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Legacy 6.0 Revision History

Final Version is:
Build Date of: 27 February 2008

27 February 2008 - Build

Descendant Book Report - Fixed a problem with dates showing incorrectly.

Potential Problems - Fixed a small problem with Potential Problems.

18 February 2008 - Build

Family Group Record - Fixed a line spacing problem when an event paragraph continued over a pagebreak

Legacy Import - Selecting to overwrite existing event definition with the incoming one was skipping the very first one it encountered. Fixed.

Merge - When creating Alt events for items we were not adding the period after the Alt abreviation. We were creating things like "Alt Birth" and they should have been "Alt. Birth" to match existing events.


19 January 2008 - Build

Date Calculator - Change a label on the window to indicate that it worked from AD 1 to 2500 (instead of AD 100 to 9999)

Family View - Fixed a small problem with the child columns display.

Reports - Descendant Book Report - Fixed a numbering problem for the children

16 January 2008 - Build

Backup - Backup to a USB Flash Memory Device the volume label was being changed.

Search - Fixed a problem with Detailed Search for Marriage, MRIN.

To-Do Items - Deleting a to-do item that has sources attached to it was not removing the source citations which could then cause a problem when performing a File, File Maintenance, Check/Repair.

6 November 2007 - Build

International Versions - This release fixes a few problems with the international (translated) versions of Legacy.  See our home page for a list of currently released languages.

28 July 2007 - Build

IGI Search - Added a new "BEPSC" column which will show up for LDS users. It represents Baptism, Endowment, Sealing to Spouse, Sealing to parents, and Sealing of current persons Children to them.

Screen Size - For first time users the default screen size was quite small for people with larger monitors. We now open Legacy to fill most of the screen.

Standard Edition - We have added a comment to the Descendant view about it being a Deluxe Edition only feature. It was totally blank and people thought it wasn't working.

Timelines - Added a French Government timeline. Contributed by Claude Georges.

Timelines - Updated the "Canada Prime Ministers" timeline.

12 May 2007 - Build

Affiliate Program - We have changed to a new affiliate program. This is an exciting change which allows better reporting to our affiliates. This build updates Legacy to work with this new affiliate program. Existing affiliates need to create a new affiliate account and make sure all links they are using are changed over to the new systems way of doing things. Those who have published web pages using Legacy update their affiliate ID under the webpage options an re-create and upload their web pages.

Legacy Home - Deluxe Edition users should watch the news items on the Legacy Home tab for special offers and extra cool articles. The free Standard Edition users can expect to continue to receive many great articles but hey, there has to be some cool things that only the Deluxe Edition users get.

27 March 2007 - Build

Windows Vista - Added support for Windows Vista.

Windows Vista - New HTML Help system which works with Windows Vista.

Ancestor Chart - Added a new "Pack information on one line" option.

Family Group Sheets - Added a warning that "Don't split children over page break" must be used when printing children's pictures.

Timelines - Added a new Canada - 'Canada - General History' timeline. Contributed by Dave Naylor.

Timelines - Added a new French language - 'Ducs de Lorraine (1048 - 1766)' timeline.

Timelines - Added a new Scotland - 'Scotland - General History from 1500' timeline.

Timelines - Added a new Wales - 'Wales - Census' timeline.

Timelines - Added a new Wales - 'Wales - General History from 1536' timeline.

Toolbar Customization - The icons now change size on the customization screen when the Size option is changed.

7 December 2006 - Build

Ancestor Colors - When the user uses the option to Set Ancestor Colors, the display of the colors is automatically turned on.

Pedigree View - There is a new option to hide the Spouse/Child and Information lists.

Pedigree View - Mary Hill Ancestor colors now show in each name box (if the option is turned on).

Timelines - Added new timelines:

  • Canada - Census
  • British Prime Ministers from 1721.  Contributed by Ron Ferguson.
  • England - Census
  • England-General History from 1800
  • Scotland - Census
  • US - Federal Census
  • French language - La chronologie acadienne.  This is a duplicate of the existing Acadian timeline, but translated into French.
  • French language - Québec - Régime français (1524 - 1760)

28 August 2006 - Build

Danish - We are happy to announce the release of the Legacy Dansk (Danish) version.

Create Shareable CDs - look for the new 'Create CD' button in the main toolbar. Click on it and download our free CD-creating software. You'll be able to create a beautiful CD that contains your Legacy family file, pictures, sounds, videos, and more. Now it's easier than ever to share your genealogy with your family."

Help Files - Added the ability to change to Help files written in other languages.

Publishing Center - Add options to start Copyright, Dedication, Preface, Abbreviations, and Introduction sections on an odd or even page or to just print them with no added blank pages.

Pedigree View - You can turn on or off the display of the Child/Spouse list and the Siblings list boxes by right clicking on the background area of the Pedigree View and selecting to Show or Hide them.

USA Historical County Database - we updated a few of the counties.

Web Page - The "Home page title:" setting on the Project tab is now used exactly as the user types it. In the page we were adding the starting persons name to this text which meant that users didn't have a way of hard coding a title if they were using the option to "Include the main name from each page as the page's title.". This option will still work for all other pages but the starting person's name is no longer appended to the "Home page title" text.

Research Guidance - Lots of new data has been added.

  • added link to new online 1851 census
  • added link to "Canada’s Local Histories Online" - accessed via the Local Histories tab of the Preliminary Survey
  • added guidance for the 1940 National Registration - a great source for all of Canada
  • Alberta - added guidance and links for 1906 Census of the Northwest Provinces
  • British Columbia - added link for online birth index
  • British Columbia - added link for online marriage index
  • British Columbia - added link for online death index
  • British Columbia - added link for new online baptism index (1836-1885)
  • Manitoba - added guidance and links for 1906 Census of the Northwest Provinces
  • Nova Scotia - added guidance and links for 1800-1842 censuses
  • Ontario - updated the Ontario Marriage Index to cover the years 1857-1922 (formerly it covered 1858-1898)
  • Ontario - added guidance and links for 1800-1842 censuses
  • Saskatchewan - added guidance and links for 1906 Census of the Northwest Provinces


  • added guidance for probate records (wills, estates, etc.)
  • added links to online gazetteers that help you learn about the places where your ancestors lived

United States

  • Local Histories - added thousands of local histories that are not available at the Family History Library for the following states: Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming
  • Colorado - added link to free online 1870 federal census index
  • Delaware - added link to free online state probate records index, 1680-1925
  • Florida - updated the Florida death index to cover the years 1877-1998 (formerly it covered 1936-1998)
  • Kansas - added link to free online 1895 state census index
  • Minnesota - updated death indexes for newly-indexed years
  • Missouri - added link to new online death certificate database 1910-1955
  • New Jersey - added link to online marriage records - 1666-1799 and 1848-1867
  • North Dakota - added link to North Dakota Biography Index; added link to online 1885 census database
  • Virginia - added link to free online wills/administration index, pre-1800
  • Wisconsin - added link to new online birth index 1840s-1907
  • Wisconsin - added link to new online marriage index 1852-1907


  • added links to new online 1841 census (available online at ScotlandsPeople and Ancestry)
  • added link to new online 1851 census
  • added guidance for probate records (wills, estates, etc.)


  • added link to online 1890 census
  • added link to online 1900 census

30 May 2006 - Build

DNA - Added support for FamilyTree DNA Y-DNA67 67 Marker Test.

US County Database - A few updates have been made to the US Historical County database.

Book Reports - Fixed an error 381 problem when including a Location index.

Book Reports - Fixed an error 91 problem when not including any index and no Table of Contents.

22 May 2006 - Build

Database format - This build will convert your family file to the latest Legacy 6.0 format.

Addresses - There is a new option to set the address style of the city, state, and postal code when printing reports. The options are "City, State, Postal Code" and "Postal Code, City, State."

Backups - You will only be prompted to make a backup if you changed any data in the file.

Check/Repair - Added a new option on the File, File Maintenance, Check/Repair screen to "Sort events by date".

County Database - A few updates have been made to the US Historical County database.

Date Sorting - Changed the sort dates for incomplete dates:
        1888 = 0 Jan 1888 instead of 1 Jul 1888
        Jun 1888 = 0 Jun 1888 instead of 15 Jun 1888
        Aft 1888 = 32 Dec 1888 instead of 1 Jan 1889
        Bef 1888 = 0 Jan 1888 instead of 31 Dec 1887

DNA Tests - Added support for the Family Tree DNA 66 Marker test and updated a couple other tests.

Dual Monitors - A few improvements for Dual Monitors users.

GEDCOM Import - Added a new option on the import screen to "Sort events by Date while importing." Some other programs don't export events in chronological order so this was needed to get them back into order.

Marriage List - When Linking to Existing Parents for a wife the marriage list used to open with the Husband's name. It now opens the Marriage list with the female's surname filled into the Husband's find box.

Multiple lines of Descent Report - If there are no marriages selected the report automatically prompts for them. Ranges of MRINs are now supported. E.g. (1-5, 23-42)

Potential Problems Reports - Added Printer Setup button.

Publishing Center - The options to change Page Setup and Font options are now only available from the Publishing Center Options tab while building a big book. All the other Page Setup and Font options are now disabled on the forms used to set options for specific report chapters.

Publishing Center - When adding a Multiple Lines of Descent chapter to a book, the MRIN list is now reset to include only the current marriage. The user is then prompted to select the desired marriages for the report.

RTF Pictures - The option to embed pictures in RTF file is now found on the Pictures tab of the Report Options screen instead of the Other tab of the main customize screen.

Report Indexes - Clicking the Index checkbox with neither a Name or Location Index selected, automatically opens the Index Options screen where you can select the desired index(es).

Report Indexes - Selecting either type of index from the Index Options screen automatically turns on the index printing checkbox.

Report Indexes - You can now select either a Name Index, Location Index, Both, or None. Formerly you had to have a Name Index in order to have a Location Index.

Sound formats - Added the .wma (Windows Media Audio) file format to the Open dialog box when adding a sound file to an individual. This type of sound file will only play when you are using the Default Media Player option on the Options > Customize > Launch tab.

Source Citations on Reports - Master and Detail pictures are now included when doing RTF style output.

Source Clipboard - Added the ability to put font formatting codes into the text of the Source Detail and Source Detail Text fields.

Web Page - The option on the Graphics tab to "To use a solid background color" was only a Deluxe Edition feature. We have enabled this for the Standard Edition.

Web Page - The option on the Who tab to "Include Private Individuals" was only a Deluxe Edition feature. We have enabled this for the Standard Edition.

28 February 2006 - Build

Notes - minor update to fix a problem with notes that a couple people were running into.

10 February 2006 - Build

Main Toolbar - The wrappable toolbar is now an option on the Other tab of the Option > Customize screen.

9 February 2006 - Build

Date Formats - Legacy now recognizes quarter dates commonly used in UK BMD Index records. (e.g. Mar Q 1873, Jun Q 1873, Sep Q 1873, Dec Q 1873)

Spell Check - Text Editor Window in the Publishing Center - Added Spell Checking option.

Event Window - Font format control codes can once again be added to the Name, Description, and Location fields of an Event by using Ctrl-B, Ctrl-I, Ctrl-U, and Ctrl-S. These codes are then converted to the proper formatting when printed on reports and web pages.

Main Toolbar - If the main window is made narrower than the width needed for all the main toolbar icons, the icons will wrap to a second line so that they can all be seen and used.

Book Reports - The Table of Contents is now generated and moved to the beginning of the report.

Publishing Center - All the introductory sections (Title Page, Copyright, Dedication, Preface, and Abbreviation pages) are now displayed before the Table of Contents as they should be.

Family Group Record - The Last Modified date now shows the most current date for anyone on the report. This includes the husband, wife, children, parents or spouses.

Options > Customize - The Date Preposition option has been moved from the View tab to the Date tab (where it belongs).

GEDCOM Export - Changed Repository notes to level 1 instead of 2. Several other programs were not reading them from level 2.

Report Screens - Added PDF output option to 31 report screens to make it easier to create these files.

20 January 2006 - Build

PDF - We are using a newer version of the print preview engine and PDF creation tool. Hopefully this will solve some of the incompatibility issues that some are having with older versions of Acrobat Reader.

Timelines - added an timeline for Ireland - Taoisigh and Political Events - 1919 to Present.

Research Guidance:

  • - Canada - Added link for the new online 1911 census, Ontario Marriage Index 1858-1899, Ontario Birth Index 1869-1907, Ontario Death Index 1869-1932
  • - Denmark - added links to online 1787, 1801, 1834, 1840, 1845, 1850, 1855, 1860, 1870, 1880, 1890, 1901, 1906, 1911, 1916, and 1921 census records
  • - Norway - guidance for cemetery research
  • - USA - Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota - added hundreds of local histories that are not available at the Family History Library
  • - USA - North Dakota - Added link for the new online state death index 1881

Book Reports - Add four new child paragraph report phrases:

  • Single father with more than one child (His children were:)
  • Single father with only one child (His child was:)
  • Single mother with more than one child (Her children were:)
  • Single mother with only one child (Her child was:)

Timelines - updated the LDS Events timeline.

28 November 2005 - Build

Research Guidance - Several new resources have been added to Research Guidance:

  • - England - added link to new online 1851 census
  • - England - added 2 new online repository for Civil Registration Indexes - and
  • - Wales - added link to new online 1851 census
  • - Channel Islands - added link to new online 1851 census
  • - Isle of Man - added link to new online 1851 census
  • - Canada - added link to new online pre-1905 birth indexes for Saskatchewan
  • - Canada - added link to new online Saskatchewan Homesteads Index, 1872-1930
  • - United States - added local histories for Illinois (in repositories other than the FHL)
  • - United States - Maryland - Added link to new online Maryland Colonial Census, 1776
  • - United States - New York - Added links to new online New York state censuses, 1892, 1905
  • - Scotland - added link to new online 1861 census

Timelines - added historical timeline of the jurisdictional history of Ontario, Canada. Contributed by Jim Terry.

Timelines - added an Inventions timeline. This historical timeline, which can be merged with your ancestor's chronology view, displays inventions from the year 1023 to the year 1999. Makes for a fun way to see what was happening during your life or your ancestor's life.

Timelines - added a general history timeline for Denmark.

Publishing Center - Added a "Delete a Saved Book" button.

Load a Picture - Added a Find box on the Load a Picture screen. When you start typing a filename, the highlight bar jumps down into the list to match what you have typed.

Backups - After a backup of a family file, a prompt is displayed asking if the multimedia files should also be backed up.

Forms Center - added a few new forms. If anyone has any forms they would like to see added to Legacy please send them to us.

14 October 2005 - Build

Chronology View - Added a new tab on the Chronology View Options screen to let the user select between Arial and Times New Roman for each column of the screen display.

Misc. Fixes.

11 October 2005 - Build

Timelines - Three new timeline files have been added. Australian Events, Pennsylvania - Colonial and LDS Events.

Research Guidance:

  • Canada - added links to online 1901 and 1911 census indexes
  • Canada - added links to online Upper and Lower Canada Marriage Bonds, 1779-1865
  • England - added local histories for the Family History Library's collection of Bedfordshire (see Local Histories Tab of the Preliminary Survey)
  • Netherlands - added guidance and online links for civil registration (births, marriages, deaths)
  • United States - added three additional online repositories for the U.S. Social Security Death Index

Chronology View - Added option to select a color for the timeline events.

Chronology View - Timeline events are now automatically filtered to display those that occurred during the person's lifespan

26 September 2005 - Build

Research Guidance - Local Histories: added hundreds of additional county histories (in repositories other than the Family History Library) for Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, and Idaho.

Research Guidance - added Commonwealth War Graves Commission source (United Kingdom, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, South Africa, and India)

DNA - The Print button now generates a report.  The Help button now shows the help topic.

Timelines - new Acadian timeline contributed by Lucie LeBlanc Consentino.  Do you have a timeline that you'd like to share with other Legacy users?  Email it to

IGI Search - If the IGI information has a source then Legacy will not assign an additional source.

Tabs in Notes - Tabs that end up in notes from a paste operation or from using Ctrl-Tab, are now retained and used when printing reports.  There still remains the possibility that tabs within a line will push some text off the end of the line and into the left margin of the next line, but if used judiciously they can be used to line up columns of information on multiple lines.

16 September 2005 - Build

Misc. fixes

8 September 2005 - Build

Misc. fixes

9 August 2005 - Build

New Version 6.0 Pre-Released - The beginning of a new Legacy!

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