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Use Legacy at Your Family History Center

MyHeritage Ltd. offers a free copy of Legacy Family Tree Deluxe to be installed on all computers at Family History Centers. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the parent organization of Family History Centers, issued a letter stating that it is permissible to use Legacy at Family History Centers. Click here to view the letter.

Will Legacy work with the new Family Search?
Yes, we are one of the approved affiliates and have been working with the FamilySearch helping test and develop the new APIs. We feel you will love our FamilySearch integration and we have some very cool features to make things easy for you.

Don't I need to use PAF to work with the church's upcoming new system?
No. In fact, church leaders have publicly stated that PAF will not be updated. Read about this here.

Don't I need to use PAF to submit names to the temple?
No. Legacy is completely compatible with the church's FamilySearch system and will even prepare and print names for you to take to the Temple.

Do I have to retype everything to get it into Legacy?
No. After installing Legacy, just click on the button that says Import PAF. That's about it. Legacy retains all the names/dates/places, sources, notes, picture links, and even RINs and MRINs.

Can Legacy help our patrons with their research?
Yes. Legacy has a built-in Research Guidance system which looks at what is known about the ancestor, then creates a step-by-step checklist of the sources that should be checked.

Do Patrons need to purchase Legacy?
No, the Free Standard Edition contains everything LDS users need.  We feel Legacy contains more LDS features than any software available and it's all included in the free version.

Family History Center Directors
If you would like Legacy for your center, please fill out the following form.

Visit the Legacy FamilySearch Made Easy page for lots of information and training videos.


To Request a Free Deluxe Edition copy of Legacy Family Tree for your Family History Center, just fill in all of the following items and we'll get a copy sent to you right away for use on all of the computers in your FHC.
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