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Other Great Legacy Features

Here are some other highlights of Legacy you might want to take a look at. Again, if you click on most of the screen shots, a larger version will be displayed so you can see the detail. The file size for each of the large screens is shown so you can get a feel for how long it takes to load it. You can figure on about 1,000 bytes per second if you are using a 14.4 K modem connection. Half that time for a 28.8 K modem.

PicturesPicture Gallery

Any number of pictures can be attached to each individual in a Family File. Pictures and scanned document images can also be attached to events, locations and sources.  Legacy reads most popular picture file formats. These pictures can then be displayed at any time and also included in many printed reports.

The Picture Gallery is reached by pressing the picture icon on the Family View (the picture frame with two people) or by click on any existing picture displayed on either the Family View or Pedigree View. Up to twenty pictures are displayed in the window at one time. If more pictures are attached, a scroll bar appears that can be used to bring up more pictures.

Click here to see more information on the picture and sound capabilities of Legacy.

Geo Locator Database

Make sure you have the right location and spelling every time! A collection of nearly three million current locations worldwide divided into six regions:

            PA - Pacific Islands
            US - United States
            AF - Africa
            AM - Americas (non-USA)
AS - Asia
            EU - Europe

Each location includes the name of the city, the county or province, the state, if any, and the country name.  Along with this information the latitude and longitude coordinates are also included.  Searching can be done by any field(s).  A Radius search is included to find cities within a specified radius (in miles or kilometers) of a location.GEDCOM Import



Click here for detailed information on importing a GEDCOM file.


Click here for detailed information on exporting a GEDCOM file.


Date CalculatorDate Calculator

Click here to see how you can figure out when someone was born by knowing how old they were when they died.

Web Page Creation

Legacy can generate Web pages in five styles. Click here to see how easy it is.

General Information
General Information

Click here to see the General Information screen.

Soundex Calculator

To have Legacy calculate the standard Soundex code for a surname, enter the name in the text box and press Calculate Soundex Code.
New in Legacy 9.0, you can click the Search Name List button to create a list of all the surnames in your family file with the same Soundex code.

Source ClipboardSource  Clipboard

Click here to see more information on how the Source Clipboard can save you a lot of time while assigning source citations.


To Do List

The To Do List is the place where you can track the important tasks you need to accomplish as you search for your ancestors. To Do Lists can be made for individuals or for general objectives. Click here to see more information on To Do Lists.



Click here to See What's New in Legacy 9.0!

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