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Presentation Materials

The demonstration materials referred to on this page are designed to be downloaded to a DEMO subfolder of C:\LEGACY\DATA.  These materials are also available on the old Legacy 3.0 CD in the DEMO and PRESENTATION GUIDE folders. You can easily copy all the information by dragging the DEMO folder from the CD and dropping it on the C:\LEGACY\DATA folder. [The attributes of the CD version of the files needs to be changed from Read-only to Archive, otherwise you will not be able to use the .fdb files (family files).] 

After transferring the files to the DEMO folder, run the Refresh.bat file in the DEMO folder. This will copy all the demonstration files into the correct folders for use while demonstrating. The original files are therefore not touched and are available for recopying before a new demonstration is started. The Presentation Guide (LegacyPresentationGuide.doc) should be printed out.

Click Here to download the new Demo files  (approx. 3826.90 KB).

Click Here to download the Presentation guide (1642.50 KB).


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