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Detailed Information on the Family View

The following commands are available on the Family View:

Moving Around

Double-click on the parents to move them down to the Husband/Wife position.

Double-click on a child to move him/her up to the Husband/Wife position.


Double-click the Husband or Wife name to edit his or her individual information.

Click on the Marriage button to bring up the Marriage Information window.

Adding New People

Husband or Wife: If there are no individuals listed on the screen, you can add the husband by clicking anywhere on his box. The Information window appears.

Marriage Information: Click on the marriage button, (the button in the middle, just below the Husb and Wife boxes). The Marriage Information window appears where you can enter the marriage date, place and status.

Parents: You can add the parents of an individual by clicking in the parent's box above the husband or wife box. (Click in the middle of the box to add the father and near the bottom of the box to add the mother.) The Add Father (or Add Mother) dialog box appears. Select either the Add a New Person button or the Link to an Existing Person button. Adding a new person brings up the Information window where you can enter the name, birth, death, etc. If you are linking to an existing person, the Name List appears where you can make that selection.

Children: Click on either the + Son or + Dau. button. This displays the Information window where you can enter his or her name and information.

Additional Spouse: Click on the Addl. Husband or Addl. Wife button to add another spouse to a husband or wife.

Spouse List

Click on the man or woman picture button to display a list of spouses. You can then select a different spouse to display or change the "Preferred" spouse setting.

Siblings List

Click on the siblings picture button to display the siblings list. You can then select a sibling to be moved to the current position.


Click on the notes picture button to display the notes window. You can then choose to add or edit General notes, Research notes and Medical notes.


Click on the picture button to display the Picture Gallery. You can then add new pictures, sounds or video as well as view and edit existing pictures and sounds.

Preferred Child

The Preferred child is generally a direct line ancestor. This child is shown in the child list as being underlined. You can change the Preferred child by right-clicking any child name and then selecting the Children's Settings/Order option.


You can tag individuals and marriages to mark them for various reasons.

Modified Date

Legacy keeps track of whenever an individual is added to the Family File and whenever an individual's information is changed. The date of the newest change to either of the current individuals is displayed in the bottom right corner of the Legacy screen. To see the full details, click on this date. The Last Modified window appears showing the date and time of last modification as well as the date and time of when the records were originally added.

Using the Right-Click Menus

Legacy makes extensive use of right-click menus to show you what can be done at any point in the program. By clicking with the right mouse button on a particular object, a popup menu appears with all the options available for that object.

You can select any option on the menu by simply moving the mouse pointer to it and clicking (either button). This is a very convenient and quick way to select commands and options. Although every command contained in the popup menu is available in some other way, either from a command button or from a menu on the menu bar, the popup menus gather together all the appropriate commands that apply to a particular situation.

Changing the Background Color

You can change the color of the Family View background to anything you like. Right-click on the background of the Family View and choose Change Background Color/Pattern from the menu. From the Color Menu you can choose one of the preset colors or patterns, or press the Set button to select your color or bitmap to use as a background.

Changing the Children's Settings

You can change the order of the child list, change the "Preferred" child or delete children by selecting the Children's Settings/Order option from either the right-click menu or the Edit menu.

Setting a Bookmark

You can set a bookmark on the current individual so that you can return here later. You can set up to twenty bookmarks. To set a bookmark, press the Set button below the Family View window. When you do, the name of the current individual will appear in the box to the right of the button.

Jumping to a Bookmark

You can jump to the person who appears to the right of the Go: button by clicking on that name.

You can display a list of all the current bookmarks by pressing the Go: button. You can then choose a name from the list to jump to.

History List

Legacy remembers up to the last 160 individuals you have viewed. To display the History List, press the History button (the small blue triangle pointing down between the Back and Frwd buttons) near the upper left corner of the Family View. You can also use the Back and Frwd buttons on either side to display to display the previous or next couple in the list.

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