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28 August 2001
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Software Companies Partner to Integrate Genelines with Legacy Family Tree

Progeny Software Inc., maker of Genelines, and Millennia Corporation, maker of Legacy Family Tree, are pleased to announce the integration of Genelines with Legacy. The combination of these two programs will provide significant new charting capabilities for Legacy Family Tree.

Genelines is a charting companion for popular genealogy programs, including Legacy. The program offers an innovative solution for printing high quality genealogy timeline charts. These unique charts set a new standard for family historians, portraying the lives of individual members and ancestral groups against a backdrop of historical events.

Legacy Family Tree is the widely acclaimed and comprehensive genealogy program for the Windows operating system. From world-class merging, search and replace, and spell checking to powerful research logs, reports and sources, Legacy overpowers the competition with an unbeatable feature list and powerful add-on products like Genelines. In December 2000, The Legacy 3.0 Standard Version of was made free. A Deluxe Edition of the program with many new and exciting features was introduced on the market at the same time.

Genelines lets you create 5 customizable charts including:

Individual Genelines Chart A biographical chart depicting one person's life as a chronological life bar including a variety of customizable categories such as occupation, health, residence, etc.

Comparative Genelines Chart An age-based biographical chart displaying several chosen individuals' life bars and events.

Pedigree Chart A relationship chart depicting an individual's ancestors in a chosen number of generations.

Direct Descendant Chart A relationship chart depicting a single family line between an individual and a chosen, direct descendant or ancestor.

Family Group Chart A relationship chart depicting the children, spouses and parents of any chosen person.


Genelines for Legacy Features:

Read family data files created with Legacy 3.0 or PAF!
Read GEDCOM files!
Create fully customizable charts (size, content, timeline scales, etc.)!
Display charts in full color!
Create and modify your own historical events!
On-screen manipulation of chart graphics!
Automatically estimate unknown dates!
Automatically identify "gaps" requiring further research!
Export charts into many popular graphic, word processing or publishing programs!

System Requirements:

486/66 or faster processor (Pentium recommended)
VGA monitor
CD ROM not required
Windows compatible printer (color recommended)

For more information on either of these programs or to order a copy, please visit the Millennia and Progeny Web sites:

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