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Legacy 8.0 Revision History

Current Version is:
Build Date of: 17 May 2014

17 May 2014 - Version - Build

Fixed Items

Reports - Fixed a problem where the notes were not printing for the book reports.

13 May 2014 - Version - Build

Fixed Items

Ancestor Book Report - Fixed some problems when parents were mentioned in paragraphs.

Ancestor Chart report - Fixed problem with Ancestor Colors.

Ancestor Colors on Reports - User can now choose from group 1 or 2 and 4 or 8 generations.

Basic Style Sources on Web Pages - For published sources the title is now italicized.

Book Reports - Fixed a error 91 if source were not being included. Also showed up in Migration report.

Book Reports - Setting for starting each generation on a new page was cleared each time. Fixed.

Calendar Creator - Error when scrolling down picture list. Fixed.

Cause of Death - Now always includes secondary cause of death on reports.

Character Ribbon - Ampersand was showing as underscore in ribbon. Fixed.

Check/Repair - Added some new checks for pictures.

Chronology View - Fixed color for grandparents.

Chronology View - Fixed spouse gender wording for birth/death.

Chronology View - Missing subsequent entries if individual events were included. Fixed.

Chronology View - Shared marriage events were showing the incorrect owner. Fixed.

Custom Report Spacing - Spacing for Child section after subtitles was not being save or reset. Fixed.

Dates - A weird three-month date was not giving an error message. Fixed.

Dates - Fixed some "between" date formatting issues in French.

Event Definition Screen - Resetting to default sentences would give error 3021. Fixed.

Event Information - Name and Description can now have embedded print codes.

Event Sentence Override - Fixed 'Add the event notes to the sentence' option.

Event Sentences - Fixed a capitalization issue when the sentence was actually two or more sentences.

Event Sentences - Fixed default event sentence to use -EventRole and -EventName so the fields would be lowercase.

Event Sentences - Fixed some formatting when Description fields were blank.

Family File Info Report - Now has room for longer numbers without overwriting.

Family Group Record - Event lists for children were including extra event numbers if shared events were off. Fixed.

Family Group Sheet - Children's names were not included in index. Fixed.

Family Group Sheets - Fixed some event formatting if printing to a text or HTML file.

Family Picture Report - Ancestors from previous reports showing in blank spots on subsequent reports. Fixed.

Family View Color Scheme - Fixed setting of color for Childen box title.

Family View display - A name with an ampersand was not displaying correctly in all locations. Fixed.

FGR Report - Fixed incorrect event numbering if skipping shared events.

FGR Report - Fixed several dead spouse of living person situations and dead child of living parents situations.

FGR Report - Fixed some problems where [FirstHeShe] resulted in the wrong name.

FGR Report - Missing line at bottom of children. Fixed.

Geo Database - Error Merging Locations using GeoDB. Fixed.

Individual Report - Fixed problem with page number resetting when doing a batch of reports.

Individual Web Pages - Alt names for deceased children of living parents were being included in the index. Fixed.

Individual Web Pages - Alt names were not separated by commas. Fixed.

Individual Web Pages - Fixed suppression of deceased spouses of living individuals option.

Legacy Charting - Fixed picture bug where some pictures were not being displayed in a charting.

Legacy Charting - Fixed the "Export to file" feature.

Marriage List - Header Populated with most recently saved Burial Address Entry on opening. Fixed.

Marriage screen - Changing the marriage date was not updating the (ages) in the header title. Fixed.

Master Location List - Expand/Contract Location Parts does not remove United States from Short Location Name. Fixed.

Media Links - Fixed a couple problems with how pictures were stored. Do a Check/Repair to run the check/fix.

Memorized name parts - Saving between sessions was not working correctly. Fixed.

Note fields - Using the Clear button now also clears any existing text attributes (bold, ital, etc.)

Notes - Added warning message if notes are edited and then Cancel or X is clicked.

Origins Report - England was showing as United Kingdom. Fixed.

PAF Import - Family sources now import as marriage sources.

Pedigree Chart - Source citations for vitals for females were not showing. Fixed.

Pedigree View - Adding a Father or Mother would always reset the start person to the Husband of the current marriage. Fixed.

Pedigree View - Sibling List, Right Click menu options opens incorrect person.

Pedigree Web Pages - FamilySearch IDs were being displayed in two different places. Fixed.

Pedigree Web Pages - Fixed a problem showing details of a Deceased Child of Living Parents.

Pedigree Web pages - French gender terms for christened/baptized were corrected.

Pedigree Web Pages - Marriage event sentence override was not being used if filled in. Fixed.

Photo Album - Photo Album wasn't honoring "Include only tagged pictures" setting. Fixed.

Picture Center - Rename does not prefill the filename box. Fixed.

Pictures - Edit Media was missing the Trim button. When Cropping the Trim button needed to be displayed.

Pictures - Fixed some cases where the path was being stored with the filename.

Potential Problems - Fixed and out-of-range event date problem alert that was invalid.

Potential Problems - If setting to report problems for all UPPERCASE surnames conflicts with the Customize setting to convert all added surnames to UPPERCASE, a message is displayed. Also setting the Customize setting to UPPERCASE surnames turns off the all caps surnames potential problems setting.

Potential Problems - LDS Tab, Set all and Clear all buttons were not showing translations.

Potential Problems list - Now only show first three problems in the popup list with "click to see more..." if more than three.

Privacy Settings - For both reports and exporting Private Notes were being reset to Checked. Fixed. The Retain settings options is now only valid during the current session.

Quick Access Toolbar - Default FamilySearch icon now refreshes when turned On or Off.

Relationships - Now recognize spouses of half-siblings.

Renumber Rins - Cursor is now positioned so you can type the RIN number when the renumber screen is first displayed.

Reports - When excluding shared events, the First Name was not be set correctly for next non-shared event sentence. Fixed.

Settings - Two-digit year warning message couldn't be turned off. Fixed.

Settings - User ID #s in Options > Customize > 12.4, Clearing All was not clearing marriage User ID #s. Fixed.

Shared Event Sentences - There is now a field selection combo box available for shared event sentence overrides.

Shared Events - Edit a Shared Event, edit the Shared Notes and click Save. When you edit them again they are gone. Fixed.

Shared Events - Missing scroll bar for Sentence Preview. Fixed.

Shared Events - Sharing Vital Event Bapt/Chr - Event name remains Christening on when it should be Baptism based on Options 3.10 setting. Fixed.

Shared Events - The list of people who shared and event was not including people who had the exact same name as the event owner. Fixed.

Source Clipboard - Fixed cursor positioning on entry.

Source Clipboard - If there is more than one source on the clipboard - and Prompt for Detail is turned on - the user must add or edit the details on all the sources before clicking Save to save all the sources from the clipboard.

Source Clipboard - Now always put cursor in first field even when Prompt for Detail is not set.

Source Clipboard screen - Fixed problem of error 28 if there were no detail fields.

Source Detail Screen - Fixed problem with tabbing down list of input fields when there is a scrollbar.

Source entry in Table of Contents - Now included if printing end notes.

Source Report - Fixed problem where master source text marked as not to be included in reports was being included.

Source Report - List style was showing imbedded formatting codes. Fixed.

Web Pages - Individual web page creation missing information on people if set to one family per page.

4 March 2014 - Version - Build

Fixed Items

Miscellaneous - fixes.

2 March 2014 - Version - Build

New Items

FamilySearch - Added the feature to be able to skip the "Possible Duplicates" task for an individual.

FamilySearch - Added the option to auto download descendants of an individual in FamilyTree. So now, you can download ancestors and descendants of an individual.

Pedigree View - Added back the Spouse/Children and Siblings Lists. To turn on the two lists Right Click on Pedigree View background area and from the popup menu select "Show Spouse/Child and Siblings Lists"

Media Gallery - Added "Scan a Picture" to the menu of the Add Media button.

Media Gallery - From the Media Gallery there is a new button to add the current picture as the Windows Desktop Background.

Changed Items

Research Guidance - There is no longer a Research tab on the main views. Research Guidance is now requested by clicking the Research Guidance button on Tools > Other Tools or by clicking the Research button that can now be added to the My Toolbar tab. This generates guidance for the current person. (You can now select a current person on the Pedigree, Descendant, and Index Views. On the Family View, guidance is requested by right-clicking on the desired person and choosing Research Guidance from the submenu. (The Husband and Wife can still have a Research Guidance button on their toolbars.) This can also be done on the Pedigree, Descendant, and Index Views by right-clicking on a person and choosing Research Guidance.

Fixed Items

Backups - Focus Group and Source Clipboard files are now included in backups.

Edit Individual - Fixed an error 13 that some users were getting related to their regional settings when they would cancel out of editing an individual.

Events - For Marriage Events the setting for Add Event Notes to sentence would not stay set.

FamilySearch - Fixed the issue with printing LDS FOR form when reserving ordinances.

FGS Report - Children's vital notes were printing when the option was turned off. Fixed.

FSID display - Some reports would turn on the display of FSIDs after report was run. Fixed.

GEDCOM Export - Sources with no detail entry but with Entry Date or File ID information now have this info exported instead of begin skipped.

GEDCOM Export - When doing tagged records, the FAMC tags were being duplicated. Fixed.

Legacy Export - Export tagged people to a new Legacy family file. We fixed a problem with family connections that could be missing in some cases.

Modified Date - Cancelling from Edit Events even with no changes would update an Individual's Modified Date.

Pedigree Chart - FamilySearch IDs were being duplicated after the person's name. Fixed.

Reports - Pedigree charts printed in landscape mode where there was not room for the spouse in the first box were shifted off. Fixed.

Search - Deleting last individual in a Search List could cause a run-time error 402. Fixed.

Search - Invalid return of Individuals who are in-laws. Fixed.

Search - Search for a blank Family Search ID was not working.

Search and Replace - Will not find Carriage Returns. Fixed.

Shortcut Keys - Fixed CA to CF (child 10 thru 15).

Sources - The Source Quality settings are now saved on the Source Clipboard between sessions.

Toolbar - Quick Access Toolbar position is now remembered between sessions.

Web Page Creation - Added back the small blue buttons to Edit the Custom HTML Header and Footer.

4 February 2014 - Version - Build

New Items

FamilySearch - Legacy now has full FamilySearch Certification!!!

Fixed Items

Miscellaneous - fixes.

18 January 2014 - Version - Build

Fixed Items

Check/Repair - Fixed a problem where the error.log file was not being displayed for some users.

Miscellaneous - fixes.

15 January 2014 - Version - Build

Fixed Items

Colors - Resetting default colors would also resets customized screen fonts.

Database Size - Improved the size of family files. The last build caused them to be larger than was needed.

Event Entry Screen - Fixed a preview of notes problem.

Help File - Help has been updated.

Legacy Charting - Fix a problem some users had with ordering of Charts.

Relationships - A couple of the translated languages had Relationships Missing for 4th Gr Grand Aunt/Uncle and above.

Reports - Family Group Sheet - Cleaned up Events in List Style.

Reports - Fixed a couple formatting issues with the Lineage Report where wives were missing a hyphen (-) between name and relationship.

Reports - Now check to make sure font sizes are not set to a zero.

Reports - The option to not include names with Shared Events was not working for main person's name.

SourceWriter - Source Detail Entry - Cursor now defaults to the first field when opened.

Web Pages - Individual Web Pages will now suppress details for deceased child of living.

20 December 2013 - Version - Build

Fixed Items

Backup - A prolbem where filenames that contained a period in the name would build a backup name that was truncated at the period.

Database Conversion - Fixed the error 9 that some users were having when opening an file from Legacy 7.5.

Data Entry - Clicking Source Icon while editing an event would blank out preview sentence.

Geo Location Database - Fixed the title that was being displayed to correctly show County, Country, etc.

Formatting - Several improvements to Location and Surname formatting.

Name List - Notes and Sources Tab were missing a * to indicate contents.

Quick Access Toolbar - Customize Quick Access Toolbar problems resolved.

Quick Access Toolbar - Fixed an Error 9 Subscript out of Range when doing a Reset.

17 December 2013 - Version - Build

Fixed Items

Install - Fixed a problem that some users would get during the install with an error message during the install about a GLBxxx.tmp file.

Geo Database - There were some users who are having problems with Legacy not finding the Geo Database even after they have downloaded and installed it. If you are one of those who had a problem please click this link and download and install the Geo Database again. You also need to download and install this Legacy update and then everything should work great.

Miscellaneous - fixes.

14 December 2013 - Version - Build

Fixed Items

Miscellaneous - fixes.

6 December 2013 - Version - Build

Fixed Items

Miscellaneous - fixes.

30 November 2013 - Version - Build

Fixed Items

Potential Problems - Fixed a problem that could cause an error when editing.

Miscellaneous - fixes.

25 November 2013 - Version - Build

New Version 8.0 Released - The beginning of a new Legacy!

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