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 Legacy Genealogy Cruise 2009

5 September 2009 - 17 September 2009


Cruise Historic Europe and Have Fun Learning Legacy from the Experts

Come with us on a 12 Day cruise of the Mediterranean / Greece on the luxurious Norwegian Cruise Lines Jade ship.  This cruise starts in Barcelona and then goes to Rome, Naples / Pompeii, Dubrovnik, Venice, Athens, Ephesus, Istanbul.

Sailing Itinerary
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Don't just take a vacation. Take a Vacation that's more fun!

Experience Europe the way you've always dreamed.

Naturally, there are ancient cities, castles, museums and cobblestone streets at every turn. And the boutiques down the street are waiting to be discovered. Experience Europe the way you've always dreamed from your balcony stateroom on the Norwegian Jade this Fall. You will drive by landmarks such as Trajan's Column, the Arch of Constantine, Circus Maximus, the Colosseum and the Roman Forum. If there is one memory you will take home with you, it is of drifting through Venice's canals on a gondola as darkened waters lap your boat and music melts on the air. A scenic drive, of Amalfi coast then on to Pompeii, where you'll visit the Roman resort buried by volcanic ash. city's baths, villas and theaters. Plaster casts mark the positions of the fallen, who were swiftly overcome by the ashes. Have the opportunity to admire some of the most important sites of Athens, including the Acropolis - one of the most photographed and recognizable hills in the entire world. Drive through the Turkish countryside along a hilly road to arrive at the House of Virgin Mary; the site where the Blessed Virgin is reputed to have spent the last years of her life. This trip will be one of a lifetime to remember

On the days we are at sea attend the Legacy Family Tree genealogy classes and learn the real secrets to becoming an expert with Legacy and improving the way you do your research.   Go home with the knowledge and tools you need to be more successful than you ever thought possible.  You will be learning directly from the experts.

Enjoy exclusive Freestyle Cruising; it's about dining your way. Norwegian has as many as 13 restaurants on board. Six of the restaurants are free. So take your pick, you could dine in a different restaurant every night of your cruise. Just let your palate be your guide.

Ship: Norwegian Jade
Embarkation port: Barcelona (Spain)
Embarkation: 5 September 2009
Disembarkation port: Istanbul (Turkey)
Disembarkation: 17 September 2009
Ports of call: Rome, Naples / Pompeii, Dubrovnik, Venice, Katakolon, Athens, Ephesus, Istanbul


Here is a map showing the ports you will visit:


Sailing Itinerary

 Sat  Barcelona (Spain)   -   7:00 pm
 Sun  Fun Day At Sea (Legacy Classes)   -   -
 Mon  Rome (Civitavecchia)   8:00 am   8:00 pm
 Tues  Naples Italy / Pompeii / Capri   7:00 am   6:00 pm
 Wed  Fun Day At Sea (Legacy Classes)   -   -
 Thur  Dubrovnik   8:00 am   5:00 pm
 Fri  Venice 11:00 am 11:00 pm
 Sat  Fun Day At Sea (Legacy Classes)   -   -
 Sun  Katakolon   9:00 am   4:00 pm
 Mon  Athens (Piraeus)   7:00 am   7:00 pm
 Tues  Ephesus (Izmir)   8:00 am   5:00 pm
 Wed  Istanbul (Turkey) 12:30 pm   Overnight
 Thur  Istanbul (Turkey)  Disembark  


Barcelona Spain

The most famous work by Gaudi is the Sagrada Familia Temple; Visit the museum of Picasso.

Rome Italy

Rome's classical era starts with a visit of the Colosseum, the symbol of the power of Imperial Rome. See the Roman Forum, and the Capitonline Hill. Spend some time soaking up the history.

Naples / Pompeii / Capri Italy

The most spectacular sites along the Almaphi coast, including amazing Pompeii, possibly the most famous excavation in the world. An ancient city of southern Italy southeast of Naples. Founded in the sixth or early fifth century B.C., it was a Roman colony by 80 B.C. and became a prosperous port and resort with many noted villas, temples, theaters, and baths. Pompeii was destroyed by an eruption of Mount Vesuvius in A.D. 79. The incredibly well-preserved ruins were rediscovered in 1748 and have been extensively excavated.

Or visit the vacation spot of the kings The Island of Capri, where the blue Grotto is.


Dubrovnik Croatia

"Those who seek paradise on earth should come to Dubrovnik"

George Bernard Shaw once remarked. The magnificent sight of the Old Town jutting into the azure sea makes it clear why Dubrovnik is known as the pearl of the Adriatic.

Venice Italy

One of the most romantic cities in the world. Ride the gondola at night and hear the music of the night. Milan rich for its famous Milan blown glass. Walk the alley ways and visit the magical shops. Venice light and water combine to create magic! This romantic city is a labyrinth of waterways, walkways, small squares and narrow streets. Comprised of 115 islands of the Venetian Lagoon, it is a mesmerizing maze of 150 canals and over 400 bridges. Palatial marble homes cling to the waterís edge along the Grand Canal, the main artery that runs from one end of the city to the other. Museums and public buildings offer a glimpse of the rich Venetian history, architectural wonders abound, quaint cafes line the walkways and shopping opportunities are endless.

Katakolon Greece

Visit the Archaeological site of Olympia and spend time in the village of Olympia the birthplace of the Olympics. The site was a sanctuary even before the Stadium was built and the games took place in 776 B.C. Here you can see the temple of Zeus along with the remains of the original Olympic stadium.

Piraeus / Athens Greece

After the Acropolis, Delphi is the most popular archaeological site in Greece. Walk along the Sacred Way to the Temple of Apollo; see the treasuries, the place of offerings, the Grand Temple of Apollo and the theater with its splendid acoustics. Then visit the Delphi Museum, which houses many of the treasures recovered from the site.

Ephesus Izmir Turkey

Today youíll visit one of the most beautiful ancient cities in the world and learn its secrets. Ephesus, one of the most interesting ancient cities in the world was dedicated to the goddess Artemis. Her temple once considered the Seventh Wonder of the Ancient World attracted pilgrims worshipping the female; first Cybele, then Artemis and finally the Virgin Mary. Among the ruins lay an impressive amphitheater, Library of Celsius, Temple of Hadrian, Scholastic Baths, Lower Agora, State Agora and Odeon.

Istanbul Turkey

Start with a visit to one of the most recognized landmarks in the world, the Mosque of Sultan Ahmet. Continue on to the St. Sophia Museum and end at the Grand Bazaar, with more than 6,000 shops.


There is always something fun to do on the ship

Looking for fun? On board, you can go bowling or to the spa. Try out the bungee trampoline or yoga. Karaoke or kick-boxing. Or go swimming, spinning, shopping or jogging. Off the ship, try our hiking, biking, diving, snorkeling, surfing, golfing, touring and partying Shore Excursions.

One of you wants a little glamour and you-know-who wants to wear khakis. Can this relationship be saved? No problem. Thanks to our policy of, well, no formal policy, you can be elegant one night and casual the next. It's called resort casual and it's a lot more comfortable than wearing a tuxedo.

With traditional cruising, getting off the ship can be a lot of "hurry up and wait." Not with NCL. We thought that maybe sleeping in and having a quiet breakfast or a quick workout might be a better alternative. So we say, relax any way you like, until it's really time to go.

Cruise Pricing

Prices begin at US $1159 per person, double occupancy inside cabin JJ Category.  Legacy classes are included.  Port charges, taxes, fuel supplement, gratuities, airfare, and tours are extra.

Each year we have sold out of all our rooms.  When we have sold out of our booked rooms the rate will be a lot higher if any are available, so take advantage of these low rates while they last!  Last year we sold out of all 100 booked cabins very quickly.  The rates are for the cruise only.  Air and ground transportation to and from the cruise are additional.  Optional pre-cruise or post-cruise hotel packages are available.

Hurry and book your room today while they last.
Our previous cruises have all sold out quickly.


(Note: Prices include all port charges and taxes and Legacy classes.)


Legacy Classes - Schedule & Descriptions

On days while we are at sea we will be teaching classes on Legacy Family Tree.  The classes are taught by the experts who know Legacy inside and out, they will be teaching you the right way of doing things that could save you hundreds of hours of work and make things a lot more enjoyable.  Classes will teach you many of the powerful features of Legacy that will really help you advance your genealogical research. You will learn a lot and have a great time doing it.

Sunday, 6 September 2009  (Note: Only those who book through us can attend the Legacy classes)




Mapping Your Ancestors. Learn how to use Legacy's mapping, the Map My Family Tree software, AniMap, and other mapping software. Also learn the secrets of Legacy's geo-location database, cleaning up your places, and much more.


Become a Smarter Researcher Through Technology. In addition to exploring Legacy's Research Guidance features, learn about the latest technologies to help you in your research including GenSmarts, wikis, blogs, podcasts and more.


Timelines. Learn everything about using Legacy's Chronology View - entering events correctly, using the historical timelines, etc.



Questions/answers. A casual Q/A session. Bring your questions and suggestions.



Questions/answers. A casual Q/A session - for beginners only.

Wednesday 9 September 2009


Legacy: Just for Beginners. Learn the very basics of using Legacy for your genealogy. Learn how Legacy can help guide your research. Questions/answers.


Sources made simple, standard, and powerful using Legacy 7's new SourceWriter. Learn how to easily enter your sources using industry standards. No expertise required.


Creating Reports, Sharing Electronically, and Web Publishing Options. Learn how to create simple reports, a complete book, or an amazing wall chart. This class will teach about the various report options, how to print reports in other media such as RTF, HTML, and how to easily share the reports with others using email. Also learn the ins and outs of simple web publishing.



Questions/answers. A casual Q/A session. Bring your questions and suggestions.

Saturday, 12 September 2009


Searching and Tagging Made Easy. Learn how to quickly and easily find and retrieve anything in your family file. Learn how to create custom reports. Learn "what-in-the-world-is-tagging?" and why it is such a valuable research tool.


Working With Digital Pictures. Learn all of the "before-digitizing-your-pictures" rules, the ins/outs to using pictures in Legacy, and organizing your digital photo collections.


Insider's Guide to Legacy: Tips & Tricks. Learn about the little-known tricks and features that makes Legacy so powerful and fun to use.


Q/A with the Legacy Developers. This is your chance to "interrogate" the Legacy development team. These sessions usually produce the best ideas for future Legacy releases.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I'm single and want to go on the cruise?
A. No problem, just let us know as we have others just like you and we can assign you to others (same gender) to share a room with.  This is a great way to meet new friends.

Q. What is the travel insurance and do I need it?
A. I don't usually get it but I'm a risk taker.  If you are concerned that your health could cause you to miss the cruise then we highly recommend it.  Call or email AA Travel Time for pricing (contact info is below).

Q. Tell me about Norwegian's Jade cruise ship?
A. You can take a virtual tour of the Jade at Norwegians web site.  Click here

Q. What's the most fun thing to do?
A. That's up to you. You can do as little or as much as you like. On Norwegian, they make sure their ships have everyone's kind of fun.  It's what makes their fleet of floating resorts such popular vacation destinations.

Q. What can we do when we reach each port?
A. You name it and it's probably available.  Activities that make the whole trip worth it.  Great shore excursions are available from Norwegian's site.

Q. You keep seeing Freestyle Cruising and you don't know exactly what it is, right?
A. That's because Norwegian is the only cruise line that offers anything like it. Let's start with the fact that there are no fixed dining times. And you never have to eat in the same restaurant twice. Really. We won't ask you to sit with strangers like on other cruise lines. And, you only have to dress up if you want to. We've created that kind of freedom throughout the ship with a ton of fun things to do, or not do. It's NCL's Freestyle Cruising.  No other cruise line offers 12 different restaurants on board a single ship. Heck, no other cruise line even comes close. Six of these restaurants are free dining. Your choices are endless.


Tours that are available through NCL

Click here to review the tours that are available through NCL


Our Legacy Cruise Travel Agency

AA Travel Time is handling all of the details.

Contact information for AA Travel Time:  Call 1-888-505-6997 or send an e-mail to

Order Form

(Note: Only those who book through us can attend the Legacy classes)


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