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LegacyNews is a newsletter type of mailing list.  Only MyHeritage Ltd. can send messages to this list.  We use this list to help keep our Legacy users informed about Legacy and items we feel would benefit our users.  For example, we send a message to this list each time we put a new update on our web site.  Other kinds of messages could be news related about our company or Legacy.  We only mail to this list about once a week.

Privacy Policy

Legacy Family Tree respects the right of subscribers, customers and visitors to protect their email addresses from unauthorized distribution. In accordance, all email addresses are kept strictly confidential.

The Legacy News mailing list is compiled from the email addresses of our registered software users, individuals who download from our Web site, and persons who subscribe at this Web page or sign our guest register.


On the bottom of every email we send there is a link to manage your subscriptions. To unsubscribe just click that link included in every email we send.

Changing E-mail Address

To change your e-mail address click the Manage Subscription link included at the bottom of every email message we send.

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