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Cite those Sources Great Examples that Show you How

Geoff Rasmussen has volunteered to give several examples of how he would enter varying types of sources with Legacy.

Note:These samples have been put together using Legacy's Basic Style of sources. The Legacy SourceWriter™ Style helps you so you don't have to remember all these different ways as you are prompted for the informaiton for each source and the Legacy SourceWrite™ builds the output for you.

You can view video demonstrations showing how to add 
sources to your family file on our training CD 
'Legacy's Ultimate Guide to Sources' for sale 
in our Online Store (please Click Here).

Below are links to several different examples of how to enter the specified type of source.  Remember these are examples only and you are free to use your own style/method.  We also encourage you to examine the source citations in the Sample family file that come with Legacy 9.0. Please click on File > Open Family File and select Sample.fdb in the Data folder.

Documenting your research is one of the most important steps of the research process.  Unfortunately, its practice is not followed by many.  When I look at someone's research which has no source citations, I tend to question the credibility of the findings.  How do I, or even the researcher, know where their information came from?  Many beginning researchers attempt to find as much as they can, as fast as they can, on as many different ancestral lines as they can.  I was guilty of this too.  Taking time to document your findings, will bring credibility to your work, and save you hours of re-researching.

Above are links to different examples of how I document my sources using Legacy 9.0.  I try to follow the documentation guidelines outlined in Elizabeth Shown Mills' book, Evidence!  Having experimented with many input techniques, these examples produce the best results for me.  You are free to use your own style/method, but whatever you do, be consistent!

I have developed a love for documenting my findings.  One of my families has 110 unique sources!

Click Here to view a basic demonstration on adding Sources to Legacy and select Sources from the Legacy for Beginners video menu.

If you have any questions or comments, please send me an email to 

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