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Date Calculator and Calendar

The Calendar window includes a month calendar, year calendar and a date calculator. These are available at any time by selecting the calendar button on the main toolbar. The month and year calendars range from the year 100 to the year 2100. It should be noted that these calendars are based on the Gregorian (or New Style) calendar we use today and are thus only accurate since its adoption, which ranged from 1582 to about 1752.

Date Calculator

The date calculator figures the difference between two dates, or calculates the birth date or death date if you know one or the other along with the age of the individual at death.

If you know the birth date and death date, enter them into the appropriate fields and press the Calculate button. Legacy figures the number of years, months and days between the two dates.

If you have a death date and an age, (information that is commonly found on gravestones), enter them, leaving the birth date empty, and press Calculate. Click  Select Date and Legacy fills in the birth date.

If you know the birth date and age of a person, Legacy figures the death date.

Month Calendar

The month calendar displays one month at a time. You can move to previous and later months by clicking the left and right arrows at the bottom of the calendar. You can have the days highlighted that have either a birth or death date associated with them by selecting the Show Birth Dates and/or Show Death Dates check box. When either, or both of these options are selected, pressing the Show button highlights the days of the month when the corresponding events occurred. This indication does not show which individuals are included, just that a birth or death occurred on that day. To see a list of the individuals involved, click on the day in question and press the Day Info button. A scrollable list box pops up with the name or names of the specific individuals along with their birth and death dates.

If you are editing a Date field when you pop up the calendar, you can automatically fill in the field with a specific date by double-clicking on the calendar date you want, or by choosing the Select Date button.

Year Calendar

The year calendar shows all twelve monthly calendars at once. You can move to previous and later years by pressing the left and right arrows at the bottom of the calendar. Any date on the calendar can be returned to a Date Field by double-clicking it or by highlighting it and choosing the Select Date button.

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