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Feature Legacy 9.0 Standard
Customizable Toolbars some
Relationship Calculator has relationship indicators on the screen
Gives tips on startup yes
Latitude/Longitude support yes
To Do List/Research Log yes
Correspondence Log yes
History List yes
Bookmark individuals yes
Combine variant location spellings yes
View multiple databases at same time yes
Drag people between databases yes
Viewing children up to 15
Alarm Clock (time to go to bed!) yes
Tag records 3 tags
Customize views choose the fields to display in family view
Address fields in data entry (for cemeteries, etc.) yes
Location Notes yes
Spell checker for notes yes
General Notes yes
Research Notes yes
Medical Notes yes
Record reference number for documents yes
Repository Email address, home page, latitude/longitude, notes
Source Assistant yes
Sources use "ibid." yes
Source Examples click here
Print source pictures in reports yes
Save notes to .txt file yes
Attach sources to notes yes
Memorizing sources up to 10
Assign sources while importing GEDCOM yes
Screen saver of pictures yes
Scan directly from program yes
Marriage Pictures yes
Categorize photos can separate birth, death, burials, events pictures
Set images as wallpaper yes
Number of reports 97
Additional blank forms Census forms - U.S., Canada, England, Ireland
  Research Log
  Relationship diagram
Timeline Report yes
Lineage Chart yes
Pedigree Chart yes
Family Group Sheet yes
Suppress details for Living individuals all reports
Descendant narrative yes
Family Reunion Name Tags yes
To Do Report yes
Create HTML files many
Can customize the printed index yes
LDS Options  
View husband/view ordinances in same screen yes
Internet Facilities  
Website creation yes
Internet searches 6
Create your own Internet searches! no
Web page styles 5
Click and send email yes
Generations of ancestors 250
Mark a pair as not duplicates. no
Merge preferences/options 21+
Merge on AFNs yes
Merge on custom ID numbers yes
Undo a merge session yes
Merge from a search list yes
Automatically merge individuals w/no differences yes
IntelliShare yes; set up for sharing data with a family organization
Key Similarities  
Uses RINs yes
Uses MRINs yes
F8 (repeat key) yes
Family/Pedigree/Individual View yes

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