Press Release
5 July 2005
For Immediate Release
Contact: Ken McGinnis


LifeStory Productions, Inc., maker of ProMedia Manager Suite, and Millennia Corporation, maker of Legacy Family Tree, are pleased to announce the availability of two new companion software products for Legacy Family Tree users.

The LifeStory companion software automatically finds and copies photos and related information from Legacy Family Tree into a new collection allowing you to manage and do more with your photos and multimedia files. LifeStory software brings it all together by combining an extensive list of unique features, functions and automated processes not found in other software programs.

Legacy Family Tree is the widely acclaimed and comprehensive genealogy program for the Windows operating system. From world-class merging, search and replace, and spell checking, to powerful research logs, reports and sources, Legacy overpowers the competition with an unbeatable feature list and powerful add-on products such as Heritage Collector Basic and ProMedia Manager Suite companions.

Legacy users can now:
" Find the right photo and multimedia files from 1,000's of files that can be stored in the patented LifeStory multimedia database
" Create and share entertaining slide shows containing photos, video clips and sound that can be automatically burned onto a self-running CD or DVD
" Quickly protect photos and multimedia with a new automated backup system
" Identify people and tell individual photo stories with talking hot spots
" Add captions and descriptions to each photo
" Save hard drive space by using a unique archive system that helps you easily find photos and multimedia that have been moved to CDs or DVDs
" Take advantage of our new global positioning system (GPS) database to find and reference photos and media
" Save time by working directly with your scanner and digital camera
" Organize, find, view and use video clips in slide shows
" Choose from several different printing options - thumbnails to full page printing
" Enhance photos with 14 different tools
" Have instant interactivity to view, play or edit a file by double clicking the thumbnail
" Click the "Help" button to view instant, context sensitive information
" Much more.

LifeStory has succeeded in creating a comprehensive software system that meets the needs of the beginner and advanced user that is both powerful and "Easy to Use" by offering two programs that work together.

Heritage Collector Basic is a perfect starting place for beginner and intermediate users. Tutorials, instant help, and printed "recipe" oriented documentation are provided. Beginning users may start with Heritage Collector Basic and then upgrade to ProMedia Manager to use the added features and functions with their existing collections.

ProMedia Manager Suite is designed for the advanced user. It contains an archive system, backup, unique GPS database ---- However, it also contains Heritage Collector Basic.

The unique nature and usability of LifeStory software is probably best summarized by a user, Ronald Olsen, an 81 year old grandpa who had this to say about LifeStory software: "I have had so much fun using this program. I made and sent photo archives and CD slide shows to all of my kids and grandkids for Christmas. I love this program."