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Legacy 7.5 Revision History

Current Version is:
Build Date of: 8 February 2024

25 August 2014 - Build

Fixed Items

FamilySearch - Because of the many changes on the Legacy FamilySearch tool can no longer be used. We have added a message explaining this to those who try to use it. To use the Legacy FamilySearch tool you will have to upgrade to Legacy 8.

12 November 2013 - Build

New Items

FamilySearch - Added Merging.

FamilySearch - Added Discussions.

FamilySearch - Working on Sources still and once this is done we will have full FamilySearch Tree Share+ Certification.

Fixed Items

FamilySearch - Fixed the issue where un-related spouses would display in the FamilyTree person.

20 August 2013 - Build

Fixed Items

FamilySearch - Fixed a problem with an invalid Temple name (LDS Users only). Please run Check/Repair and then view your Master List for Temple Names. If you see any !Fix this Temple in your list you will need to click the Show List button and then the Create Search List button and verify each one to fix the Temple.

15 August 2013 - Build

New Items

Canada 1921 Census - Added the new Canada 1921 Census to our Census search tool and to the source templates.

13 August 2013 - Build

New Items

FamilySearch Family Tree - This update will allow you to interface/sync your family file with FamilySearch Family Tree.

15 February 2013 - Build

Fixed Items

File Maintenance - Gloucester County in Vermont was added to the U.S. historical county database.

File Maintenance - USA County Verification - Parent County of Pinellas County Florida was incorrect.

GEDCOM Import - Lots of Gedcom improvements for better support of various genealogy programs.

GEDCOM Export - Location of new Use Double Dating option.

GEDCOM Export - Uses Double Dates when turned off and resets double dates in options.

Help File - Updated Help File.

Publishing Center - Additional Tab - Table of Contents Start on an odd page setting was not staying set.

Reports - Ancestor and Descendant Books - Source Citations Indented more for each Generation.

Reports - Multiple Lines of Descent - Multi-page Table of Contents had a page numbering problem.

Reports - Picture Scrapbook - "Include the date printed" option was not saved when Legacy is closed.

Reports - Publishing Center - Multi-page Table of Contents has a page numbering problem.

Reports - Source Citation Report - Unused Source was skipped when using printed format.

Searching - Special Census Searches - was missing Census Dates for France.

Searching - Special Census Searches - was missing Denmark Census years.

14 September 2012 - Build

Fixed Items

Help File - Help file has been updated.

Gedcom Import - Increased the size of sources so we can fit the entire source being imported from Ancestry. This requires a database change.

Picture Center - Fixed a Gedcom export problem that could mark two pictures as preferred.

Reports - Fixed a problem with the List Report where removing all options puts report in endless loop.

Reports - The animated printer image keeps running with paperless driver, PDF output selected and the gets report cancelled.

Source Writer - Edit Master Source - Extra visible controls on right of button area.

25 June 2012 - Build

Fixed Items

Opening a Family File - Fixed a problem where there was a delay when opening larger family files.

22 June 2012 - Build

New Items

French version officially released - The Français (French) version is finished. It is now available as one of the languages you can select for Legacy. Here is a link to the Français (French) website.

2 May 2012 - Build

New Items

Searching - Add a search for Private Marriages.

Fixed Items

Book Report Indexes - If printing surnames in uppercase, the surnames in parenthesis on married names were not being uppercased. Fixed.

Census List Report - Italicizing people in the report who already have been found in a census has been fixed.

GEDCOM Export - Fixed Private marriages from being exported according to Privacy settings.

GEDCOM Export - Quoted names of Private individuals were being exported as nicknames when they should have been suppressed. Fixed.

GEDCOM Export - some HTML codes were not removed when the option to remove codes was selected. Fixed.

Individual Report - Fixed and event overprint problem with unlined reports.

Legacy Export - AKAs are no longer exported for Private individuals.

Legacy Export - Custom married names are now exported.

Legacy Export - Fixed exporting of Invisible and Living individuals according to Privacy settings.

Legacy Export - Master location tags now carry over.

Legacy Export - The Privacy setting Keep [[ ]] brackets should have been Remove [[ ]]. Fixed.

Timelines - Added 1940 Census event to the US - Federal Census timeline.

16 April 2012 - Build

Fixed Items

Census List Tool - A few more refinements.

6 April 2012 - Build

Fixed Items

Sources - Fixed a problem with the 1940 source template.

29 March 2012 - Build

New Items

Census List Tool - We needed to add a new tabbed interface for all of the new features and options we have added. Lots of work has been done and and we think you will love all the new features and options. Enjoy.

Census List Tool Webinar - If you missed the live webinar please take the time to watch a recording of the Census Tool Webinar (click here to watch it)

Fixed Items

Book Reports - Title Pages - The border lines now match the Page Setup settings.

Book Reports - When adding Special Text Entries, the Title of the entry now shows in the Contents List (instead of just "Special Text Entry:").

Chart Reports - Record Selection setting (for example: print all records for a Focus Group) was reset to the individual after printing the report. Fixed.

County Check Report - There was an error when saving the report options. Fixed.

Family Group Record - When using the Page x of y numbering format, the Bibliography should be numbered with it. Fixed.

FamilySearch - Changed the 95 year rule to be 110 years as requested by FamilySearch.

Gedcom Export - Added GEDCOM export option to make multiple spaces web friendly

Gedcom Export - Fixed GEDCOM NICK tag export.

Gedcom Import - Change NICKname tag import so quoted nicknames would not be added to the alternate list if a duplicate would result.

Gedcom Import - Fixed GEDCOM MREL tag import.

Help File - Includes updated help file.

Reports - The option to include FamilySearch ID on names was not sticking. Fixed.

Source Clipboard - Fixed a problem where duplicate citations could be pasted from the source clipboard.

Webpage - Fixed a problem with broken links to multiple parents in Pedigree Style of web pages.

9 March 2012 - Build

New Items

Census List Tool - In getting ready for the Census Tool Webinar (click here to watch it) we added a bunch of enhancements to this cool new tool. You've got to love it!!!

8 March 2012 - Build

New Items

Census List Tool - Cool new tool to create a search list or print a report of everyone you should look for in a Census. We have the settings for several countries and each of their census years. But, this tool is really a lot more than that. You can find a list of people who were alive at a particular date and location for example during a war or other event where you would like to go search for records of your ancestor. Have fun :) we just created a bunch of research work for all of you!!!

Fixed Items

Master Lists > Sources - Combine button does not always work. Fixed

Backup - We no longer allow the main family file to be unchecked (excluded from the backup). The .fdb family file will always be included in a data backup.

Webpage - The custom HTML to be used in section was not being saved for some users. Fixed.

Sources - In Split Screen View copying a source to the Source Clipboard is not working in right hand file. Fixed.

23 February 2012 - Build

Fixed Items

FamilySearch - In "Quick Mode" we added some text on the main screen of LFS to indicate that they are in that mode and they can only view the current person.

PAF Import - Overflow occuring on large files. Fixed.

Pictures - Pictures on main views now honors Untagged Preferred and Tagged Preferred settings.

RTF Reports - Picture filenames to be added to the document were not complete. Fixed.

RTF Sources on Events on Reports - First citation has extra codes showing. Fixed.

Reports - FSID on names wasn't holding on a couple reports and on the search settings screen. Fixed.

Reports - Fixed the report problems that have been reported like the missing Font's issue.

Reports - Refined the Report Options saving and loading.

Search - Detailed search for a master source was only returning males if the source is attached to a marriage. Fixed.

Sources - From the Name List, Sources tab if you add a new source that includes multimedia the source was not being added. Fixed.

Sources - From the Name List, Sources tab if you copy a source to the clipboard the clibboard buttons were not enabled (turned blue). Also cleaned up some other clipboard issues on the Name List like the tooltip info and showing/hiding some of the clipboard buttons depending on the current tab selected.

Sources - On the source Detail Screen the Today's Date button wasn't showing for the Date Accessed field. Fixed.

16 February 2012 - Build

Fixed Items

Reports - Fixed a problem of loading user settings.

Sources - Fixed a problem with a couple of source templates.

15 February 2012 - Build

New Items

FamilySearch - Added option to start Legacy FamilySearch with only the current person. The icons on each person on the Family View or Pedigree View opens FamilySearch with only the current person. This saves time loading the entire file or filtered list. A third option for quick open current individual was added to the main toolbar FamilySearch popup menu.

Export - Added a Check All button to the Privacy tab to make it easier to include all privacy settings.

Changed Items

Geo Location Database - It will now return "United States" instead of "USA" when selecting a location from the USA.

Fixed Items

Create Web Pages - The background color as body bgcolor had doubled quotes. Fixed.

Forms Center - 1940 US Federal Censuses - Fixed the errors in form headings.

Reports - Fixed the problem with a name suffix being added twice on some reports.

Reports - Table of Contents - Problems with wrapping lines when Long Title Prefixes and Suffixes are used.

31 January 2012 - Build

New Items

Forms - Added two new census forms for the new 1940 census.

FamilySearch - New Auto Match feature. Runs through everyone to automatically link them to matches on new FamilySearch.

FamilySearch - Auto Match individuals are assigned Yellow Arrows to signify they were Auto Matched.

FamilySearch - Added Auto Match icon to Legend.

FamilySearch - Added a new person information bar above the tabs.

FamilySearch - Added filter actions to manage your filtered list- lots of small bugs.

FamilySearch - Added Gender coloring in individual list.

FamilySearch - Added the feature to copy marriage events.

Changed Items

Descendant View - Direct Line ancestors are now bolded like they are on other lists.

Create Web Pages - Added a new option on the Misc. tab to include custom HTML or Script to the section of each document.

Information Screen - Rearranged toolbar icons to match Family View order.

Fixed Items

Chronology View - If using option Baptism term instead of Christening, and have Baptism event, The Description for the event was not being included on the Chronology View. Fixed.

Create Web Pages - Changed the Document type back to HTML instead of XTML.

Error 3260 - "Could not update; currently locked by user admin on machine......".

Event Report - When using List format, the event name is now always included.

Name List - Fixed a problem on the Detail tab if you selected to show a custom event the event name would show twice, once on the label and once in the data field.

Name formatting - When using the option to insert a comma before a name suffix, if there was no surname, there was a space being put before the comma on the suffix. Fixed.

Parent List Source Icon - wasn't being colored when child status was sourced. Fixed.

Publishing Center - Family Group Records were inserting two entries into the Table of Contents instead of only one. Fixed.

Search - Added check boxes for missing LDS information to the Missing Information Search tab.

Source Citations - Basic citations were sometimes ending with two periods. Fixed.

Web Pages - Fixed a few html coding items.

FamilySearch - Changed how the program handles when users do not log into NFS.

FamilySearch - Changed the Filtering options.

FamilySearch - Fixed Filter Action issues with not resetting all individuals to Green-Green arrows.

FamilySearch - Fixed adding child without one parent to NFS.

FamilySearch - Fixed issue with "Alt." event types in Legacy and LegacyFS.

FamilySearch - Fixed issues with copying completed temple cards to Legacy.

FamilySearch - Fixed location issues when copying locations from NFS to Legacy.

FamilySearch - Fixed location sort order to stop blank location enteries from Legacy FamilySearch.

FamilySearch - Fixed moving BIC ordinances to Legacy.

FamilySearch - Fixed the issue of the Name List causing an error when reserving ordinances.

FamilySearch - Worked on Marriage events.

2 August 2011 - Build

Fixed Items

FamilySearch - Fixed a problem where the name was not being added to the Legacy person correctly with the last build.

Help File - Includes an updated Help file.

Internet Search - Updated the internet searches.

19 July 2011 - Build

New Items

DNA - Added DNA Tribes 27 Marker Test

DNA - Added FamilyTreeDNA Y-DNA 111 Marker Test

DNA - mtDNA reports can now be printed.

Fixed Items

FamilySearch - Improved the loading time of reading Legacy database files in LegacyFS at startup.

FamilySearch - Made a few changes to the "Refresh" button on the Ordinance Status Tab.

FamilySearch - Fixed the "Refresh" button on the Ordinance Status Tab to update FS IDs for all people found in Temple Cards.

LDS - Fixed the problem where a LDS button was being displayed on the Individual Information screen and Marriage Information screen even if the option for LDS info was turned off.

13 July 2011 - Build

New Items

GenealogyBank - Added GenealogyBank toolbar button and searching options.

DNA - Genetree DNA tests have been added.

DNA - Legacy now supports mtDNA tests.

Narrative Reports - Added the option to use "have" and "has" instead of "had" in narrative reports. eg: John and Mary have two children. Martha has a child...

Fixed Items

Ancestor Book Report - Parents of spouses of children who didn't have their own main paragraph were not being included. Fixed.

Chart-style Reports - Page orientation was being reset to portrait at the end of each printing. Fixed.

Chronology View - If bad dates are encountered during the building of the report, corrections were not being saved. Fixed.

Chronology View - If bad dates are encountered during the building of the report, corrections were not being saved. Fixed.

GEDCOM Export - Suppressing Deceased Spouses and Children of Living Individuals now works correctly.

Help Files - Lots of Help file topics were updated.

Legacy Charting - Fixed a problem with exporting to bitmap formats in Charting.

Legacy FamilySearch - This build includes an updated version of Legacy FamilySearch.

PAF 3 & 4 Import - Fixed a problem where notes were not wrapped properly.

PAF 5 Import - Fixed a couple source items.

PAF 5 Import - Fixed a problem where Alternate names were not split apart into their separate items correctly. ie. Surname, Given, Title, Prefix.

PAF 5 Import - Fixed a problem where a repository attached to a master source record was showing as a mailing address rather than a repository.

PAF 5 Import - Fixed a problem where media attached to a master source record was not being imported.

PAF 5 Import - Fixed a problem with date ranges and double dating.

PAF 5 Import - Fixed a problem with import of B.C. dates.

PAF 5 Import - Fixed a problem with import of incomplete dates (ones without a year).

Photo Album - If there was no subtitle for the report, the horizonal top line was misplaced. Fixed.

Picture Icon Coloring - On Family View, if has main picture-full color icon. If only event picture or b,c,d,b pic-half color. Now works correctly.

Relationship Calculator - half cousins were sometimes being shown before full cousins. Fixed.

Relationship Calculator - half cousins were sometimes being shown before full cousins. Fixed.

Search and Replace - The Search and Replace screen was not closing when a search was finshed for Citation details. Fixed.

Search and Replace - You can now search for tab, Emdash (Alt+0151), EnDash (Alt+0150) and other special character codes that Legacy allows you to enter in a note type field.

Source Details - Viewing a source detail for a basic-style source right after viewing one with the SourceWriter style, was not displaying the detail information as it should have. Fixed.

USA County Verifier - If a county existed at two different time periods the earlier one was not being checked for correctly. Fixed.

4 June 2011 - Build

Fixed Items

Book Reports - If a comma came right after a bolder portion of text, the comma alone might wrap to the next line. Fixed.

Chart Reports - The color text and boxes options were not being saved. Fixed.

Child List - The labels for Child Status, Relationship to Father, and Relationship to Mother now show if a source has been attached.

Chronology Options - Timelines in color option and Cause of Death option are now saved.

Descendant View - Error 94 'Invalid use of Null' and missing descendant's grid. Fixed.

Family Group Records - Fixed some event field overwriting problems.

FamilySearch - Fixed Reserved Temple Cards error.

FamilySearch - Fixed Temple Card Update error.

FamilySearch - Several improvements have been made to the temple card tracking code.

File Maintenance - Added an additional null check test to File, File Maintenance, Check and Repair.

GEDCOM Import - The Check for Valid Dates setting is now saved between imports.

Help File - Includes an updated help file.

Individual Report - Fixed some line spacing problems in the Children section.

Legacy Charting - Updateded the install. Some users were having a problem were Charting wasn't being installed correctly.

Master Temple List - Added a few new Start and End dates which are used for potential problem reporting.

Master Temple List - New temples have been added and spelling of a few names have been changed to match how FamilySearch is doing them now.

Name Tags - Pictures were not printing on Address labels. Fixed.

Photo Album - Fixed creaping top margin.

Publishing Center - If a picture is pasted into a Special Text Entry box, it is removed when saved because pictures are not supported there.

Repositories - Fixed a problem where master sources would lose the second repository that was attached to it if that repository record was combined with another one. Fixed.

Source Footnotes on Book Reports - The last citation on a page that would continue onto the next page, sometimes wouldn't. Fixed.

Web Pages - An Invisible person's name would still show in the Table of Contents as a link. Fixed.

26 April 2011 - Build

Fixed Items

Book Reports - The Compiler info at the bottom of the Table of Contents pages is now in the same position as the remainder of the report. (It was previously different because there were no page numbers on ToC pages.)

Book Reports - When using some fonts, the leaders were not going all the way across the page. Fixed.

Book Reports - With no Event subtitle phrase, there was no space between the first two events in the list. Fixed.

Chronology View - Fixed some capitalization issues for Spouse lines.

Chronology View - The projected average lifespan is now taken from the Options > Report tab on the Chronology View.

Descendant Chart - If suppressing Private marriages, the marriage date was being shown when packing all info on one line. Fixed.

Descendant View - If a person married the same spouse more than once, the marriage info for the first marriage was showing when the second marriage was highlighted. Fixed.

Event Sentences - Fixed a problem with a resulting misspelled word when filling in an event sentence.

Family Group Records - List-style events are now formatted better without truncating descriptions.

Family View - Fixed picture icon for Husband. (Was getting confused with Wife's).

Family View - The Husb and Wife titles move to the left now when there is a picture but the option has been selected to not show it.

FamilySearch - Fixed a display problem with possible duplicates.

GEDCOM Import - Fixed a master source import problem.

Individual Chart - Fixed some overwriting while in List mode for events.

Internet Links - Changed the KindredKonnections links to the newer MyTrees version of those links.

List Report Options - When not including row 2 or 3, their options are now greyed out.

PAF Import - Fixed a problem with importing dates from a PAF file into the German version of Legacy.

Pedigree Web Pages - If a person had more than two sets of parents, pages were not being created for the third and higher. Fixed.

Photo Album Options - Added a Reset button.

Photo Album, Scrapbook - Fixed some formatting problems. Added "Include Border Lines" option.

Pictures - Choosing Tagged-Preferred pictures to show on Pedigree, Descendant, and Chronology Views now honors the tag setting.

Publishing Center - Scrapbook chapters were losing the subject person if edited. Fixed.

Publishing Center - The blank page after a Title page is now determined by the new "Start on an odd page number" option to the right of the "Generate Table of Contents" in the Publication Center.

Scrapbook - Picture Reduction setting was not being saved when used in the Publication Center. Fixed.

Sources - Added new source templates for 1911 Scotland Census.

13 April 2011 - Build

Fixed Items

FamilySearch - Fixed a display problem with possible duplicates.

Pictures - Choosing Tagged-Preferred pictures to show on Pedigree, Descendant, and Chronology Views now honors the tag setting.

12 April 2011 - Build

Changed Items

Help File - Includes an updated help file.

Fixed Items

Bibliography Section - Wasn't always formatting correctly. Fixed.

Book Reports - Footnote superscripts were not be shown for General, Research, and Medical notes. Fixed.

CSV - When creating a CSV (comma separated value) list report and the option to include RINs is checked it would cause the setting to show RINs on the Family View to be turned on. Fixed, Setting no longer changes.

Dates - Refined the way Birth-Death ranges are displayed when modified with Between, Abt, etc.

Descendant Narrative Report - Fixed some wording for single parents with children.

Descendant View - If you highlight someone in the descendant list, the FamilySearch button will take you to that person.

FGR and Individual Reports - Chronology settings are now saved when saving a custom report.

FGR and Individual Reports - Chronology options are now saved when Saving a report for future use.

Family View - Sometimes the Wife boxes would not be the correct width. Fixed.

FamilySearch - Fixed a bug on the Ordinance status tab.

GEDCOM Import - Married names are now imported correctly.

Pedigree Charts - If six generations per page and doing multiple pages, boxes were printing around names. Fixed.

Pedigree Charts - Selecting to print border lines around pictures now works as it should.

Pedigree Charts - The Picture Border setting was not being saved. Fixed.

Pedigree Charts - The event pictures option should be disabled. Fixed.

Photo Album - Pictures now flow into columns instead of having fixed positions.

Publishing Center - Scrapbook chapter - Some settings not being honored. Fixed.

Reports - Some reports were not honoring the "Precede With" field on Compiler information. Fixed.

Reports - The Marriage User ID number can now be included on reports.

Scrapbook & Photo Album - Pictures are now printed in the same order as in the Gallery.

Scrapbook Report - Long pictures descriptions now flow to next page smoothly.

Table of Contents - Right margin was different from remainder of report. Fixed.

Timeline Charts - Empty Death Dates were showing as "0". Fixed.

Title Pages - The Lines On All Sides option how works with book reports.

18 March 2011 - Build

Fixed Items

FamilySearch - Several fixes and some more speed improvements have been made to our FamilySearch integration tool.

Address Report - Pictures were not printing. Now they are.

Sources - All source citation number overruns have been fixed.

Book Reports - If printing to HTML and including sources, marriage notes were being skipped. Fixed.

Book Reports - When printing Bir,Chr,Dea,Bur notes for a spouse, some other type of notes had to also be selected. Fixed.

Chronology Report - Margins not behaving correctly in metric mode. Fixed.

Chronology Report - Now includes the source citation numbers for children's name, birth, and death.

Descendant Books - Choosing the option to "Single-space Children" was also single-spacing the children's events which didn't match the main person's event spacing. Fixed.

Descendant Chart - Now do better job of formatting when not using boxes.

Descendant Chart - d'Aboville numbering was off after 22 generations. Fixed.

Descendant Chart - Tall pictures were being overwritten by subsequent descendant info if no boxes were being used. Fixed.

Descendant Narrative Report - A single Unknown gender child was coming out as "they had one son..." Fixed.

FGR and Indiv Reports - HTML codes are now stripped from notes when generating to print preview.

FGR and Indiv Reports - Now use "Address" instead of "Addr" for label on address lines.

IGI Import - A SourceWriter citation is now included (instead of a basic-style).

Individual Reports - Citation numbers were not showing up for events. Fixed.

Individual and Family Reports - Fixed some formatting of life range dates when date ranges were used for birth or death.

Intellimerge - Breaks some links to Source citation multimedia. Fixed.

Photo Album - Multiple lines of text not displayed under picture in Photo Album. Fixed.

Photo Album - Long subtitles were not wrapping correctly. Fixed.

Reports - Scrapbook description overrunning page break... Fixed.

Settings - Fixed an "Error 55: File already open" when loading/saving user settings.

Web Pages - Individual format with a person with an unknown spouse, was not including the children. Fixed.

Web Pages - Notes on Descendant Web pages were not showing their sources. Fixed.

Web Pages - Private marriages on Pedigree style pages were being included without option selected. Fixed.

7 February 2011 - Build

Fixed Items

FamilySearch - Several fixes and some speed improvements have been made to our FamilySearch integration tool.

Web Pages - Includes sources on individual page would sometimes get an error 53. Fixed.

31 January 2011 - Build

Fixed Items

FamilySearch - Several fixes and improvements have been made to our FamilySearch integration tool.

Address Report - Pictures were not printing. Now they are.

Index/Descendant Views - Fixed a problem with the columns changing sizes. They now remain how you set them.

Web Pages - Individual format with a person with an unknown spouse, was not including the children. Fixed.

Web Pages - Notes on Descendant Web pages were not showing their sources. Fixed.

Web Pages - Private marriages on Pedigree style pages were being included without option selected. Fixed.

25 January 2011 - Build

New Items

Digitally Signed - We now digitally sign our setup program so users who are downloading know the file is from us and that it is OK. Some virus protection programs were not allowing users to install Legacy and we didn't want that happening :)

Fixed Items

FamilySearch - Several fixes and improvements have been made to our FamilySearch integration tool.

17 January 2011 - Build

Introducing the Highly Anticiapated Release of Legacy 7.5

New Items - Legacy 7.5 now has full support for integration and syncing with FamilySearch.

Changed Items

Grey Arrows - If you see Grey arrows on the Family View these are indicators of linking with FamilySearch. If you are not using the FamilySearch feature at this time you can turn these off by clicking Options, Customize, General tab and uncheck the Integrate with FamilySearch checkbox and click Save.

Fixed Items

Over 50 Items Fixed - Yes, we have been working hard adding many fixes and refinements to this Legacy 7.5 release.

30 May 2010 - Build

New Items

Relationship Report - Added option to include lifespan years after the names.

Search and replace - When performing a Search and Replace you can now enter a TAB character or a CRLF by using these special representations «tab» and «crlf».

Changed Items

Help File - Includes an updated help file.

Fixed Items

Address Labels - A common picture was not printing. Fixed (976)

Book Reports - Long notes that spanned more than one page were causing the remainder of the report to start on a new page. Fixed (2927)

Chronology Options - Fixed some graying out of suboptions. (2449)

Descendant Chart - Missing an index entry for suppressed spouse. Showing life years in index for suppressed parents. Fixed (1306)

Distance & Bearing Calculator - Now uses the default settings for Lat and Long direction. (1336)

Escape Key - Some report option screens were not closing when the Escape key was pressed. Fixed (1363)

Event List - Disabled some options when highlighted event in list didn't have a source attached. (2666)

Event Sentence Preview - The [Name] fields was not include the Prefix and Suffix information on the preview. Fixed. (3223)

Family Group Record - The citation numbers for alternate names had lower numbers that the preceeding name citations. Fixed (3163)

Family View - 3-D settings were not holding. Fixed. (3341)

Family View - Showing 1/2 children now shows all other children with an Unknown parent.

Family View - The main Husband and Wife names were no longer bolded. Fixed. (3344)

FGS Report - Private marriage information is now suppressed. (2882)

Forms - Set a bunch of default buttons. (3010)

GEDCOM Import - Import of two successive Death Cause source citations was putting some information into the notes. Fixed. (3308)

Help Screen - Fixed some shortcut keys on the Company Information sub-screen. (2713)

History List - Blank were appearing in the list if someone was deleted or merged. Fixed (2639)

Legacy Home Options - Added a Help button.

Marriage List Report - Fixed some overprinting problems and added a Reset button. (3074)

Marriage Notes - Reordered option buttons to match Individual Notes screen. (2753)

Marriage Screen - A non-existent wife was picking up marriage name parts from the husband. Fixed. (2600)

Marriage Screen - The screen header was not showing the names of people marked as Invisible. Fixed. (2482)

Multiple Lines of Descent Book - Married names were not being included in RTF indexes. Fixed (3322)

Navigation - Cannot switch to second set of parents for some individuals. Fixed. (3324)

Notes - Em and En dashes were adding a extra trailing space when saved. Fixed (2621)

Relationship Terms - Added an option for English to use Grand or Great for uncles/aunts, newphews/nieces at 2+ generations.

Relationship Terms - Fixed some Relationship Report problems.

Relationship Terms - Other spouses are only called step-fathers/mothers if they were from a subsequent marriage, not a previous one.

Relationship Terms - Spouses of Half-relatives were missing the "Half" in their term. Fixed (3331)

Relationships - Fixed a few more problems.

Relationships - Fixed extra text on marriage date on relationship report if displaying FamilySearch ID on names (instead of RINs).

Relationships - Fixed some duplicate problems.

Relationships - Fixed some French ordinal numbers (3362)

Relationships - Fixed some Swedish relationship terms.

Relationships - Made requested changes to Swedish terms.

Relationships - New format for step-relationships.

Relationships - Relationship terms were sometimes not being displayed after a certain number of generations. Fixed (3338)

Relationships - When printing a report for half-relatives, the common ancestor was sometimes wrong. Fixed. (3340)

Relationships - When printing All relationships, the downlines were repeating from the first relationship. Fixed (3337)

Relationships - Wrong descent line shown for some relationships on reports. Fixed. (1715)

Relationships - Wrong picture shown in some instances. Wrong starting person. Wrong highlighted person. Fixed. (2300)

Reminder Messages - Resetting of messages wasn't sticking for some. Fixed. (2466)

Report Options - Some option setting were not being saved correctly. Fixed. (2881)

Search and Replace - Added Tab and CR buttons for easier searching for these characters.

Setup Wizard - Marriage information was not being recorded if only the main person was entered. Fixed. (2132)

Source Clipboard - Pasted sources were showing the wrong details in the Detail column of the list, even though they would print on reports correctly. Fixed. (3055)

Source Clipboard - Text and Comments were not being saved. Fixed. (3335)

Source Templates - Census templates were always showing 1790 for the year no matter which year was selected. Fixed (3359)

Source Templates - Repository combo boxes were not being pre-filled if they were lower in the field list and had to be scrolled to. Fixed (2581)

Source Templates - Selecting templates from the the bookmark list was not filling in the Source List Name. Fixed. (2941)

Startup Option - If the user pressed Cancel when selecting a family file to start Legacy with each time, the option would remain selected with no file selected. Fixed. (1707)

Timelines - Updated the "England - British Prime Ministers from 1721" timeline.

To-Do Report - Source citations were blank. Fixed (2335, 3333)

Tool Tips - Made the tool tips the same between the Customize screen and the Main screen. (758)

User Interface - Fixed the 3D settings for the Family View. (3018)

User Interface - Grayed out some options when others were not selected. (2361)

Web Pages - cleaned up some of the html coding of web pages. (1168), (2746), (737), (3280)

28 April 2010 - Build

Relationship Calculator - Fixed a looping problem and made a few more improvements.

25 April 2010 - Build


Ancestor Interest - Ancestor and Descendant values can now be hand entered.

Calendar Screen - Fonts were not resizing properly when maximizing the window.

Date Formatting - 125-120 BC was being flipped around to 120-125 BC. Fixed.

Error Messages - We have added an "Online Help" button to error message screens. Now when a user gets an error they can click the "Online Help" button to view possible solutions to the problem.

Error Windows - Fixed a problem where an error message could be displayed behind the current screen which would cause Legacy to appear to be hung.

Family Search - Several more fixes and enhancements have been added.

File ID Report - Fixed a repeating name problem.

File ID Report - Fixed some formatting problems.

GEDCOM Export - Source detail was not always exported. Fixed.

GEDCOM Import - Fixed some issues with phpGedView imports.

GEDCOM Import - Repository names were sometimes getting duplicated. Fixed.

GEDCOM Import - Unrecognized _APID tag. TITL tag not being imported. Fixed.

History List - Font size settings do not "stick".

Location Index - Fixed a problem where the header title was out of place.

Master Lists - Fixed a column sizing problem when the option to "Strech Fonts when Resizing" is turned off.

Merge - FamilySearch Sync arrows were not being set properly during a merge where one or both individuals had been previously synced with FamilySearch.

Name Tags and Address Labels - Canceling from the prompt for a filename when printing to a text file was still offering to view the file. Fixed.

Relationship Calculator - Added the option to show the closest relationship term or the closest direct-line term.

Relationship Calculator - Fixed several problems with the relationship calculator and with set relationships.

Save As - Fixed a problem where "Save As" and "Rename" of a family file was not changing the name of the set relationships also. Fixed.

Source Citation Numbers - Were not always in accending order. Fixed.

Source Templates - Source Text and Comments were disappearing for a newly entered source if Repository was entered before saving. Fixed.

8 April 2010 - Build



  • Changed over to the new login method required by FamilySearch.
  • Fixed loading speed issue.
  • Added compare details in Match/Dups/Sync tabs
  • Removed the status bar
  • Fixed a bug with refreshing ordinance status button

Add Event Screen - Using the Add Another button was not clearing the colors of the field names that were indicating that a source was attached. Fixed.

Ancestor Book Report - Some suboptions of suppress Details of Living were not be suppressed when the main option was turned off. Fixed.

Book Reports - Refined some wording for adopted children.

Book Reports - When using the option to include underlines for missing information, an underline for a missing temple name was being included for BIC baptisms. Fixed.

Descendant Book Report - The subsection phrase, "Noted Events in his life were:" was not being included for RTF output format. Fixed.

Descendant Narrative Book Report - When creating RTF output, the index was showing an incorrect RIN for starting person. Fixed.

Event List Windows - Formatting codes were showing. Fixed.

Family Group Record Report - Changed the style of the Source Citations subtitle to match other subtitles in the report.

Family View - If a child was edited using the shortcut keys, (for example E2 to edit child 2) any changed information was not being refreshed on the screen (even though it was actually saved). Fixed.

File ID Report - Fixed some formatting problems.

GEDCOM Export - The setting for "This Couple Did Not Marry" was not being included in Legacy destination exports. Fixed.

GEDCOM Export - _FREL adopted and _MREL adopted tags were missing in GEDCOMs created for PAF. Fixed.

GEDCOM Import - A wrong phone number was being linked to a personal address. Fixed.

GEDCOM Import - Fixed some issues with phpGedView imports.

GEDCOM Import - Repositorie names were sometimes getting duplicated. Fixed.

GEDCOM Import - Unrecognized _APID tag. TITL tag not being imported. Fixed.

Location Index - Fixed a problem where the header title was out of place.

Married Names - Fixed a problem that some users were having with changing a married name.

Married Names Generation - Changed the confirmation message shown when changing the default rule to: "0-None - don't generate married names."

Pedigree Chart - Cremated/Burial abbreviation problem fixed. (was showing as [;;b::c] instead of "b" or "c").

Reports - When using replaceable text fields in a title, there was a difference between [He/She] and [His/Her] with slashes. His/Her was not being recognized. Fixed.

Standardization Tip - Changed the wording for the tip about having a single character in any of the name part fields.

Timeline Report - The names of individuals who were printed outside the lifespan boxes (because their names would not fit within the box) were not be colored the same as if printed inside the boxes. Fixed.

25 March 2010 - Build


Chronology Report - Child Birth event colors were not wrapping to a new page correctly. Fixed.

DNA - Added the DYS635 and Y-GATA-A10 markers for Ancestry’s Advanced Paternal Lineage Test (Y-Chromosome 46) test.

FamilySearch - Many refinements and fixes.

Potential Problems - Fixed a problem that look like the window only showing white.

Relationship Calculator - Many refinements and bug fixes...

16 March 2010 - Build


Edit Individual - With the last build the User ID and Ancestral File Number fields were being changed to upper case letters. The FamilySearch ID is supposed to be all upper case letters and will continue to change what you enter to upper case letters.

File Maintenance - Added a few more checks for Locations and Temples relating to some of the newer fields like Initatory and Confirmation.

File Maintenance - Fixed a problem where the Purge all unused Locations was removing a location that was still being used by a Confirmation which was marked as a living confirmation.

Merge - When the right field being copied to the left persons record the sources get copied but the new style source details were being lost. Fixed.

Merge - On the pictures tab when copying an attached document from the right person to the left person and then doing the merge the link was not being done right. Fixed.

Popup Info Boxes - Fixed the resizing of the popup info boxes when the main Legacy screen gets resized.

12 March 2010 - Build

Fixed Items

New FamilySearch integration - We've written about this many times. Click here if you've missed the articles or want to watch the videos.

  • Added FamilySearch indicator icons to Family View and Pedigree View.
  • You can now manually add or change a FamilySearch ID in the Individual’s Information screen.  Just be careful - if you enter the wrong ID you’ll be incorrectly matched.
  • The yield temple icon now means that ordinance work is reserved or in progress.
  • We’ve added an Advanced Search button to the Possible Matches tab.
  • New temple icon - the temple icon with a red X indicates that more information is required for ordinance work. There is also a new filter for this "ordinances needing more information".
  • Added a Reload button in the main toolbar with two options - Reload Legacy Database and Reload current person. Using either option, if you have made any changes (added/deleted/modified dates, etc.) in Legacy, these changes will be reflected in LegacyFS. These changes are now automatically reloaded when you launch LegacyFS from Legacy.
  • BIC is now correctly showing on Ordinance Status tab
  • The FamilySearch tools have been officially certified by FamilySearch, but the tools are still in "pre-release mode". This means that 1) not all of the features that we want to implement are available, but we want you to get started (the rest of the features will be released in version 7.5) and 2) there are still a few minor (non-critical) bugs to resolve.

Add Menu - Add Son and Add Daughter menu items under the main toolbar Add menu were disabled if the current individual was not married. You can now add a son or daughter from the main add menu.

Book Reports - Fixed some customized override wording for single parents.

Calendar List Report - Fixed resetting of defaults to include all settings.

Cremation/Burial - Fixed a problem where the label would not stay set to the correct setting.

Descendant Book Report - "She never married and had no children" was printing twice. Fixed.

Descendant Book Report - Fixed back-line option that wasn't showing unless footnotes were being used.

GEDCOM Export - Fixed a source detail export problem.

Legacy Export - Fixed a problem where a Live Confirmation location was being exported as a temple location.

Locations - Sorting Locations could cause a runtime error for some people. Fixed.

Marriage Phrase for reports - Customized wording was reverting back to the default phrase. Fixed.

Pedigree and Descendant Chart Reports - Fixed the buried/cremated indicators.

Relationship Report - Fixed a error associated with wide pictures (Error 380)

Relationship Terms - Fixed some errors and missing terms in Portuguese, Swedish, and Italian

Source Text/Comments - Deluxe Edition formatting buttons were not working. Fixed.

Source Text/Comments - In Standard Edition the Text was disappearing after Saving and reentering. Fixed.

30 January 2010 - Build

New Items

New FamilySearch integration - We've written about this many times. Click here if you've missed the articles.

  • Version 7.5 includes a special "pre-release" edition of our New FamilySearch integration tools which lets users:
    • Match their Legacy individuals with FamilySearch individuals
    • Combine potential duplicates that exist at FamilySearch
    • View the real-time ordinance status of individuals
  • After installing the update, you will be asked if you want to turn on the FamilySearch integration tools. At this time only LDS members should say yes (FamilySearch accounts are currently restricted to members of the LDS church while they conclude their testing).
  • The FamilySearch tools have been officially certified by FamilySearch, but the tools are still in "pre-release mode". This means that 1) not all of the features that we want to implement are available, but we want you to get started (the rest of the features will be released in version 7.5) and 2) there are still a few minor (non-critical) bugs to resolve.

Fixed Items

LDS Screen - Fixed an error 5 problem.

Descendant Book Reports - Fixed a problem where duplicate lines were referring the reader to the wrong page number.

Descendant Book Reports - The "Show line back to starting ancestor" option was not printing for reports where source footnotes were used. Fixed.

Family Picture Tree - Name placement improved on fourth generation. Privacy option added.

Marriage Screen Phrases - Changed some of the rules for when "married someone" is used.

Merge - Fixed an error 9 in Find Duplicates.

Report Indexes - Names with [[Private]] portions were showing in the index. Fixed.

Source Template Screen - Fixed the icons and tooltips on the Spell Check, Wordwrap, and Strip HTML buttons.

Legacy 7.0 Revision History

Final Version is:
Build Date of: 1 September 2009

1 September 2009 - Build

Fixed Items

LDS Screen - Fixed an error 5 problem.

Pedigree Web Pages - Fixed some info that was showing for a Private person.

Potential Problems - report of Seal to Parents having been done before baptism for spouse was sometimes being shown when it wasn't the case.

Reports in Standard Edition - Fixed some Privacy issues.

20 August 2009 - Build

New Items

Character Ribbon - The Character Ribbon has been added to the Name List, Marriage List and Master Location list. This allows you to easily add diacritic characters when searching for an item.

Fixed Items

File Maintenance - Check/Repair has some additional file integrity checks added to it.

Mapping - If a location had no Lat/Long values and you edit that location and set the option to "Do no auto geo-code this location" and later you zoom in on the map and then right click the mouse in order to set a new pin (geo-code that location) the wrong location was being geo-coded to that place. Fixed.

Merge - The new Family Search person ID was not being merged. Fixed.

Renumber RINs - Fixed a problem where RIN 0 or MRIN 0 could be changed. Record 0 is a special record in Legacy and should never be changed. Fixed.

Reports - Selecting to print a report in a different language was not getting the correct translation for some of the date items like "About", "Before" and "Cal".

Web Pages - Creating web pages would give an error if a RIN larger than 9,999,999 was found. Fixed.

11 August 2009 - Build

New Items

Forms - Census of England and Wales, 1911 has been added

Forms - Census of Ireland, 1911 (Forms A and N) have been added

Search - Added new "This Couple Did Not Marry" to the Marriage Detailed search

Sources - In the Source Detail, there is now a "Today’s Date" button next to the Date Accessed field

Changed Items

Expand/Contract Locations - If USA is on the end and you select the option to Add ", United States" then we now change ", USA" to ", United States". In the past you had to remove the USA and then add the United States.

Help - The help file was updated a little.

Sources - In the Source Detail, we now separate the "required" fields of a citation from the optional surety level, etc. to make it easier to know what information belongs to the citation

US County Verification - A few updates and changed were made to the US Historical County database.

Fixed Items

Master Temple List - Selecting a Temple Name and then clicking on Show List was causing an SQL error.  Fixed.

Potential Problems Report - Fixed two text overwriting problems.

Source Template Screen - Scrolling down from the bottom of the field list would sometimes blank out notes, and a couple other fields. Fixed.

Sources - On some reports the source bibliography was being overwritten.  Fixed.

Web Pages - We now remove diacritics from the filenames of the names and surnames web pages.

17 July 2009 - Build

Fixed Items

Gedcom Import - Added support for LDS Initiatory and Confirmation importing.

PAF 5.x Import - Added support for FamilySearch ID.

10 July 2009 - Build

New Items

FamilySearch - Added new field to handle the new FamilySearch individual number. This is now imported and exported and displayed.

GEDCOM Export - Added a new option on the Items to Include in GEDCOM screen (click Customize from the GEDCOM Export screen): Don't convert British Quarter dates to a date range.  If a user wants to keep the quarter dates in the GEDCOM, he/she has to select this option each time an export is done (the setting is not saved).

GEDCOM Import - Legacy now prompts the user when unrecognized media paths are encountered, letting the user specify where the files are really located.

SourceWriter: new templates for Voter Rolls

Changed Items

Reports - The user can now include the date in either the Compiler information OR the Credit information at the bottom of each page. Previously the date was only available with the Credit information.

Timelines - "Confederate States of America"

Timelines - "US States and Territories - Dates of Organization and Admission".

Fixed Items

Book Reports - Marriage addresses for suppressed living couples were being printed.

Book Reports - RTF, HTML, and ASCII formats were not including "The children from this marriage were:"

Chronology View - Fixed some garbled text that was showing for event notes.

Descendant Narrative Report - Children of males marked as Invisible were being included on the report.

FGS and Individual batch reports - report generation would stop if any Invisible starting people were found.

FGS Web Pages - Invisible people were showing their names in some titles.

GEDCOM Import - Added some new FTM GEDCOM tags to the import.

Individual Web Pages - Generation of pages would stop if an Invisible person was found.

LDS Ordinance Screen - Switching Confirmation location from temple to place was blanking the Baptism field.

Multimedia Search - Some missing multimedia files were not being found successfully when doing a full-computer search.

Pedigree Web Pages - Marriage information for Invisible people was showing.

Potential Problems - Some bad dates were not being reported.

Publishing Center - The Calendar List Report selection was changed to Calendar Report because it refers to the Calendar Creator report, not the Calendar List Report.

Report Privacy - Marriage addresses for Invisible people were showing.

Report/Book Indexes - Now combine mixed-case index entries into matching groups.

Sources - Citation pointing to a master source that is marked to be excluded from reports was leaving a blank spot in the source list.

Web Pages - Individual style web pages weren't being generated if anyone was marked as Invisible.

13 March 2009 - Build

New Items

Timelines - "Canada - Census". A chronology of when the census was taken in Canada

Timelines - "US - Oklahoma History". History of Oklahoma, by M. La Nell Shores

Timelines - "US States and Territories - Dates of Organization and Admission".

Fixed Items

SourceWriter - Fixed a run-time error 5.

Ancestor Books - Fixed a problem where the header for the source section at the end of a generation would show the wrong person.

Calendar Reports - Fixed an Error 3021, no current record.

Picture Finder - Now finds all pictures.

Publishing Center - Fixed a problem where the Table of Contents would overprint the title page or other preliminary page.

Publishing Center - Individual and Family Group Record reports would produce two Name Indexes. Fixed.

31 December 2008 - Build

Fixed Items

Just a couple minor fixes.

24 December 2008 - Build

New Items

Book Reports
- Enabled the inclusion of the address for individuals. (Previously only the address for the birth, chr, death, and burial were available.)

Changed Items

Book Reports - When the Other Spouses option is turned off, meaning you only want one spouse shown for each person, we now include the Preferred Spouse instead of the first spouse.

Fixed Items

Book Reports - Fixed a problem where the title page would overprint the first page of the report.

Descendant Narrative Report - Fixed a picture overlapping issue.

GEDCOM Export - Fixed an error 3163 situation.

20 December 2008 - Build

New Items

Book Reports
- Added a new option to start each generation on an odd numbered page.

Book Reports - Added a new option to start the Table of Contents on an odd numbered page.

Changed Items

Book Reports - Moved the "son/daughter of Fred and Mary Smith" part of the marriage phrase before the marriage date and location.

Name Index Report - § now shows up in front of married name variations.

Fixed Items

Book Report titles - The new [GenNumber] field was not always showing the correct generation number in titles. Fixed.

Chronology View - The main name was sometimes showing the name of the previous person's chronology. Fixed.

Chronology View/Report - There was a limit of 1000 events that could be shown. This limit has been removed.

Dates - If the Regional date was set to yyyymmdd format, the calendar would return a mis-formatted date. Fixed.

Dates - Years before 2500 B.C. were not being recognized. Fixed.

Family Group Record - The Remove No Blank Lines option will now leave room for blank AFN, User ID, and Alternate Names if those are included on the report.

Individual Information screen - Pasting a memorized given name was putting it in the birth location field. Fixed.

Merge - Merging an individual with multiple spouses would sometimes not link all of them correctly when merging. Fixed.

Notes - The bullet character was not being saved and reloaded correctly. Fixed.

28 November 2008 - Build

New Items

LDS Ordinance markers
- The {BEPSC} indicator is now also put on the Husb and Wife names on the Family View (if this option is turned one).

Picture Center - When you attach pictures with embedded comments, you are now asked if you would like to put them in the Description field (consistent with what happens in the Picture Gallery). (832)

RTF Source Citations - Add an option to use the old unlinked citation endnotes. This is because the new "real" linked footnotes and endnotes end up having lots of duplicates because there is no way to combine them in RTF output.

SourceWriter (230 new templates)

  • Ancestral File - added template
  • Canada - added specific templates for 1851, 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891, 1901, 1906, 1911 censuses and the 1940 National Registration File
  • Email - added a "Grouped by correspondent" template so the master sources can be more generic if desired
  • England - added specific templates for England and Wales births/marriages/deaths
  • Microfilm/fiche - added this medium to all source templates from which it was missing from the models in Evidence Explained
  • Online database - added this medium to all source templates from which it was missing from the models in Evidence Explained
  • Online images - added this medium to all source templates from which it was missing from the models in Evidence Explained
  • Pedigree Chart - added template
  • Pedigree Resource File - added template
  • Scotland - added 35 new templates for the census records of Scotland
  • U.S. - added online media for 1890 Union veterans/widows template

DNA - Added the following new tests:

  • Ancestry's Paternal Lineage Test (Y-Chromosome 33)
  • Ancestry's Advanced Paternal Lineage Test (Y-Chromosome 46)
  • DNA Tribes 15-Marker Standard Kit test
  • DNA Tribes 21-Marker Premium Kit test
  • FamilyTree DNA Y-DNA59 59 Marker Test
  • Oxford Ancestors Y Clan analysis 15-marker test

Changed Items

Default Marriage Wording
- Added four new phrases to cover unknown spouse sentence wording.

Family Picture Trees - The fourth generation now includes the names and life ranges (in a smaller font).

GEDCOM Export - GEDCOM export to anything destination other than Legacy, will now convert the Q dates (Mar Q 1888) to a range like Jan 1888 - Mar 1888.

Help File - Various help topic updates

SourceWriter - Added 45 new templates to cover all media for the Canadian census records, including the 1940 National Registration

US County Verification - A few updates to the county verification database were made.

Fixed Items

Age Calculator
- Fixed a leap year problem.

Book Reports - Fixed a problem where the last page of footnotes for a report would be on the first page of the next chapter when printing from the Publishing Center.

Book Reports - More duplicate footnote combining.

Book Reports - More picture overwriting fixes.

Calendar Creator - Fixed default year reset.

Chronology View - BC dates for background timelines were not displaying in the correct order. Fixed.

Custom labels on Index View and the Name List - The defaults are reset when the interface language is changed.

Custom Marriage Phrases - Increased the maximum length of the phrases from 50 to 100 characters.

Date Calculator - Fixed some early year calculation problems.

Dates - Corrected handling of pre-1000 years.

Descendant Book Footnotes - The footnote font would sometimes change when a string of citation numbers went over a page break. Fixed.

Descendant Narrative report - Suppression of deceased spouses and children of living individuals was not fully implemented. Fixed.

Descendant Report - Picture for person after a "Duplicate Line" was not showing. Fixed.

Event Sentences - Sentences with in a double "The The" were resulting in TThe when the two were combined. Fixed.

Events on Reports - Date and Location underlines (for missing info) are now suppressed when an event doesn't include fields for date or location.

Family Group Record - Event descriptions were not honoring formatting codes. Fixed.

Family Group Record Reports - Attached Chronology reports had the wrong name at the top. Fixed.

Family Group Records and Individual Reports - Long dates (e.g. Between 12 Dec 1888 and 30 Oct 1889) for events were being truncated. Fixed.

File ID Report - Wasn't showing the person's name for File IDs connected to source citations, Never Married, and Had No Children. Fixed.

GEDCOM Export - Fixed some problems in GEDCOM export customization.

GEDCOM Export - Source template info RTF codes were not being converted to HTML codes when desired. Fixed.

GEDCOM Import - Addresses for some events were being imported but not being linked to the event. Fixed.

GEDCOM Import - Importing a GEDCOM file from phpGedView was not reading the picture links. Fixed.

Help File - Lots of updating and correction.

Individual Report - Marriage address is now included when requested.

Individual Report - Name Index: Option to include life range years on names was inconsistent. Some had full dates, others had years only. Fixed

Information Screen - Some dates with month ranges were not resulting in an accurate Age at Death value. Fixed.

Location fields - Locations filled by Right-clicking to fill with a previous entry, sometimes wouldn't stick. Fixed.

Mapping - Fixed an error 3020 when saving a new location when the do not auto geocode option is checked.

Mapping - Improved Hyphenated Place Names to work better with Bing Mapping.

Marriage List Report - Now follows all Page Setup and Font settings.

Marriage Report - User font settings are now honored. (They were hard coded previously.)

Missing Picture List - The list now shows the person's name for missing pictures on source details.

Name Index - Living parents were including life year range when option to suppress was set. Fixed.

Name Index - The Birth and Death Years on Names now applies to alternate names also.

Nametags - Fixed Default button.

Picture List Report - Now includes document file names.

Picture Scrapbook - Added option to include document files.

Pictures - If you change any attribute of a picture (flip, flop, rotate, grayscale, crop) you are prompted to resave the picture when leaving the edit window.

Publishing Center - Option to include [[Private Notes]] was not working. Fixed.

Quoted Names - Legacy now recognizes the fancy opening and closing quote marks as well as the regular keyboard quote mark.

Report Fonts - Resetting to the defaults wasn't resetting the font size. Fixed.

Reports - Private and Invisible setting options for reports - Fine tuned.

Reports - The Source Citation Report was not reporting correctly multiple citations for Same Master source.

RTF Footnotes - Are now generated in the Report Source font size specified.

Search - A missing sources search with the option to Only Search the Search List was incorrectly returning all records in list.

Sources - Lots of source footnote and endnote corrections.

Sources - Fixed error back-tabbing through source detail fields.

Source Citations - Added source citations on reports to the "Never Married and Had No Children" setting.

Source Citations - Fixed an error 3167 when citing a master source after a user canceled an Add New Source.

Source Citations - Fixed an ibid problem.

Source Citations - Fixed the list import of master sources from another family file.

Source Citations - Many refinements.

Source Citations - Some events were not showing a source citation. Fixed.

Source Citations - Sometimes detail source text was showing up on the subsequent citation. Fixed.

Source Citations - Source in RTF files now have the correct page heading.

Source Report - SourceWriter style detail info was not being included on the report. Fixed.

Source Templates - If you don't scroll down and view all the input fields for a source, and you have turned off the warning, sometimes subsequent edits of the source don't respond to the Save button. Fixed.

Source Templates - Scrolling up and down in the field input list was blanking out the Verified, Tag, and Exclude checkboxes when adding a new source. Fixed.

Source Templates - Some identical citations were repeating on reports when they should have been combined. Fixed.

Startup Wizard - Parents were begin given the starting couple's marriage info. Fixed.

Startup Wizard - Prompt for Customer Number was not complaining about version 6 numbers, even though they were not turning on the deluxe features. Fixed.

UnInstall - Fixed a problem with an uninstall not being able to find the Install.log file needed to perform an uninstall when long filenames were being used.

Web Pages - Fixed some punctuation problems with birth/chr, death/burial sentences.

13 July 2008 - Build

SourceWriter - added 35 new templates for the census records of Scotland.

SourceWriter - added online database and online images media for U.S. state census records.

SourceWriter - several source formatting improvements were made.

Name List Report - Fixed the error 9 when printing from the Name List report.

1 July 2008 - Build

Documents - Default Location of Document files was not being saved. Fixed.

Family View - Spouse labels were incorrect on the Family View for unmarried couples. Fixed.

Gedcom - Fixed the tag level used for Address Notes when exporting to a GEDCOM file.

Guided Setup Wizard - Fixed some special-case situations were the back button wasn't going to the right step.

Help File - Several updates to help file.

Import - Fixed an error 5 during the Import Wizard.

Master Location List - The "don't show map" option wasn't being saved. Fixed.

Picture Gallery - Added support and display for .jpeg files.

Potential Problems - "Q" quarter dates were causing some erroneous potential problem hits. Fixed.

Potential Problems - Settings for "Exclude from Potential Problems" weren't sticking. Fixed.

Reports - Add user-controllable fonts on Calendar List report.

Reports - Descendant chart was including a blank line or blank box for "Invisible" people. Fixed.

Reports - Excluded commas before roman numeral titles even if the "Put title before suffixes option is on.

Reports - Fixed a problem where an address field would be repeated in other addresses on the name list report.

Reports - Fixed some spacing problems on child-parent relationships on Descendant and Descendant Narrative book reports.

Reports - Fixed some wording for the "Never Married" sentence when the gender was "Unknown."

Reports - Invisible people were sometimes being included in Descendant book reports. Fixed.

Reports - List-style events were not suppressing [[private]] information. Fixed.

Reports - Made marriage status line consistent in all section of the Family Group Record report.

Reports - Marriage date was missing on some reports if the spouse was "Unknown." Fixed.

Reports - On the Chronology report, the Include Timelines options would always "recheck" itself between sessions. Fixed.

Reports - Private child-parent relationships were sometimes showing on a Descendant book. Fixed.

Reports - Wording for non-married couples was fixed on narrative reports.

Sources - Source citations were being shown incorrectly on reports when the same master source was used but different detail items. Fixed.

Source Writer - Added 150 additional source templates and made a few improvements with citations. Here are some of the new templates that were added.

  • Channel Islands
    • 1841 census
    • 1851 census
    • 1861 census
    • 1871 census
    • 1881 census
    • 1891 census
    • 1901 census
  • England
    • 1841 census
    • 1851 census
    • 1861 census
    • 1871 census
    • 1881 census
    • 1891 census
    • 1901 census
    • Birth certificates from General Register Office
    • Birth certificates from local register office
    • Marriage certificates from General Register Office
    • Marriage certificates from local register office
    • Death certificates from General Register Office
    • Death certificates from local register office
  • Isle of Man
    • 1841 census
    • 1851 census
    • 1861 census
    • 1871 census
    • 1881 census
    • 1891 census
    • 1901 census
  • Wales
    • 1841 census
    • 1851 census
    • 1861 census
    • 1871 census
    • 1881 census
    • 1891 census
    • 1901 census
    • Birth certificates from General Register Office
    • Birth certificates from local register office
    • Marriage certificates from General Register Office
    • Marriage certificates from local register office
    • Death certificates from General Register Office
    • Death certificates from local register office

2 June 2008 - Build

Official Release of Version 7.0 - It's here!

1 May 2008 - Build

New Version 7.0 Pre-Released - The beginning of a new Legacy!

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