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Legacy User Group Guidelines

The Legacy User Group (LUG) is an opt-in mailing list maintained and administered by Legacy Family Tree. You can unsubscribe or change your e-mail address at any time by visiting

The purpose of the LUG is to provide a forum for mutual help and the friendly exchange of ideas related to the use of Legacy Family Tree and its add-on programs, only. Please keep on topic.

The LUG is not a free forum for political or social commentary, activist issues, religious opinion or morality lectures. Legacy Family Tree reserves the right to ban discussion of "hot button" topics that are divisive; disruptive to the LUG; or are not in line with the purpose of the LUG.

Legacy Family Tree reserves the right to remove without warning any subscriber who violates the purpose of this forum; who ignores warnings from the LUG Administrator; or who violates the rules of LUG etiquette.

Persons believing they have been unfairly removed from the LUG may appeal to the Administrator: LUG Administrator

LUG E-mail Address

The e-mail address for LUG messages is

Subscriber Address

Please make certain that your subscribed address has the same sender and return-path address (as shown in the message header), otherwise you will be able to receive LUG messages but you may not be able to reply to them. Be aware of the following situations:

E-mail can be forwarded from one address to another and e-mail accounts can be configured to have a reply address that's different than the sending adding.  For example:  (old or sending address) 
(forwarding or reply address)

E-mail sub-domains can result in sender addresses which have a different return-path address. For example: (sender address)
<> (return-path address)

Attachments & Received Requests

Do not send attachments of any kind. Because viruses can hide in attachments, don't open any Legacy Users Group message that has one.

Do not send messages that request a received request.

LUG Rules of Etiquette

1. Please keep the tone of messages friendly and helpful. Practice tolerance, avoid sarcasm and remember that we were all beginners at one time.

2. Stay on the topic of Legacy and its add-on programs, which is the sole purpose of the LUG User Group.

3. Please keep your messages brief and to the point. In addition, your question may have been answered already. To find past messages, please go to our searchable archives at  Solutions to many technical problems can be found at

4. Please make sure the Subject line is filled in and reflects the purpose of your message.

5. Please only include relevant return text when replying. Mail boxes can quickly become cluttered by with meaningless "me too" or "thank you" messages that are devoid of any other relevant text, and replies containing pages and pages of an ongoing message thread.

6. Do not send "flames" (personal attacks), obscene messages; profanity or other inappropriate language; hate mail; threats; forward chain mail or send Spam to the LUG, as these are cause for removal from the subscribers list.

7. Scan your computer for viruses regularly and keep your anti-viral software updated. It is your responsibility to make sure your computer is virus free so that you don't inadvertently spread viruses to the group. If you do accidentally send a virus you will be notified and temporarily removed from the list until you fix the problem. At that point you may rejoin the list.

8. Please temporarily unsubscribe if you are going away and will be using an e-mail AutoResponder.

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