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Marriage Information

The Marriage Information screen records the date, place, status and sources of information for the current marriage.

Marriage Date

If the date is known, enter it in any recognized format. (See Entering Dates in Date Fields for more information.)

Marriage Place

If you know where the marriage took place, enter the location here. (See Entering Locations in Place Fields for more information.)

Marriage Status

This field records the final disposition of the marriage. The default is Married and should be left alone if the couple was actually married and never separated before one or the other died. The other standard choices for the Status field are: Divorced, Unmarried, Annulled, Common Law, and Other. If you choose Other, an explanatory note in the Notes field of one of the individuals is advisable. You can also add additional status words to the list.

Had No Children

If you have confirmed that this couple had no children, you can check the This Couple Had No Children box to indicate this. When this box is checked, the Child List on the Family View will show "Had No Children."

The following buttons are found on the toolbar:


Click on the Notes picture icon to display the Notes window. You can then choose to add or edit the Marriage notes. See Notes for more information.


Click on the Picture icon to display the Picture Gallery. You can then add new pictures, sounds and video and view and edit existing pictures, sounds and video. See Picture Gallery for more information.


The Sources icon brings up the Assigned Sources list for the marriage. If the icon is colored it means that at least some of the information for the marriage has been documented. See Citing the Sources of Your Information for more advice.


Click the Address icon to add or edit the marriage address. See Address for more information.


You can use the built-in popup calendar to help you with the marriage date field. Just click the Calendar icon. (See Choosing Dates From the Calendar for more information.)


Click the To-Do icon to add or edit Research tasks. See To-Do List for more information


If you have the LDS options turned on, clicking the LDS icon displays the LDS Ordinances screen where you can add or edit the information. If the icon is colored it means that at least some information has been entered. See LDS Ordinance Information for more advice.

Using the Source Clipboard

The Source Clipboard is a feature in Legacy that can tremendously increase the efficiency with which you document the sources of the information you enter into your Family File. See Source Clipboard for information on how and why to use this feature.


You can add unlimited additional facts and events to a marriage. These can include things like engagements, residences, etc. Legacy comes with many pre-defined events like those previously mentioned. You can use these and also add any new events you need.

An event consists of an Event Name, Event Date, Event Place and an Event Comment. Only the Event Name is required, but it may seem meaningless without a date, place or comment.

Adding a New Event

To add a new event to a marriage:

1. Click Add to the right of the Events box to display the Add A New Event window. 

2. To select an event from the Master Event Definition List, either type the name of the event in the Event field or click the DOWN ARROW to the right of the field to scroll through the list and select an event by clicking on it. (If you want to define a new event that is not already in the Master Event Definition List, see Editing The Master Event Definition List below.)

3. In the Date field, enter the date the event occurred.

4. In the Place field, enter the location where the event took place.

5. In the Comments field, enter any information you want to record concerning this event.

6. Click the Source icon to record the source of this information if you have it. See Citing the Sources of Your Information.

Editing an Event

To change the name, date, location or comments of an existing event:

1. Highlight the event line you want to edit in the event list.

2. Click Edit to the right of the list to display the Edit An Event window.

3. Make the desired changes and click OK to save them.

Editing the Master Event Definition List

If you would like to add or edit an event name definition in the Master Event Definition List or remove an existing event from the list, click the icon to the right of the Event field on the Add Event window to display the Master Event Definition List.

To add a new event to the list:

4. Click Add to the right of the event list. The Add/Edit Event Definition window is displayed.

5. Enter the name and sentence definition of the new event and click Save.

6. Click Close to return to the Edit An Event window.

To remove an event from the list:

1. Highlight the name of the event you want to erase.

2. Click Options and choose Delete from the shortcut menu. If the event is not being used in any individual's event list, the event is removed from the list. If the event is currently being referenced, a message displays and the event is not removed. You must remove all references to a particular event before it can be removed from the Master Event Definition List.

To remove the reference of an event from the current marriage:

1. On the Information window, highlight the name of the event you want to delete.

2. Click Delete to the right of the event box.

Sorting the Event List

You can have Legacy automatically sort your list of events by the event name or date by clicking Sort to the right of the event list. When sorting, any events that don't have a name or date are moved to the top of the list.

To change the display order of the events:

1. Highlight the event line you want to move.

2. Click on the UP or DOWN arrow in the lower right corner of the Facts and Events box (labeled "Set Order") in the direction you want to move the line.

Combining Event Names

If you find that you have two event names that you want to combine, (for example, if you misspell a name), this can easily be done: 

1. Highlight the event name you want to change.

2. Click Map Highlighted Event Name to Another Event Name in List at the bottom of the window.

3. Highlight the Event name you want to change it to.

4. Click the same button again, which will now read, Highlight Destination Event Name, Then Press This Button.

Wording Options

Family View Labels
Choose the labels you would like to use when displaying this marriage couple. The default labels are Husband and Wife.

Report Phrase
The traditional (and default) phrase used when printing reports is "married". You can change this is you wish.

Special Characters

When entering information, Legacy offers a feature to help you quickly enter international characters. See Special Characters. 

The Marriage Information screen is reached by clicking the Marriage Bar just below the Husb and Wife boxes on the Family View. It can also be reached by choosing Marriage from the Edit menu or Edit Marriage from the right-click menu of the husband or wife.

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