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Master Source - Internet Site Sample

  • Source Name - because it's formatted this way, in my master source list, all the locality websites will now be grouped together, sorted by state, then by date, then by title

  • Text of Source - type the introduction to the web site

  • Comments - Information in these databases came from the California Department of Health Services; also check the "Include on reports" box in the lower left

  • Repository -

  • Picture - not really needed

Source Detail - Internet Site Sample


Believe it or not, web sites are continually changing, and the information is frequently updated.  For instance, the Ancestral File has the edition with data as of Aug 1993, or data as of 5 Jan 1998, etc.  Since these are two separate editions, I create two separate master sources.  Everything is the same in the master sources, except in the source name, I include the edition's date.  To illustrate with pictures:


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