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If you continue to get mailings from us after you have unsubscribed or receive an Unsuccessful Unsubscribe e-mail message, please carefully consider the following:

Double-check the spelling of your e-mail address when unsubscribing.

E-mail addresses can have valid variations.  For example:  (variation 1) 
(variation 2)

E-mail addresses can be case sensitive. For example:  (lower case)
JOHNDOE@MSN.COM (upper case)

E-mail addresses can have aliases that bear no resemblance to your actual account address.  For example:  (account address) 
(alias address)

E-mail can be forwarded from one address to another.  For example:  (old address) 
(forwarding address)

E-mail sub-domains can result in sender addresses which have a different return-path address. For example: (sender address)
<> (return-path address)

Our automated system -- a computer -- is very literal.  It cannot recognize misspellings, variations, aliases, forwarding addresses or return-paths that are different from your e-mail address as it appears on our subscribers list.  Please try unsubscribing again considering these facts.

Unsuccessful Unsubscribe e-mail messages.  Make sure you select only the subscription list you are actually on.  Some people, wanting to be "absolutely sure" they are unsubscribed, select every subscription list and then question why they receive e-mail messages saying, "You weren't subscribed (either digest or standard mode) to...."

Complaints about multiple mailings.  Sometimes multiple mailings are the problem of our list server software and we apologize.  We really try not to let this happen.  Sometimes, however, a person is subscribed under two or more different e-mail addresses.  If the latter is your situation, please unsubscribe the extra addresses.

Unsubscribe e-mail message sent to wrong address.  You may unsubscribe by sending an e-mail message.  Simply follow the short and simple guidelines listed at the bottom of every Legacy News or Legacy Users Group message.  When messages are sent to the wrong addresses, action may be delayed by several days or weeks or not happen at all.

If you still have trouble, please send a message to: 

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