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The To Do List

The To Do List makes it easy to track research and other tasks that need to be done. Legacy allows you to create and Individual and General To Do lists. For example, you can create a General To Do list with books and microfilms to search when visiting a library; or create an Individual To Do list for your great grandfather by listing that you need to find his obituary, his World War I service record, and his birth certificate. To Do lists can be printed out for research trips or used as Research Logs to be placed with your transcriptions, photocopies, and correspondence.

To find an item on the To Do List, type the first few letters of a To Do Item name to jump to it.

To Do Type—By default, General To Do’s display when opening from the toolbar or from the View menu. Individual To Do’s display when opening the To Do List from an individual’s screen, the Husband or Wife box in Family View, or the primary individual selected in Pedigree View. To select the type of To Do item you want to view, click the Down arrow (to the left of the Close button) and choose from the list:

To Do Item—Name of the task

Date—The opening date of the task.

Type—R = Research, C = Correspondence, O = Other

Tag—To Do Items tagged for printing Tabs (Tabs displaying an * contain information.)

To Do—Shows who or what the highlighted item is for as well as the task name, task type, status, open date, closed date, priority, and filing ref. number.

Description—The name of the task to be done.

Results—The outcome of the task.

Repository—The location or repository to visit or contact to accomplish a task.

Filter Options—Lets you choose the criteria (category, locality, status, type, priority, and tagged) used to display To Do items on the list.  When your selection is complete, click the Apply Filter button.  To see all To Do items on the list, click the Show All button.

Sort Order—You can sort items on the To Do List For example, the primary consideration might be Status (Open), the second, Priority, and the third, Open Date.  This order ensures that all items marked Open go to the top of the list, sorted by priority, then date.  After selecting the three sort levels, click the Apply button for your choices to take effect. Buttons

Close—Click this button to exit the window.

Add—Click this button to add a new To Do Item.

Edit—Highlight an item on the list and click this button to edit it.

Print—Click this button to print a To Do List.

Options—Choices include Delete, Combine Duplicates, Import, and Map Highlighted To Do Item to Another To Do Item in the List

The To Do List contains a Tag column.  You can tag a To Do item by clicking its check box, or by highlighting the item and checking the box in the lower-left corner of the window.

To create a general To Do item: Click the To Do button on the toolbar or select To Do List from the View menu.  To create an Individual To Do item, click the To Do button associated with the individual in or Pedigree View screen and click the To Do button.

In the To Do List window, click the Add button to create a new To Do Item. In the To Do Item  window, select a category for the task in the Category field. Enter the locality of the task in the Locality field. Enter a task name in the Task Needing to be Done field.

Note that the Open Date defaults to the current date and the Status defaults to Open when adding a new item. If the Task involves visiting or writing to a specific place, click the Add button on the Repository tab to enter it on the Master Repository List. the name, address, phone numbers, plus e-mail and Internet addresses.  If the location is already on the list, click the Select button and choose it from the Master Repository List.

Indicate the Type of task to be done by selecting Research, Correspondence, or Other. Indicate the Priority of the task by selecting High, Medium, or Low. Click the Task Description tab and enter a brief explanation of the Task. Enter a summary of the results in the Results field. Click the Save button when finished.

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