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Master Source - IGI Sample

As Elizabeth explains in her book Evidence - Citation & Analysis for the Family Historian, "an IGI entry is not an acceptable source in and of itself.  It is only an index entry, not an actual record.  Citations to an IGI entry should be considered highly temporary, at best -- acceptable in research notes (but not in published works) only until the original can be consulted (Mills, 84).

So. . . by following our standards, DO cite this so you know where your information came from.  DO consult the actual records which are reference by the IGI.  Following her advice, make sure that in the master source definition, the box is checked next to exclude this master source from reports.

  • Source Name - International Genealogical Index (IGI) - Feb 1997 edition; you will want to create a new master source for each version of the IGI, so be sure to include the edition in the name, so as to differentiate the different versions in the master source list

  • Text of Source - not needed

  • Comments - not needed

  • Repository - Family History Library's information

  • Picture - not needed

Source Detail - IGI Sample

These details may vary according to the entry.  Some entries may include page and reference numbers instead of batch and sheet numbers.

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