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6 December 2002
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Millennia Corporation, the creators of Legacy Family Tree, has released a new series of "e-learning" CD-ROMs called the Legacy Family Tree Video Training Series. There are three CDs in the set: each comprises more than 50 minutes of video training that show you step-by-step how to use Legacy 4.0 like a pro. The new CD titles are:

· Legacy for Beginners
· Your 12-Step Checklist for Using Legacy
· Legacy's Ultimate Guide to Sources

The video training lessons have two objectives:

· Teach you how to use the Legacy 4.0 program
· Teach you about genealogy techniques and how to record the information you have found

Dick Eastman, editor and publisher, reviewed the training video CDs in his December 2nd edition of Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter: "The on-screen presentation of these video training disks is excellent. You see the program’s various screens as they are being described. When the narrator moves the mouse and clicks on an icon, you see exactly the same thing on your screen. When he enters text, you see the exact same letters appear on your screen at normal typing speed. In other words, this product is not a simple "slide show" like some other products that I have described in the past. The Legacy Family Tree Video Training Series shows the information in a keystroke-by-keystroke and 'mouseclick-by-mouseclick' manner" (Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter, Vol. 7 No. 48 - December 2, 2002,

The video training CDs feature Geoffrey Rasmussen, B. A. He currently serves as Vice-President of the Salt Lake Chapter of the Utah Genealogical Association (UGA), and formerly served in this position in the Utah Valley Chapter. He is Co-Director of the 2004 UGA Conference, is a course coordinator for the 2003 Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy, and is a member of the Information Technologies Committee of the UGA. His background in computers compliments his passion for genealogy, and is a popular speaker, especially relating to genealogy technology. He is the author Legacy Family Tree 3.0 Training Video and Legacy Intermediate Training Video. In addition to working for Millennia Corporation, he is also researches professionally for Genealogy Research Associates (, and writes online lessons for Family History Radio (

The first training video series, Legacy for Beginners, is included free on new Legacy Family Tree installation CDs produced after December 1, 2002 or can be purchased for $1.00 plus shipping from the Legacy Online Store. This CD allows the user to install the program and then use it while watching the tutorials in the training videos. This first CD shows the basics of how to use Legacy 4.0. The topics include Basic Data Entry, Adding Family Members, Importing a GEDCOM, Source Citations, Pictures, Calendar, To-Do List, and more.

The second training video CD, Your 12-Step Checklist for Using Legacy, moves into more advanced topics that show the finer points of the Legacy genealogy program. Topics include Relationships, Quick Bookmarks, Set Direct Line, Half Siblings, Backup and Restore, Potential Problems, File Maintenance, and more.

Dick Eastman added, "The final CD, Legacy's Ultimate Guide to Sources, is one that I wish all genealogists would watch. The examples in this tutorial all use Legacy, but the techniques taught apply to almost any modern genealogy program or even to paper-based recording of information. Geoff Rasmussen tells why source citations are important and then shows how to cite these sources properly. My favorite quote is from the beginning of this CD’s tutorial, when Geoff says, "Genealogy without documentation is ‘mythology.’" Topics on the Legacy's Ultimate Guide to Sources CD include Adding a New Source, Source Detail, Cite a Master Source, Master Source List, The Genealogical Proof, and more."

"The Legacy Family Tree Video Training Series is an excellent set of tutorials for the user of Legacy. Not only will users learn how to use the software, but they will also learn genealogy principles that accompany the data entry. In fact, the third disk in the series contains useful information for users of all genealogy programs."

These CDs are in AVI format and will run on any Windows computer.

The Legacy Family Tree Video Training Series disks are moderately priced:

· Legacy for Beginners - US $1.00. The disk also includes a copy of Legacy Standard Edition (which converts to the Deluxe Edition for users with a Legacy 4.0 Deluxe Customer ID Number).
· Your 12-Step Checklist for Using Legacy - US $9.95
· Legacy's Ultimate Guide to Sources - US $9.95
· Buy all three training video CDs for only $16.95 and SAVE!

The above prices do not include shipping and taxes.

For more information about these e-learning disks or to safely order them online on Millennia’s secure shopping cart system, please visit: or

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