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18 November 2003
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Legacy Family Tree 5.0 Released

EL MIRAGE, AZ. November 18, 2003 -- MyHeritage Ltd. today announced the release of Legacy Family Tree 5.0 Deluxe Edition. The new release contains dozens of significant new features and enhancements. In addition, MyHeritage Ltd. also released a new free standard edition at the same time. Legacy is a popular genealogy software program that helps people preserve and research their family history.

Legacy keeps track of names and genealogical dates, places, events, notes, sources, and pictures and presents them on screen in such an intuitive manner that you can easily see the big picture of your entire family. Legacy includes all standard genealogical reports, as well as calendars, timelines, questionnaires, research logs and a multitude of blank forms. You can even print an entire book about your family, complete with pictures.

Legacy Family Tree 5.0 Deluxe Edition includes a host of exciting new features that greatly enhance the programs convenience:

Geo Location Database - A collection of nearly three million current locations worldwide. Each location includes the name of the city, the county or province, the state, if any, and the country name. Along with this information the latitude and longitude coordinates are also included. Searching can be done by any field(s). A Radius search is included to find cities within a specified radius (in miles or kilometers) of a location.

US County Verifier - When you exit a location field, Legacy checks the validity of county names for locations in the United States (if the Verify US Counties in Place Names option is turned on in the Customize section). An error is reported if:

 - No county by that name by that spelling was ever found in that state.
 - The county was not in existence in this state at the date specified.
 - The County had been dissolved in this state before the date specified.

When an error is reported, you can choose to view a list of all the counties in that state to see when they were founded and their term of existence.

New Descendant View Tab - This new view shows a descendant chart of the current person. Any person can be edited by highlighting them and clicking the Edit button.

Child-Parent Relationships - The link between a child and his/her father and mother can now be specified and sourced. The new Parent Relationship fields are used to record how the child is associated with each parent, such as Biological, Adopted, Guardian, Sealed, Step, as well as a place to record Challenged and Disproved relationships.

Multiple Lines of Descent Report - There is a new book report style called Multiple Lines of Descent. This is similar to a Register-style descendant narrative book but you can select two or more ends of lines to include in the report.

Reports in Different Languages - Many reports in Legacy 5.0 can now be generated in several languages including German, French, Spanish, Norwegian, and Dutch. Additional languages are being added. You can now send reports to your friends and relatives in other countries that they can actually understand!

Hover Information - When you hover your mouse over the spouse icon for either the Husband or the Wife, a list of all the spouse's names pops up. Hovering over the Alternate Names icons displays all the AKAs. Hovering over the Parents icon shows the names of all the parents. And, hovering over a name in the Child List pops up a list of all their spouse's names.

Calendar Creator - Create your own professional calendars, complete with pictures, birthdays, and anniversaries. Create complete yearly calendars suitable for gifts.

User Filing Numbers - A new report lists all the filing numbers used in a family file and shows where they have been used.

Name List Reports with Multiple Lines per Record - You can now design your list reports with up to three rows of fields per record, thus greatly increasing the amount of information presented for each person.

Master Location List Mapping- There is now a new button called "Maps" that shows up when a location is highlighted that has latitude and longitude values entered. Clicking the button currently takes you to MapQuest and displays the appropriate map showing a star at the designated location. If there is no lat/long, you are taken to Yahoo maps using just the City and State parts of the location.

Master Location Maintenance - You can now Expand and Contract state names, Canadian provinces, several other country breakdowns, and country names in your Master Location List. This can be done for all locations, tagged or untagged locations, or verified or unverified locations. There is also an option to add or remove "USA" from USA locations.

Save Your Place in Master Lists - New "Set Bookmark" and "Go To Bookmark" options have been added to all master lists. This lets you save your place from one session to another - helpful, for example, while working through the Master Location list, cleaning up the entries.

Private Individuals - Any individual in the family file can now be marked as Private. All reports and web pages now have the option to include or exclude these private persons. If cousin Harry tells you to keep his dearly departed wife's information off your web site and out of your reports, you can now easily do so.

Private Event Definitions - You can now mark any Master Event Definition as Private so that they can be excluded from reports and web pages.

Event Definitions - Added a checkbox to exclude a master event type from the Potential Problems report. Things like Obituaries and Probate customarily happen after a person death. These event types can now be excluded from checking.

Note Fields - Added Ctrl-F to all note fields for searching. F3 then searches for the next occurrence.

New AutoSource Options - You can now attach sources to the records you export to GEDCOM files. This is a great way to add your name as the author to every record in the file so that you receive credit for all the research you have done. (This is in addition to the current option of adding sources to the records imported from GEDCOM files.)

Potential Problems Report - You can now selectively turn off individual problems for each person so that they are not checked in the Potential Problems report while all other situations continue to be checked.

User Filing Numbers - A new option lets you easily find the next available file reference number in whatever format you have been using.

Entering Information - A new feature now remembers the last ten locations that you have used. You can then pop them up on any Location field and copy them in with one click.

Legacy 5.0 also now remembers the last ten dates entered. You can then pop them up on any Date field by right-clicking on the label to the left of the field.

Family View - Who is marked as Living? A new feature colors the Husband and Wife labels as well as the child numbers if they are marked as Living. (This is set on the View tab in the Customize screen.)

Events - A new Event Clipboard lets you memorize and play back events, saving you lots of time.

Marriage Screen - You can now specify your own words for "Spouse" and "Marriage" for each couple. If the couple wasn't married then you might use words like Partner and Partnership. These words are then used on all the reports in the appropriate places.

Picture Family Tree Chart - The options to print 1, 2, and 4 generations has been added. If printing one generation, you can move the picture higher, lower, left, or right.

Name List Report - Added an option to print the report to comma-delimited (CSV) format.

Timeline Reports - You can now color code the boxes.

Descendant Charts - There is a new numbering option, d'Aboville.

Chronology View - There are now options to include the death event of Parents, Spouses, and Children.

Index View and Name List - Direct line individuals are bolded.

Web Page Creation - There is now an option to use a solid background color instead of white or a patterned graphic.

Marriage List - You can now click on the Options button on the bottom of the Marriage List and from the popup menu select to change the sort order from "Sort by Surname, Given Name" to "Sort by Given Name, Surname".

Desktop Wallpaper - You can now select any picture within Legacy and have it applied as the background of your computer desktop.

Event Sentences - Whenever you save a set of Event Sentence Definitions, they are "memorized." When defining a subsequent set of definition, you can click on a sentence label to repeat the last "memorized" sentence.

Legacy Family Tree is one of the leading family history programs available. Some of the many features available in Legacy are: Easy data entry, unlimited file size, To Do List and Correspondence Log, Web Page Creation, IntelliMerge, powerful Report and Book generator, Source Citations, Multiple Family Files in Split Screens, GEDCOM import and export, Spell Checking, Search and Replace, and many, many more.

Legacy version 5.0 requires the following:

Pentium class computer.
VGA or higher display.
Window 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows ME, or Windows XP
A Hard Disk with 40 megabytes of available space.
A floppy disk drive or CD-ROM drive.
At least 128 megabytes of RAM memory. (256 megabytes is highly recommended or Legacy will run slowly.)
A mouse.

Obviously, Internet access is required to obtain the program from the web site. A CD-ROM is also available for a nominal charge of $1.00 plus shipping and handling. This CD includes a brand new 1-hour training video.

MyHeritage Ltd. is located in El Mirage, Arizona. The company strives to provide top-quality genealogy software so people can record and track their family history. For additional information on MyHeritage Ltd. or the products they offer visit their web site at

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