Press Release
8 March 2001
For Immediate Release
Contact: Support


Software Companies Partner to Integrate Pocket Genealogist with Legacy Family Tree

Northern Hills Software, maker of Pocket Genealogist, and Millennia Corporation, maker of Legacy Family Tree, are pleased to announce an agreement to integrate Pocket Genealogist with Legacy. The coordinated interaction of these two programs will provide an unparalleled solution for the family researcher, whether novice or professional genealogist.

Pocket Genealogist is the industry leading genealogy solution for the Windows CE mobile operating system. This includes devices ranging in size from units that fit in your pocket to full-size laptops. Manufacturers of these devices include Hewlett Packard, Compaq, and Casio.

Legacy Family tree is the widely acclaimed and comprehensive genealogy program for the Windows operating system. From world-class merging, search and replace, and spell checking to powerful research logs, reports and sources, Legacy overpowers the competition with an unbeatable feature list. In December 2000, The Legacy 3.0 Standard Version of was made free. A Deluxe Edition of the program with many new and exciting features was introduced on the market at the same time. 

The combination of Pocket Genealogist and Legacy provides a simple and comprehensive solution when you need access to your information while away from your Desktop Computer. You've invested many hours in your quest to gather your family heritage. Trips to the research library, cemetery, and other remote locations were encumbered by stacks of printed material or the awkwardness of a bulky and theft-prone laptop computer. It always seems like the information you most need is the one piece you didn't bring. This exciting new announcement gives you all the benefits of having you data on computer... one that fits in your pocket! The bulk of printed reports or worries about theft of your laptop are a thing of the past!

The benefits of this arrangement will begin with "Pocket Genealogist Version 2.0 Advanced" expected later this Spring. Version 1 is currently shipping and provides a view-only solution using GEDCOM files as input. Version 2, which is the subject of this announcement, will provide direct access to Legacy data, data entry support on your mobile device, and synchronization back to your Legacy database.

For more information on either of these programs or to order a copy, please visit the Northern Hills Software and Millennia Websites. If you pre-order a copy of Pocket Genealogist Version 2 Advanced, you get a free copy of Version 1. This offer available only at the Legacy Website.