins 7, and The Master Genealogist, but in last two days have been amazed by the flexibility and features of Legacy, as it combines all the best features of the others, plus gives so many more.   Our thanks to all the Legacy team for a job well done
    Jenny & Tony Coombes, Sydney, Australia
  • I am actually enjoying reading through the Legacy manual I received with my Legacy 3 (And I usually hate computer manuals.)  I wish I had scanned through it when I first got it.  I could have saved much time in the little efforts I've had time for to this point.  It's giving me the confidence that Legacy is a great program worth learning and that it's time to really get to work with it.

    And, it is interesting to me how many questions I have wondered about or struggled with or have seen asked on the LegacyUserGroup email list that are plainly described in the manual....

    I recommend scanning through it for those who may be like I was: learning by discovery (trial and error).  It can surely save time and avoid problems...and, who just might like it too!
    Art Christensen
  • Dear Ken & gang,
    Last spring at the annual genealogy conference in Missoula, MT, I spent a couple of hours with you learning about Legacy.  I had always been a PAF user but you literally "sold me" on your program!  I went home with it and just wanted to let you know its everything you said AND MORE!  Thank you for providing all the updates and for caring about your program enough to make it the best one out there!...a very happy customer
  • How can I begin to thank you for this incredible software? I'm a newbie at searching for my family history so I've downloaded every GEDCOM file that I could, never quite knowing where they'd all fit in. The day I installed Legacy and downloaded those files, they just found themselves!  Amazing program! And the book that came with it should have been titled "Family History Keeping For Dummies!" I'm definately not a computer whiz so this is more than I ever dreamed of wanting. I personalized a questionnaire that I'm sending out to my family that Legacy had supplied for me. Does it get any easier than this?  I'm having a blast with this and telling everyone that's in my family chat group on the Net about it!  I'm standing... I'm applauding you guys at Legacy!!! Fifty bucks??? Don't ever change! ;-)
    Marty Riley
  • I have been extremely pleased with this program, and I have been around the block, so to say, with several well known programs (FTM, Reunion, Family Treasures, PAF, and a few others). I am still discovering neat new features.  It is a pleasure to work with.
    Carla Robertson
  • Downloaded it, installed it, imported a gedcom, imported another gedcom, displayed both on the screen side by side, clicked and dragged from one to the other, moved quickly to the telephone and purchased this superior program.  So far I love it and recommend it.
    Jean Jones
  • Great intuitive program! And the improvements and constant upgrades are also great!
    Janz I. Mynderup
  • While Legacy still has some refining to do, they are exceptional in their response.   A feature that I had suggested to FTM and was brushed off on was implemented by Legacy in a matter of weeks before I even registered my demo copy.
    Walt Conner
  • Legacy is absolutely a top-notch program, far surpassing Family Tree Maker, PAF and many others.  Its' ease of use is unsurpassed by any program.
    Neil Bell
  • Just installed the 20 Feb update. Fantastic! You are making my life a lot easier.   I have been using Legacy now for a couple of weeks as my main (and soon to be only) genealogy program and am finding it to be just what the Dr. ordered.  I really like the Source Clipboard and use it extensively.  Had the opportunity to use the Focus Group feature the other day to send some distant relative information.  Worked like a champ.  In my other program I would still be editing.
    Barry Crocker
  • There are quite a few good programs out there, but a new one came out during the last year that is blowing all the others away. The program is Legacy and you can get a demo copy at One of the most accurate comments I've heard is "It has an excellent User Manual, but is completely unnecessary since the program is so intuitive". It was not developed by marketers but by a couple of professional database programmers that also
    happen to be genealogists.

    Just thought I would let you know that I took some Legacy printouts to church today and to make a wild story short, you should be getting several more orders from this neck of the woods!

    Thanks again for a great program! If I'm not careful I could get excited again about doing genealogy! :-)
    Leland Crapo
  • Today, I installed Legacy & imported my PAF files. I was particularly impressed with the tech support, which I needed because of my computer illiteracy. If this near 70-yr. old grandma can easily learn a new and better way to record family history, so can others. I like the many new features of Legacy and being able to import my extensive PAF files without a Gedcom.
    Mary Ann Jones
  • This is the greatest genealogical program I have ever used and that includes Family Tree Maker, The Ultimate Family tree and The Master Genealogist. None of these programs or services comes close to the flexibility, ease of use and completeness of Legacy
    John Lewis Laughlin
  • I was pleasantly surprised to receive the Legacy handbook recently. I had not expected to receive such an excellent manual. Thank you. I also appreciate the mailing of the recent version update and have just found the update section on your site. Superb!! I am VERY pleased with my purchase.
    Ed Ripmeester
  • I just ordered Legacy about 3 hours ago and already have been able to add 185 names to it. Have never been able to input this many in the same amount of time with any other program I have had. I started with Roots3, which people say is the best, but this beats that program running away. I keep finding more and more as I go along, you could not have made a genealogy program easier to use.
    Gary Cobb
  • I have always liked Legacy, and it seems like every week your making it better. I wanted to take the time to let you know that I appreciate everything that your putting into the program, it is amazing the amount of work you do… Thank you.
    Serena K. Sumerau
  • After downloaded many, many copies of different family tree software, none of which were easy to use, I found Legacy Family Tree.  After completing the download process of the demo version, I found the software so easy to use that I immediately filled the allotted space and had to call for the registration number to continue.
  • I chose Legacy over TMG to use because it's a slicker program, your upgrades are fast and furious and your response to email requests for help are timely. That's a hard combination to beat when hunting for software to use. :) Not to mention, Legacy was reported to have the best data merge in the business.
    Daniel Hutchinson
  • Your tech support is really incredible! So prompt and sooo…patient!  I would never have gotten this done--or done this well, without you!
    Jane Jurik
  • I am surprised that you even take the time to respond to someone like me let alone make the suggested changes/additions. The array of options in Legacy is mind boggling. I don’t see how you can keep up with them yourself.
    Walt Conner
  • I've been trying out the demo this week. It is awesome! It has features I didn't even know I wanted. I have FTM and I also tried demos of Family Origins and Reunion. Legacy left the others in the dust.
    Sue Draper
  • This program has two outstandingly super features -- the duplicate find and merge and its Gedcom abilities. These two things alone make the program well worth the price I paid for it and I'm glad I did!
    Wayne League
  • Thanks Ken, glad I can help. I don't know if I have told you, but I think your program is great. Geez, I wish I had this around when I started my research. I think Legacy puts BK to shame, hands down.
    Dick Miale
  • Have been using LEGACY for almost a month now, and really recommend it to anyone. I have used other programs in the past, and have removed them since getting LEGACY.
    Dick Schweiss
  • One of the first things I was impressed with after I bought it… I read the tutorial part of the manual on the airplane coming home and I marveled at the clarity and simplicity of what I was reading. Along with the many screen snapshots (which you could actually read) I totally understood the workings of the program. And I usually have
    to be in front of my computer, stepping through a program as I read a manual or tutorial. This was a first for me!
    Dorothy O Bruce
  • Thank you for the reply I wasn't really expecting it *smile*.  I just received a large GEDCOM from a cousin that had several duplicates in my database (which is HUGE), I'd never used the merge feature before but I am now in love with it...  I have never had such an easy time combining two databases. Keep up the good work, I'm glad I switched.   Legacy really is much easier to use than the other programs I've researched.   And I downloaded the newest upgrade yesterday (the day before?). I'll have to remember to check often, as you guys seem to be constantly improving Legacy.
    Serena K. Sumerau
  • Legacy has the other programs (of which I now have—and have used—15) beaten hands down for versatility and ease of use. If only I could select between the use of RIN or Ref number on the reports!  ***Note: This feature was added with the 25 March 1998 update.***
    John A. Shaw
  • After a good deal of research, demoing, and purchasing programs, I've settled on Legacy as my primary program.

    What Makes Legacy stand head and shoulders above FTM and all others, for me, is that the makers of Legacy regularly post FREE updates to the program on their web site.  These are not just fixes and/or maintenance updates - they actually put in many new features - other programs release these as subsequent versions, and charge $$.

    The Folks at Legacy are also terrific at responding to queries, fixing problems that you encounter (sometimes a new update gets posted within a few days), and listening to suggestions.  Several requests I've had for the program have been integrated in the last several months.  Price-wise too, Legacy comes out ahead.  Try out the demo!
    Martin Lacoste
  • The manual is ABSOLUTELY OUTSTANDING.  I particularly like the Focus Group concept and also the system for tagging. Overall I would rate it a first class product.
    Bob Goerss
  • I second all the votes for Legacy:  as a registered user, I find the support to be the best of ANY genealogy software.  They fix stuff before you know it is wrong, and if you write them with some problem or idea, they get right to work on it.  Fine folks, and a fine piece of software that just keeps getting better.
    Anne Bowden
  • I suggested an update to Legacy about 10 days ago. It was put in an update on Apr. 15/98.  I have never had that type of response from any other program. Half of them do not even answer the questions you ask but act like a politician and hedge about the problem.
    Lionel Fraser

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