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Legacy 2.0 Revision History

11 January 2000 - Build

Two small Y2K fixes.  The Build date was being displayed incorrectly and also the Added and Modified dates were shown incorrectly.

1 December 1999 - Build

Misc. fixes to problems that have been reported. 

15 November 1999 - Build

Merge. We now correctly tag all Individuals who were merged. We used to tag all people who were collected for the merge. On the Merge Options screen there is a Print button which lets you print a report of the possible duplicates. These are the people who are part of the found duplicates when you first start a merge. We no longer tag the individuals when we first start but tag each person who is actually part of a merge you do. Now when a merge is finished all of those who are tagged are the individuals who were merged.

Merge, Fixed the problem where we did not switch into Find Duplicates Mode if the Mothers were unknown.

On the Children List if there is no birth date or location we now display the Christening date and location in with a leading *. If you see a *15 Nov 1999 or a *Seattle, King, WA, USA you can tell that the date or location is actually from the christening information.

Correctly sort children's list when there are BC dates.

Changed references to the User ID# field to be consistent. It was being called User Ref., User Reference Number and several other names.

FGS report: If wife is living, marriage info is now suppressed. Divorced is now suppressed also.

FGS report: Chr is changed to Bap if user has set option to use "Baptism" instead of Christening.

FGS report: now includes live LDS baptism locations.

FGS report: fixed Sources for Living People.

Fixed Gedcom problem dealing with Addresses.

Fixed Gedcom problem with importing marriage pictures

There was a couple links in Ancestor style web pages where the Uppercase/Lowercase of filenames missed a couple links.  This is important for you to check your links if you have posted your files to a Unix server where the case of filenames make a difference.

16 September 1999 - Build

Misc. fixes to problems that have been reported. 

10 September 1999 - Build

Misc. fixes to problems that have been reported. 

20 August 1999 - Build

Lot's of work has been done on the Help file.  We have added a bunch of new features to Legacy and the Help file should now be up-to-date with all of those new enhancements.  The Help index is a lot more complete which will make finding the help you need easier.  Help screens now includes instructions on how to reach each screen being documented.

Gedcom Improvements.

19 July 1999 - Build

  • Reports

The Register (Descendant) Book report now has the option to output to HTML files.

Family Group Sheets now include Sealed to Spouse information for "other marriages".

15 July 1999 - Build

This Update includes some fixes to a few problems that had been reported and a bunch of work has been done to improve our help file.

7 July 1999 - Build

  • Family View

If the Husband or Wife is still alive, a period shows up at the end of their label. For example, "Husb." and "Wife.". This way you can tell if the person is marked as Living without having to open the edit window.

  • Name List
    The Family tab on the Name List now includes marriage information for siblings and children. There was also an 'Edit Mar' button added
  • Reports

    After many requests, we have finally added a Print button to the Marriage List. You can now print a list sorted by the Husband's name, Wife's name or by the MRIN number. There are many options that let you include marriage information, individual information, children, other spouses and parents.

    Descendant Charts now have the option to include the Henry numbering system.

    Family Group Sheets can now include the Events for the children.

    There is now an option on the Family Group Sheet to print the LDS ordinance information along the right side of the report. (When printing the information on the right, pictures cannot be included since they would occupy the same area.)

    Ancestor Book reports no longer print the picture of the first spouse twice, once as a spouse of the husband and once as the wife. Now, only additional spouses are printed.

    On Descendant Books the descendant up-line now displays for Living people. (We were suppressing this.)

    There is now an option on the Potential Problems report to include or exclude reporting on husbands and wives with the same surname.

  • New LDS Features

For all of our LDS users Legacy has just taken a giant step in simplifying the process for submitting names to the Temple.

First we have added a new Temple picture/button to the Legacy tool bar to access TempleReady features in Legacy.  The LDS options in Legacy can be turned on or off.  If you don't want to see the LDS features in Legacy go to Options, Customize, Data Entry/Edit tab, Display LDS Information and uncheck this option.

We have added to new tabs to our Name List.  There is an LDS tab and Temple tab (for TempleReady).

The LDS tab on the Name List shows fields for viewing/editing LDS temple ordinance data.

The Temple tab on the Name List includes several new TempleReady features, including the QuickQual button that brings up a powerful QuickQualify window.

When the Temple tab is active the three columns that normally display the three Tags levels change to display five columns titled B, E, P, S, C which stand for Baptism, Endowment, Seal to Parents, Seal to Spouse and Children sealed to the current person.  There are several small buttons for qualifying a person for temple ordinances.  As you qualify each person Legacy performs several checks to see if they meet the requirements for submitting them to the Temple.  If a person does not meet all of the rules Legacy will display a message telling you why.

There is great new feature that allows you to QuickQualify everyone in your file or groups of people.  We even have a Batch method which allows you to create groups of individuals of a manageable size to run through TempleReady.

The Temple tab also has an Estimating Dates and Places option that lets Legacy try to estimate missing dates and places that are required for qualification.  This is done by looking at surrounding relatives to see if they have actual dates and places that can be used for estimating purposes.  For example, if a first child needs a birth date and place and it is found that the parents have a marriage date and place.   These can be used under the assumption that the first child was born one year after the marriage and in the same location.

We think all of you are going to love the new TempleReady features we have added.  For more information and complete documentation on the new TempleReady features open the Name List and click on the Temple tab.  Once the Temple tab is displayed click on the Help button on the bottom right corner of the Name List window and Help will open up explaining in detail all of the new features we have added for preparing names for TempleReady.

27 May 1999 - Build

  • Reports

Fixed a couple problems with reports and didn't want our users to have to wait to long.  (If you missed the 25 May 1999 build see that description.)

25 May 1999 - Build

  • Importing

We have added an Import Wizard that takes people step-by-step through the process of importing files into Legacy. It will search your entire computer automatically for the type of file you want to import and then it is just a matter of clicking on the file you want. This feature is reached from the File pulldown menu by choosing / Import From / Use Import Wizard.

  • Descendant Book and Web Reports

We have now added the option to show the ancestor line back to the starting person for all main entries. For example:

37. Mary MUNDY (Elizabeth DUNHAM 24, Benajah 9, Edmund 2, Benajah 1).

The option can be selected on the Register Report on the Options tab or the Web Page Creation window on the Formating tab. Look for the Include Main Entries For: box and check the Show Line Back to Starting Ancestor option.

18 May 1999 - Build

  • Reports

Added the Ancestral File Number to Family Group Sheets.

You can now specify a Browser, Word Processor and a Text Editor to be used to open reports that have been sent to disk. There is a new tab on the Customize form where you can specify the name of your desired browser, word processor and text editor.

  • Web Pages

You can now specify the Web Browser you want to use and Legacy will offer to open any newly created Web Pages in it. There is a new tab on the Customize form where you can specify the name of your desired browser.

  • Multiple Views

If you have multiple Family/Pedigree windows open and you close a window we now automatically maximize the last window that is left open so you don't have to do it manually.

5 May 1999 - Build

  • Advanced Delete

Added an "Advanced Delete." option to the Options. button on the Name List and Search List. You can now delete all tagged individuals or all individuals part of the current Search List.  Be Careful with this powerful new feature.  We have added it to the Name List which lets you see who it is you will be deleting from your file.  We also let you verify each person before they are deleted and even show you all surrounding family that will be affected.  The Verify option can be turned off and Legacy will quickly delete all selected people.

Note: Remember, it's a good practice to make backups of your family file.  We recommend having about three backup sets which you rotate through.  Just the other day we had a user call in and she lost a bunch of work because one of her diskettes in her backup was bad.

  • List Trees in Your Family File

Added a new feature to "List Trees in This Family File" to the View menu. This will list all of the separate trees in your file and a count of all the individuals in each tree. You can select from the list to go to the person with the lowest RIN # in a tree. A tree is made up of linked individuals. You can have different groups of linked individual in a file and this new feature helps you find them all.

  • Web Pages

Lot's of improvements have been made to our Web Page Creation feature.

  • Reports

Children's spouses name are now printed in bold text on the Family Group Sheet.

Sealed to Spouse information is now included for children's spouses on FGS's.

Family Links on Pedigree Style of pages now include a "+" character following the names of the children who have children. This lets you see if the line continues with out clicking on that person.

The spouses picture is now included on Ancestor and Descendant Book reports.

The pictures on the Family Group Sheets are now the same width.

When packing a lot of information on one line on a Descendant Chart report, long lines now word-wrap instead of going off the page.

Descendant Reports printed to HTML are now wrapped to the specified column width just like the Text File output has been.

  • Options

Added an Apply. Button to enable automatically applying the setting of having or not having spaces after commas for Locations. See the Options, Customize, Data Entry tab.

14 Apr 1999 - Build

  • Cursor Key Navigation

We added the ability to navigate on the Pedigree View using the cursor arrow keys.

  • Options

We now save the option you select for which Tag Level to display.

  • GEDCOM Import

Adoption events are now included in the Event list for an individual. We used to only set the person's Child Status to Adopted and then include a mention in the General Notes for the individual.

There is now a new option on the Customize screen when importing GEDCOM files that lets you convert BAPM tags to CHR. This is useful if another program exports this event as a BAPM instead of a CHR.

  • Reports

There is now an option to print pictures for the children on the Register (Descendant) book report.

Blank Family Group Sheets now print "Baptized" instead of "Christened" when the Customize option has been selected to do so.

There is a new option on the Calendar report when doing Anniversaries. You can now choose to show the anniversary number using the current date or the death date of either spouse.

All reports now have the option to suppress the details on living individuals and to change their names to "Living."

  • Web Pages

The World Wide Wait is finally over.  Legacy now does Web Pages.   Take a look.  You will be amazed.  (Web page creation is reached from the File pulldown menu.)

  • Master Lists

If you try to search for an item from one of our Master Lists and the item is not found and you click on the Add button to add that item to the list we will fill in the Add box with the contents of what you typed into the Find box. This saves time as you don't have to retype the item again.

9 Mar 1999 - Build

  • Name List

We have added a new First Name sort to the Name List/Search List. This lets you quickly sort the list in given name order. You can also type in a given name and have it quickly displayed in the list.

  • Master Lists

Added a count to the Title bar of the of the "Used By" list when you click on Show List from any of the master lists. Now you can easily see how many people use a particular entry.

  • Reports

The sources are now printed for the children of the last generation of a Descendant Book report.

Marriage Notes on Descendant and Ancestor Book reports now include the source citations.

On the Register and Ahnentafel book reports you can now choose to have the page number printed on the first page of the report.

Long names that won't fit in the allotted space on Pedigree charts are now shortened by changing middle name to initials instead of chopping off the last name.

You can now successfully turn off the Address block on the Individual Report.

Marriage note blocks on the book reports no longer include "Marriage Notes:" at the beginning.

  • Sources

If you select the "Prompt for Detail" option on the Source Clipboard we now use the Source Detail screen for you to provide the detail information you would like to use when pasting sources. We also save the values you use so the next time you paste a source the data will still be there. This will allow you to quickly modify the parts you need to change, such as a page number.


The Detail Source text is now exported to a GEDCOM file when the Detail field is blank. In the past, the detail text was only exported if there was something in the detail field.

  • Pedigree View

The Pedigree View now shows the relationship of the currently highlighted person.

  • Clooz Export

We have added an export option for those who are using Clooz. From the Export To selection on the File pulldown menu, you can choose Clooz File. This will produce the file needed by Clooz to import the individuals in your family file.

  • Customizing

Pressing the Reset to Defaults button on the Customize screen now prompts for confirmation to proceed.

Selecting dates from the Month or Year calendar while in a date field, now returns the date in the same format as the Date Input setting in Customize. If you are using a dd-mm-yyyy format, the date is now returned correctly.

  • Tagging

When tagging a person and all their ancestors, you now have control over whether or not to "Include Other Spouses."

  • Exporting

An option has bee added to include/exclude [[Private]] notes when exporting to a Legacy Family File.

15 Feb 1999 - Build

  • Miscellaneous Refinements

Removed the First Name find box from the Name List.  This will be a new feature (coming soon) which was mistakenly left on the Name List with the 13 Feb build.

Increased the Bookmark and History List limit from 160 to 200.

13 Feb 1999 - Build

  • Reports

    When printing any reports that can be sent to a text file, you can specify the maximum width of the report. This causes all longer lines to word-wrap.

    The Cause of Death is now included for the spouse blocks on the book reports.

  • Marriage List

    Under the list of marriages we now show the Ending Status and date along with the marriage date and place (that was previously displayed).

  • GEDCOM Import

    Fine tuned FTW import.

8 Feb 1999 - Build

  • Tagging

    On Advanced Tagging of Ancestors we added two new options. You can now select whether you want Siblings and Spouses of Siblings to be included. If these are unchecked you can now tag just direct line ancestors.

  • Master Lists

    When combining duplicates from any of our Master lists we have now added an 'Ignore Case' option. McGinnis and MCGINNIS would not be combined in the past. Now you can check the Ignore Case option and these two names would be combined.

  • Reports

If User Reference numbers were selected to print on the names on a Pedigree report, they would print if there was a number. If no number was present, the RIN number would print in its place. Changed. RIN numbers are no longer printed if User Ref numbers were requested.

Ancestral File Numbers and User Ref numbers were not printing on Ancestor Charts and Timeline reports as requested. Now they are.

  • Family View

"+" will now show if a child on the Family View has kids from any marriage, not just the "preferred" marriage.

  • Pedigree View

Pedigree View, Right click on spouse and select >View>Husband List>Close no longer mixes up the Spouse/Children window.

Show 1/2 Siblings has been changed to not show the "1/2" if kids had the same mother and father even if the mother and father were remarried and the kids were linked into different marriages.

  • Name List

After clicking the Sources button on the Name List to open the Assigned Sources window and then closing that window the focus will be set to the Rin or Name find box at the top. This will allow you to then arrow down to the next person.

3 Feb 1999 - Build

  • Reports

The Divorce status is now included for the Husb and Wife on the Family Group Sheet, if requested.

The word "Notes:" no longer is printed at the beginning of the event descriptions on reports.

The Calendar report now indicates whether or not the person is currently living.

You can now limit the Potential Problems report to just checking tagged records on any level.

You can now include BEPSC tags on Pedigree charts to indicate the LDS ordinances that have been completed.

Adjusted some of the word spacing on Family Group Sheets sent to HTML.

The setting for the number of generations while printing cascading pedigree charts now increments according to the true number of generations that will actually print. For example, when printing 4 generations per page, the first increment is to 7 instead of 8 because the last generation on any page is repeated as the first generation on the continuation page.

  • Name List

The Options button on the Name List now has a Delete Individual as one of the menu items.

There is now an option to show the RIN and MRIN on all names and marriages on List reports when surrounding family is requested.

The Marriage List now works like Name List and opens on the current family rather than the last selected family.  This is a change we had made to the Name List a while ago.

  • Sources

From the Master Source list you can now delete a source even if there are citations to it.

30 Jan 1999 - Build

  • New Name List

    We are very proud to announce a new layout for our Name List and Search Results List.  We feel this new style of name list is technology at it's finest.  It's a whole Genealogy Program available right from the Name List.  Wait until you see it.we think you will love it!   You can navigate through your family tree using the new three-generation pedigree chart (available on the bottom of the Details tab).  You can also perform editing tasks like never before.  We have added six tabs where different information can be easily accessed.   It's similar to our Merge technology where we give you tabs so you can quickly switch to look at different information for a person - like surrounding family, notes, events and other information.  Here is a list of the six tabs we added: Detail, Edit, Events, Notes, Family and Sources.  There is live editing available from these tabs making it very powerful when you have a lot of work to do on a list of people.   As you scroll through a list of your people you can now easily edit as you go.

    Here is an example:  Let's say you have a bunch of sources in your General Notes.  It would be easy to mark a block of text and cut it from the General Notes and then add a new Event on the Events tab and paste the information there where it belongs.  You could then click on the Sources tab and quickly document the new event.

  • Report Output to Files

You can now print Family Group Sheets, Descendant Reports and Individual Report to a disk file creating either an ASCII text file or an HTML file. This makes them easy to incorporate into email and web pages.

  • Family Group Sheet Report

There is a new option to include the marriage ending status and date for the children.

  • Timeline Reports

You can now project the average lifespan for living individuals past the current year.

  • Calendar Report

You can now choose how the Age column is calculated when printing the report for people that are not living. In the past, the Age column would show the age from the person's birth to the present. Now, you can choose to have it show the age when the person died.

  • Surety Levels

You can now change the Surety Level globally for all citations to a specific Master Source. On the Master Source List, choose Options and then Change Surety Settings. You can then enter a new value. This will change all the Surety settings for all citations to the currently highlighted Master Source. This is an easy way to reset the value when you decide that a Master Source is more or less reliable than you previously thought. It sure beats going to 1000 different citations individually and making the change.

  • Dates

We have added a new date format of yyyy-mm-dd. Christmas of last year would show as "1998-12-25".

  • Sources

You can now delete a Master Source even if there are citations to it

29 Dec 1998 - Build

  • Advanced Tagging

    There is a new button on the Advanced Tagging screen that lets you clear all the tags on all three levels with one click.

    Also, you can now enter a description for each tag level. For example, level one might be: "People who lived in Seattle."

28 Dec 1998 - Build

  • This update fixes a problem introduced with the 27 Dec 1998 update where many could not access the report menu.  Sorry about this.

27 Dec 1998 - Build

  • Family/Pedigree View

    You can now choose to display the RIN, User Reference # or AFN number at the end of names on the Family/Pedigree views. This option is in the Customize section on the General tab. (We just added AFN.)

  • Searching

    You can now Save the search criteria from specific searches for later use.

  • Sources

    On the Assigned Sources window and the Master Source List window there is now an "Output" tab that shows how the source citation will be formatted when printed on reports.

    There is also a new checkbox that lets you toggle between showing all the events on the Assigned Sources window or just the events that have sources assigned to them.

  • Reports

    We have fine tuned the narrative wording on Ancestor and Descendant book reports to flow a little better on the birth, chr, death and buried info.

  • Notes

    We have now added a new option that lets you select the font for use in the Notes fields.   This makes it possible to line columns up correctly if you choose a mono-spaced font such as Courier New.  You can also select the Notes font when printing reports.

23 Dec 1998 - Build

  • Reports

    You can now Save and Load all the option settings for the reports. You don't have to try and remember the settings for that great report you came up with. When you get everything just like you want it!

    There is a new option in Legacy to include the Source Name on the Source Citations page at the end of reports. In the past, the Source Name was never included because it was just meant to be an abbreviation of the source title, only to be shown on the Master Source List. But, as it turns out, quite a few people have wanted it to print on their source citation page. So, there is now an option to do this. It is found on the Option / Customize window on the Sources tab.

    The Child Status can now be included on Ancestor and Descendant Book reports, Family Group Sheets and Individual reports.

    The Photo Album now prints the pictures in order from left to right instead of top to bottom.

    You can now specify the Credit text that prints at the bottom of reports. This used to be hard-coded as "Printed on 25 Dec 1998 by Legacy for Windows". You can now specify the text to be printed and whether or not it will include the date. So, you can now print something like: "Printed by Dave Berdan for his entire family on 25 Dec 1998." You can also select the font and font size for this line.

    You can also now select the font and font size for the Compiler information printed at the bottom of reports. The font and font size can be selected for the Headings and the Page Number also.

    You can choose Bold, Italics and Underline for all the above fonts also.

    When printing source citation for a Family Group Sheet or Individual report, you now have the option to print the citation with the other information. There is often plenty of room to print the sources at the end of the report without having to start on a new page. You can now print the sources right after the regular information or on a new page.

    We fixed a couple errant entries into the index. A couple spouses were being entered into the index under the other spouse's name.

  • GEDCOM Export

    Suppressing information for Living persons now suppresses the marriage information also.

8 Dec 1998 - Build

  • Reports
    All standard reports now have a common method of producing headers, page numbering and indexes. The Page Setup. button now includes many more options for title placement and page numbering options. This includes alternating both the heading justification and the page number position. There is a new Index Options. button that lets you set many new features for the report indexes. Indexes now combine duplicate entries and can be printed in one, two or three columns.

    Family Group Sheets can now include the individual Events for the husband and wife.
  • Dates
    Legacy now converts the letter O to the number 0 in dates. Dates like this are sometimes found in the International Genealogical Index (IGI) and if a person uses Copy and Paste to move the dates into Legacy, they are now converted correctly.
    If there is only one slash in the NAME field of a GEDCOM file, everything after that slash is considered the surname ("David /Berdan"). In previous versions, if there was only one slash, the entire name was put in the Given Name field.

    Various other GEDCOM import and export enhancements. (Don't you just love it when we say this? What'd they do? What'd they do.?)
  • Family View
    You can now quickly change how many children are displayed on the Family View by right-clicking on any child name, choosing View and then selecting either 1 Column (5 children), 2 Columns (10 children) or 3 Columns (15 children). If you are dealing with individuals with long names, it is nice to be able to quickly change to a 1-column display so you can see the entire names.

    You can also choose to display half children with the other children in the list. This often more accurately represents the children who grew up in the home.

    Two more symbols have been instituted at the end of the children's names. In previous builds, the plus sign (+) at the end of a child name meant that there was either a spouse or children linked to that individual. The plus sign (+) now means that there are children. The character now means that there is one (or more) spouse linked to the individual but no children. The exclamation mark (!) is now shown if "Never Married" box is checked for the individual.

    We have added F4 and F5 hot key support to the Family/Pedigree views. The F4 key opens the Assigned Sources Window and F5 key opens the Notes Window for the current person on the Family View or Pedigree View. When editing an individual Legacy already supports F4 and F5 to open up the Sources and Notes windows.

  • Menus
    The Master Lists sub menu item available from the "View" menu did not have a hot key assigned to it. We have made L the hot key. So Atl-V opens the View menu and then L opens the Master List sub menu. Each of the lists in the sub menu already had a hot key.
  • New Searches
    We have added three new special searches. You can now search for: Individuals who are married, individuals with multiple spouses and individuals with multiple parents.
  • LDS Ordinance Report
    When printing ordinance reports, you can now choose to limit the selected individuals to a specific tag level.

9 Nov 1998 - Build

  • Descendant Chart reports can now be printed to a file. This makes it possible to manipulate them further or send them as an e-mail to someone else.
  • Legacy now remembers the last folder where certain files were loaded and saved and then defaults to those folders the next time you access those types of files again. These include: Backup folder, Restore folder, GEDCOM import folder, PAF 2.31 import folder, PAF 3.0 import folder, Export folder, Picture folder, Sound folder, Video folder, Report output folder and Potential Problems output folder.
  • Legacy now catches all duplicate master sources when importing and merging.  (Note: From the Master Source List you may want to click on the Options button and select the Combine Duplicates option to automatically combine any existing duplicate Master sources you may have.)
  • Family Group Sheets can now include the pictures for the children.
  • The children on Family Group Sheets are no longer split over page breaks.
  • Restore Family File from multiple diskettes now works correctly.

27 Oct 1998 - Build

  • The "A" button on the Family and Pedigree Views has been change from showing Addresses to showing Alternate Names. If there are alternate names for an individual, the button will be highlighted. Press the A button will display the Alternate Names List now. We felt it was more important to be able to tell if a person had alternate spellings of their name than to see if they had an address.
  • A little fine tuning went into the Pedigree chart printing.
  • You can now print a Summary Source Citations Reports that shows each Master Source along with how many times it has been cited from individuals and marriages.

7 Oct 1998 - Build

  • Legacy will now import PAF 3.0 files directly. You no longer have to go through GEDCOM. This greatly speeds up the import process.
  • Pedigree Charts can now have pictures included on them.
  • Pedigree Charts will now proportionally fit to all paper sizes.
  • The Name List now displays correctly when you have Stretch Fonts turned off.

22 Sep 1998 - Build

  • You can now indicate that an individual "Never Married" by checking a box on the Individual Information window. "Never Married" then shows up on the marriage bar on the Family View and in the Spouse/Child list on the Pedigree View.
  • The settings on the Master Source window about printing the text and comments with source citations on reports are now saved correctly. The defaults set in the Customize section are now used for new source definitions.
  • There is now an option in the Other tab of the Customize window to automatically fill the User ID number field with the RIN number of each record. You can also preceed the number with some optional text. You have the option to fill All fields, or just those that are empty. There is also a button to Clear all the User ID fields.
  • You can now pop up a list of all the individuals who use any entry in any master list. This includes the Surname, Location, Event Name, Temple List, Source Type, Marriage Status, Child Status and Master Source Lists. Just highlight any entry and press the Show List. button. From there you can tag all or some of the records for searching, printing and exporting.

17 Sep 1998 - Build

  • Source Citation pages on reports can now include the Source Text and Comments. The text and comments can either be include just the first time the source is printed, or each time. There is also a new Sources tab on the Customize window that lets you globally change these settings on all master sources. Source Detail print settings can also be changed globally from the same place.
  • Foreign number support has been added. This allows numbers with a comma as the decimal place character. This also fixes a problem where these people could not set margins and indents less than an inch.
  • Notes can be forced to re-wordwrap when importing. This is useful when a person imported a PAF 2.31 file into PAF 3.0 and then transfered to Legacy.
  • Added support for tabloid (11 x 17) and A3 paper sizes on reports for printers that support them.
  • Video support has now been added to Legacy. You can attach movies and sounds to individuals just as you could pictures. In the past, sounds could be included only as attachments to pictures. Stand-alone sounds can now also be included.
  • Videos and Sounds are now imported from Ancestral Quest.
  • Users can now specify the starting RIN number when importing files. This lets you start a subsequent import at a memorable round number.
  • Added support for the new fields and events in Family Tree Maker 5.0 GEDCOM imports.
  • Fixed picture loading when loading a picture from a new location for the first time.
  • E-mail addresses in GEDCOM files that have a double @@ are now converted to a single @ when imported. This is part of the GEDCOM 5.5 specification. Exported @'s now become @@'s.
  • The Age report now includes how long ago the people were born.
  • When importing GEDCOM files, subsequent birth, christening, death and burial information is now kept as alternate events. For example, the first BIRTh information goes into the regular Birth fields and a second or higher BIRTh goes into the events window as an Alt. Birth event.
  • Various Report and GEDCOM refinements.


15 Aug 1998 - Build

  • You can now edit General, Medical and Research Notes in-line while Merging. You used to have to click on the Edit Left or the Edit Right button and this took a lot of clicking to copy notes from one person to another. You can now edit either side with out having to open any extra windows. You can use the standard Windows keys or right click menu to Cut, Copy and Past text between the two notes.
  • We will now Import Ancestral Quest Pictures when you Import from a PAF 2.31 file. We will soon be adding support to Import the Sound and Video files also.
  • Legacy allows you to Set a Preferred Startup Family from the Options menu. We used to only save the Marriage ID and would then set the Husband to be the current person. For those Ladies who would always like Legacy to display them as the current person when you open a file may enjoy the fact that we now save the current person.
  • On the Pedigree View, with Five Generations set to display, we were not positioning the Pop-up Information windows correctly and the right edge of the window was cut off.
  • When deleting a Family File we decided we had better play it safe and have added the file name you are deleting to the "Are you sure…" message.  Legacy allows you to have multiple files open at one time and we didn't want anyone to accidentally delete the wrong file.
  • Added a "Map Source to Another Source in the List…" button to the Master Source List. This works just like the Map button on the rest of the Master Lists. The Map to feature allows you to easily combine two sources that are the same by mapping one to another. If you have two sources which are the same except for some punctuation then this is a great way to clean up your source list.
  • Cleaned up a couple of Right Click menu options that would not always leave you on the person you wanted. For example if you right clicked on a person and said to unlink him from his spouse, the spouse would be the person displayed after the unlink was done. It makes more sense to leave the person you right clicked on as the current person
  • If you had a PAF 3.0 file that had the word Submitted in the Sealed to Spouse date field we were not importing this. Those who have Imported from a PAF 3.0 Gedcom file who think they may have used this Date field this way should check their PAF 3.0 file to see if they had lost any information.
  • When making a Backup to multiple diskettes, if you select to have existing files on the diskettes deleted, we will now delete the files from each diskette instead of only the first diskette.

5 Aug 1998 - Build

  • We modified the Installation program for Windows 3.1 users.  No changes were made to Legacy so don't download the update if you already have the 4 Aug 1998 build.

4 Aug 1998 - Build

  • Fixed a problem that some users have encountered while printing Family Group Sheets.
  • Various GEDCOM improvements.

25 Jul 1998 - Build

  • Privacy for Living Individuals. You can now suppress information for living individuals when exporting to GEDCOM and Legacy files. You have the option of including the name only or changing the name to "Living." The notes are also suppressed and only include the text, "All details for this living person have been suppressed."
  • We have added even more intelligence to IntelliShare feature.  We now check the surrounding relatives of the two people being merged with IntelliShare and if there are any differences we stop the AutoMerge and report to you that there are differences with Parents, Spouses or Children.  Even swapping the order of children will trigger the AutoMerge to stop so you can decide what to do.   This helps to find those situations where one family member made a change of Deleting, Unlinking, Adding or Changing the Sort Order of Parents, Spouses or Children.   For Example: If one family member deleted a child and another does not then when the two files are combined then the Deleted Child would show back up with out any notification to the person performing the merge.  We now stop and report that we did not AutoMerge the two individuals because there were changes to one or more children.   We also Log all of these messages to a file that can be printed out at the end of the Merge process.  Using this report and being able to open two files at the same time can greatly enhance how the Master Keeper of the family information can then go check out and approve each change that was done and why it was done.
  • We have increased the speed of the initial scan when exporting very large GEDCOM files.  We had a few people using family files with 300,000 to 400,000 names and our gather routines used to take quite a long time on these big of files before the export would even begin.  Now it's almost instant!
  • Fixed some spacing problems on the Individual report when large numbers of events are included.
  • Various GEDCOM improvements.

8 Jul 1998 - Build

  • Added captions to most picture buttons (in large mode) so they would be more recognizable.

6 Jul 1998 - Build

  • Great New Feature! (Drag and Drop Between two Files)
    When you have two different family files open side-by-side you can now drag and drop individuals, families and entire lines from one to the other! You no longer have to tag a person or line in one file and then go over to the other file and import them. All you have to do is drag someone's name from one Family or Pedigree View over to the other and drop it on a name or the background. Legacy then prompts you for who all you want to copy over. This can be just the individual you drug over, the family of the person or an entire ancestral or descendant line. You can even copy the entire file if you want to. To finish things up, Legacy then offers to take you into the merge process to combine any duplicates. What could be easier?
  • When sorting the Child List, the christening date is used if there is no birth date.
  • You can now indicate that a marriage produced No Children. This is done by checking a box on the Marriage Information window. When this is done, "Had no Children" shows in the child list on the Family View.
  • The spouses notes no longer print twice on Ancestral Book printouts (as a spouse and as a parent).

22 Jun 1998 - Build

  • Potential Problems reports can now be printed to disk.
  • Fixed some Potential Problems Report misfires on marriage dates.
  • Enhanced the Descendant Report so that it can contain much more information for each individual.
  • "Quoted" nicknames can now be removed from all reports.
  • Updated LDS temple list to include all current temples.
  • Misc. GEDCOM import enhancements.

9 Jun 1998 - Build

  • The Pedigree Chart will now show the christened and buried information if the birth and death information are missing.
  • Fixed a problem where text would overwrite a picture on a descendant book report.
  • Events and Notes now include source citations on Individual reports.
  • Notes now include source citations on Family Group Sheets.
  • Misc. GEDCOM import improvements.

27 May 1998 - Build

  • On the Assigned Sources window for an individual, the user can now change the order of the source citations by highlighting the desired citation and using the UP and DOWN arrows in the lower left corner of the grid to move it.
  • On the Family and Pedigree Views we have added two more buttons that indicate when an individual has events or addresses. These are similar to the Sources, LDS and Parents buttons currently on the screen. If a person has events or an address, the buttons are highlighted.
  • Legacy now has a great new feature called IntelliShare(tm). It is used when you want to share your family file with another person or group of people and lets you quickly combine the changes made by anyone in the group without having to stare at endless duplicates on the screen as you merge.

Here is how IntelliShare works:

  • One person in the group is designated as the "Keeper of the Records" (Keeper, for short). This person keeps the master Family File. The first step is to mark all the records in the Master Family File with a serial number that uniquely identifies each individual. This is done by pressing the Merge picture button and choosing the IntelliShare. option. From the IntelliShare window, make sure the Set IntelliShare Values on Every Individual in the Family File option is selected and then press the Set IntelliShare Values button. This will insert a unique serial number in every individual record.
  • Now, the Keeper sends a copy of the Family File to all the other people participating in the group.
  • Any or all members of the group can make changes to existing records or add new records to the Family File. (They should not re-serialize the file.) The Keeper can also make changes and additions to the master file.
  • At an agreed upon interval, all members of the group return a copy of the Family File to the Keeper for merging and reconciliation.

The Keeper then follows this procedure:

1. Import all copies of the Family File into the master copy.
2. Press the Merge button and choose Find Duplicates.
3. From the Merge Options window, click on the Special Searches tab and choose the IntelliShare option.
4. Press the Continue button in the upper right corner of the Merge Options window. Legacy will search of all records with matching IntelliShare values and then automatically merge those that have exactly the same information. At the end of this process Legacy will display the records where changes have been made by one or more persons.
5. The only records the Keeper has to look at and merge together are the ones that have been changed by someone in the group.
6. After the merge is complete, the Keeper should re-serialize all the records and send them back to the other group members for more changes and additions.

27 Apr 1998 - Build

  • The user can now specify a two-digit date format. i.e. "01-09-98".
  • Users can now specify a specific drive and folder for temporary files.  In the past Legacy used the Windows Temp directory for temporary backup and merge files.  Some users have much more room on a different drive.  They can now choose the larger drive from the Locations tab on the Customize screen.
  • Family Group Sheets can now be printed for single males or females.  Previously, only married couple could have a FGS printed.
  • Manual merging now returns to the originally selected person on the left when the merge is complete.  This makes it much faster to merge a group of duplicate individuals.
  • Legacy now imports PAF 3.0 notes fields correctly.  PAF 3.0 seems to be the only program in the universe that goes to great lengths to split note lines in the middle of a word when exporting to a GEDCOM file. Legacy now reads this situation correctly and glues the words back together again with a space.
  • Descendant Book Reports now include all the children in the last generation.
  • Fixed a problem when printing Family Group Sheets for "All Families."  After all the married couples were printed. Each male was printed again as a single person. Family Group Sheets now also print for "Unknown" gender individuals.
  • Fixed a problem when Family Group Sheets where either the husband or the wife was "unknown."
  • Fixed the Individual Report where the father of the main person would be left off if an index was being generated.
  • Legacy now remembers the last font size used on the Marriage List.
  • Deleted files are now removed from the "Recently Used Files" list on the File menu.

15 Apr 1998 - Build

  • Family Files can now be deleted from within Legacy.  You no longer have to use File Manager or Windows Explorer to erase Family Files.
  • Dragging pictures from one location to another in the Picture Gallery now inserts the moved picture instead of swapping the position of the pictures.
  • We fixed an error that occurred when printing an Individual Report for a person that had an Unknown parent.
  • Family Group Sheets and Individual Reports now include all sources for each event instead of just the first.

7 Apr 1998 - Build

  • When printing Family Group Sheets and Individual reports, source citations can now be included. When printing batches of these reports, you can either print the source citation page after each report or print an all-inclusive citation page at the end.
  • Family Group Sheets can now include the Notes for the children.
  • You can now turn off checking for illegal characters in name fields when producing a Potential Problems report. This may be useful if you have used underscores for missing names, or if an imported file uses them.
  • Date fields now accept estimated dates in angle brackets. For example, <1658>.
  • GEDCOM import now correctly imports CHILD, STILLBORN, INFANT, COMPLETED, etc. from Ancestral File and PAF files.
  • Fixed an overflow problem when printing a Calendar report with more than 32,000 people.
  • There is now an option on the Potential Problems report to only check the records you have marked to be excluded from checking.
  • Various improvements have been made to the GEDCOM import to handle more non-standard files. (There are a lot of strange GEDCOM files out there.)

3 Apr 1998 - Build

  • Gedcom Enhancements.

25 Mar 1998 - Build

  • There is now a new summary style option for the Individual report. It is more of a vertically formatted report that will appeal to some people more than the original format.
  • Unrecognized GEDCOM tags can now be mapped to events with user-defined event names. For example, HGRAD could be changed to an event with "High School Graduation" as the event name.
  • Various other GEDCOM import improvements were made.
  • GEDCOM files with embedded End-of-File characters can now be completely imported. (EOF characters can end up in a Note field in other programs when the user is allowed to Load external text files.)
  • When exporting GEDCOM files to a destination of PAF 2.31, Legacy now uses the old in-line notes so that PAF will load the notes correctly. (Even though the GEDCOM spec allows Note records, PAF 2.31 didn't know how to read them. PAF 3.0 has now figured it out.)
  • The user can now specify in the Customize section that User ID numbers be shown instead of RIN numbers on the screen and reports. (They can still be turned off, of course.)
  • Mixed case formatting of location fields that started with a comma has now been fixed.
  • Each marriage date is now shown in the Merge window.

14 Mar 1998 - Build

  • Marriage dates will now accept "Banns" and "Lic." as prefixes.
  • Fixed a problem with transfer of Individual Notes when assigning sources to them.
  • Fixed a problem in book indexes where spouse's parents were showing the RIN of the spouse.
  • Fixed the User Options file so that it won't reset to the defaults when installing updates.
  • If you went to the Merge screen by pressing the Merge picture button, you could not pop up the option menu to save alternate information to Notes, Events or Alt Names. If you went in through the Tools/Merge pulldown menu, the popup option menu then worked as it should. Both entry methods now work correctly.

7 Mar 1998 - Build

  • You can now Show all four items Birth, Christening, Death, Buried instead of just Birth and Death information for the Husband and Wife on the Family View.  We used to show the Date and Locations on separate lines which took up four lines.  See Options, Customize, General tab. 
  • You can now set the background colors for the blue highlight bar of the current person on the Family and Pedigree Views.  See Options, Customize, Colors/Fonts tab.  (Some users had a hard time reading text if it was on a blue background.)
  • There is now a Clear button for Notes.
  • Improvements in TMG and UFT Gedcom import.
  • The popup menu for copying information to Notes, Events, Alternate Names would not pop up when the small black buttons were clicked on the Merge differences screen.  Since this is one of our greatest features we are sorry this stopped working with the Feb. 25 1998 build and that we didn't get this build posted on our web site quicker.

25 Feb 1998 - Build

  • You can now Save and Load your Source Clipboard settings.   We allow you to save up to ten different Source Clipboards and you can name each one.  Not only is this is a great improvement which will allow you to work with multiple settings but we have made it even better by allowing you to quickly and easily switch between any of the saved Source Clipboards.  When ever you see the small Set Source Clipboard button which is located on many of the information forms you can Left-Click the mouse to go in and set up the Source Clipboard but we have now also made it so you can RIGHT-CLICK on the button and if you have any saved Source Clipboard's a popup menu appears (one similar to all of our right click menu's) which lists the Names of each Source Clipboard you have saved.  This allows you to easily Right Click on the Source Clipboard button and then Load the selected saved Source Clipboard immediately.  Then using any of the other Source Clipboard buttons assign the newly loaded source to any information you desire.  Watch for future updates.  We have even more great Source features coming.
  • Fixed a few miscellaneous problems.  Many of our updates include fixes for items that have been reported by our users.  Many of these updates include continued improvements to Gedcom import.

20 Feb 1998 - Build

  • The Source Clipboard can now contain and assign up to five sources at once. This is a great improvement if, for example, you have a Family Group Sheet from your Aunt Jane that lists not only several individuals but also several other sources where the information came from. As you enter each person, you will want to add all these sources, (including Aunt Jane as a source), to each one. Now you can load all the sources onto the Source Clipboard and assign the whole bunch with the click of a button! This feature alone will make you want to tell all your friends to buy Legacy. . .
  • You can now combine Location entries that are spelled a little differently but should really be the same. For example, you might have three locations: Seattle, King, WA, USA., Seattle, King County, Wash and Seattle, WA. You can now quickly combine all three to be like the first entry without any typing at all. All affected records then point to the one resulting location. You can also do this with the Surname, Child Status, Marriage Status, Temple Name, Picture and Sound Path, Event Type and Source Type lists.  Just look for the "Map Highlighted item to Another item in List."  button located on any of the Master Lists mentioned.
  • All tabbed forms on information screens now show an asterisk on each tab that contains text. For example, you no longer have to click on the Research or Medical notes tabs to see if they have anything in them.
  • Compiler information can now include e-mail address and home page URL.
  • Compiler information can now be included on the Pedigree Charts and blank Family Group Sheets.
  • The Merge picture button can now also be used to go into Find Duplicates mode. Formerly it was only for Manual Merging and the user had to use the Tools menu to select Find Duplicates.
  • There is now an Apply button on the Options screen that lets you apply a new "Set as Dead if Over a certain number of years" setting.
  • The Timeline Report now correctly handles individuals who have no death date, are older than the average live span and are marked as still living. These people were formerly shown as having an estimated life of 70 years or so. It also now handles people that have no death date, have lived less than the average life span and are marked as dead. These people used to be shown to have a life span estimated into the future.
  • Very long names now have two lines of space on the Family View. They used to wrap and half disappear.
  • Setting the Direct Line as Preferred now correctly sets the direct-line parents as the preferred spouse of each other.

14 Feb 1998 - Build

  • User can now set colors for highlight text on various screen.  See Options, Customize, Colors/Fonts tab.  (Some users could not see the blue text very well.)
  • User can now set foreground and background color of some buttons, including Sources, Alt Names, LDS, and Parents. These colors are used if the buttons contain information. (For example, the Sources button normally changes to highlighted blue if there have been sources assigned. The user can now change this to something like Yellow on Black, thus making the distinction more obvious.)
  • Many new Data Integrity checks have been added to File / Verify Family File option. (It is a good idea to use this option from time to time to ensure the integrity of your family information.  This option also compacts your family file to free up deleted record space.)
  • The 11 Feb 1998 Build changed the way the Big X (close button) in the upper right corner of each window works.  We had several users ask us to make this change.  We now consider the Big X to be the same as clicking on the Save button.  We used to treat this as the Cancel button and the changes a person made were not saved. 
  • Setting of the Source Clipboard was broken with the 11 Feb 1998 build because of the Big X code changes.  It was canceling out and not setting the source on the clipboard.   I think our users like the Source Clipboard.  My email box was full today of people telling me it wasn't working.

11 Feb 1998 - Build

  • Pedigree and other report indexes now handle up to 10,000 pages.
  • User can now choose to use the term "Baptism" in place of "Christened" on screens and reports.
  • There is now a General Information button on the About screen.
  • User can now change the title of all reports.
  • User can now reformat (rewordwrap) all or any part of any note field.
  • The same spouse can now be added multiple times to account for re-marriages.
  • Events now export to standard comparable GEDCOM tags.
  • Initial Caps routine now handles foreign characters correctly.
  • GEDCOM import now handles the old DOS character set.
  • Reunion sources are now imported.
  • Date input routine now accepts yyyy-mm-dd (ISO) entries.
  • Exporting to non-Legacy GEDCOM files no longer duplicates sources in marriage notes.

1 Feb 1998 - Build

  • The Assigned Sources List and the Master Source List now have a tabbed display area where all source fields, text and comments can be viewed in their entirety.
  • Multiple source citation marks are now shown in ascending order. e.g. (1, 4, 8) Other source citation enhancements have also been made.
  • At the end of an import, the starting RIN number used during the import is shown. This information helps to know which records were imported when merging.
  • Legacy now imports GEDCOM files originating on UNIX style machines. These files only have a linefeed at the end of each line, instead of a carriage return and linefeed.
  • On book style reports (Ahnentafel and Register), page numbers no longer overwrite the compiler information at the bottom of the page. (If compiler information is being printed.)
  • More Gedcom improvements.

29 Jan 1998 - Build

  • New option to add compiler info to the bottom of the book reports.
  • Fixed a problem where the Pedigree continuation chart numbers were wrong if the continuing chart number was greater than 255.
  • We now allow entry of foreign characters in all data entry fields by allowing you to enter the Alt code for the character. Example: <Alt> 0235 would enter the character . Hold down the Alt key and then enter the number 0235 on the numeric keypad. See the Windows Character Map accessory for all of the Alt codes for the foreign characters.
  • If you set the option to not Maximize Legacy on startup we will now remember the size you had stretched the main Legacy window to when you were last using Legacy. We remember the size and position of all windows. If you resize or move a window we will open it up right where you left it the last time.
  • If you have more than 10 or 15 children (depending on the option you chose) on the Family View we used to always display the page with the preferred child. We have had a lot of requests to always show the first 10 children. If you have 11 children and the 11th child was the preferred child we used to show the second page of kids which only had one child displayed. We now show children 1 through 10 or the first page of children when a new family is displayed. If you are adding new children we show the page of the current child you are working with.

20 Jan 1998 - Build

  • Register Report Enhancements.
  • Changed the default button on the Alternate Names form to be the Add button.
  • For Ages we fixed the calculation of marriage duration. If one spouse died we now show the marriage duration ending with the death of the spouse.
  • Improved our method of Capitalization of States. We were capitalizing some words like Co. for County to be CO, thinking it was an abbreviation for Colorado. There were a few others like "or", "in" and "on" which could have been interpreted incorrectly.

16 Jan 1998 - Build

  • We have added the ability to mark portions of your notes as PRIVATE. When you are editing notes you can add two opening brackets [[to start the the marking of private notes that you do not want to be printed, or exported. Then at the end of the private notes you add two closing brackets]] and everything following the closing brackets becomes public notes again. You can also just use the two opening brackets [[and everything to the end of the note becomes private if there are no closing brackets. We have added the option to print and export private notes. By default we will always turn off private notes and you will have to turn them back on each time you export or print a report. We felt this was the safest way to do it. It would be terrible to give somebody a Gedcom file and it includes a bunch of private notes that should not have been included in the file. Once you give it to them there is no way to get it back. So remember if you do want private notes to be included in a Gedcom or report you will have to turn on the option. We have added this feature to all note fields including general notes, medical notes, research notes, marriage notes, event notes, picture notes, source description and comments.
  • More Gedcom and report enhancements.

11 Jan 1998 - Build

  • If don't print duplicate lines option is selected for printing Pedigree Charts and a duplicate line is found on the right edge of the chart we no longer use up a Continuation number.
  • If display slashes around /surnames/ was on then Potential Problems Report was giving an error for every name.
  • F5 Function key now opens the Notes window as documented on the back cover of the Legacy User's Guide.
  • We now format all Given Names and Locations to "Initial Caps" if this option is set when Importing Gedcom, PAF and Legacy files.
  • More Gedcom enhancements and also fixed a problem of adding alternate names twice if they had a source assigned to them. You can also turn off the importing of the LDS information.

7 Jan 1998 - Build

  • Legacy can now produce Rich Text Format files and ASCII text files when printing book style reports. This allows you to load them into your favorite word processor and retain all the formatting of the original. All necessary text is marked so that you can produce a Table of Contents and a complete Index of all names. All report options are retained/used for these reports.
  • Duplicate Source Citations now combine when importing.
  • Combining of Duplicate Sources from the Master Source List has been improved. We also ignore case, so if everything else is the same the sources will be merged.
  • Assigning sources using the Source Clipboard will not assign a source twice. This automatically eliminates the assignment of duplicates sources.
  • Displaying LDS Temple information in the Details of the Name List now use the Customize Legacy Options for the method to display the names.

18 Dec 1997 - Build

  • The Legacy 2.0 User's Guide is finished and we are currently in the process of shipping them to all of our existing Legacy 2.0 customers who have been waiting. We think you are going to really like them.
  • In some cases the new Combining of duplicate Master Sources would give an error about a deleted record. This has been fixed.
  • Can now set Min and Max Font Size from Options, Customize. If you would like larger fonts you can now set a minimum font and Legacy will hold the font size to the minimum specified or larger. The same is true for setting the maximum font size. This has been implemented throughout the program and is great for controlling the autosizing of fonts on all of our stretchable forms.
  • On the Family View if the parents were Unknown we were incorrectly displaying a "+" which indicates that there are more ancestors.
  • Fixed living if less than 120.
  • ANSEL character support has been added. We have had a lot of international interest in Legacy and did not have the support for ANSEL characters. International users who have Gedcom files that specify the use of the ANSEL Character set can now import and export with Legacy.

11 Dec 1997 - Build

  • Combining of duplicate Master Sources has been added to the Master Source List. You can easily have Legacy search for all of your Master Sources that are exact duplicates and have them merged automatically for you while maintaining all the links/references to them. See the Option button on the Master Source List.
  • Deleting of all unused/unreferenced Master Sources was also added to the Master Source List. This will automatically remove all Master Sources that are not being referenced by anybody. See the Option button.
  • When Tagging a Family we have added an option to let you specify whether the spouses of the children should be tagged also.
  • Made some spacing improvements to the Family Group Sheets.
  • Enhanced Gedcom support for Ultimate Family Tree, The Master Genealogist and Brothers Keeper.

07 Dec 1997 - Build

  • Search Option added so you can search just the Results of your last search.
  • You can now Search for Event Date and Event Description.
  • Focus Groups for Family Group sheets no longer try to print extra marriage when you limit the ancestors to a specific number of generations.
  • Enhanced Gedcom support for Ultimate Family Tree. We now map all of their roles into events properly.

04 Dec 1997 - Build

  • General Information Screen is now accessible when family file is closed.
  • Automatically set Living=No based upon user settings. If there is no death date we will ask when a record is saved if over (user set age) and under (user set age). See Preferences - Other tab.
  • Find within Name List now jumps to first matching entry rather than first with a birth date.
  • Source ClipBoard and Master Source list stays at current place when editing, deleting, etc.
  • Support added to support 1 Name , 2 ALIA. from Brothers Keeper Gedcom files.
  • If any of you have seen an error about a missing marriage record, this has been fixed. This was a very rare error which did not cause any problems with the actual data. The pointer to a persons Parents Marriage record was not clear properly.
  • Changed the Grid spacing for Master Source list for Excl. column. It would scroll the grid to the right.
  • Comments on the Detail Source was not allowing a new line.
  • More Gedcom Import improvements.

30 Nov 1997 - Build

  • Can now print Spouses Notes on Register and Ahnentafel reports.
  • Can now turn off Marriage Notes on Register and Ahnentafel reports.
  • The Size and Location of the Picture Gallery is saved.
  • In the Details of the Name List the LDS Baptism now displays Location for Living baptism and Temple for Baptism for the Dead.

24 Nov 1997 - Build

  • Sources now print on Ahnentafel and Register reports.
  • Added a new field called Detail Text to Source Detail records.
  • You now have control over which Master Sources print and which Source Citations Details print and you can also specify if you want the Source Citation Detail Text to print.
  • Book reports now remove quoted names from spouse and kids too.
  • Notes now accept appended notes when text is read in from a file.
  • You can now turn off cause of death in Book reports.
  • Calendar returns good dates now when input format is d-m-y.
  • Added a lot more printer checks and now handles things properly if a person has no printers installed.
  • Can now print "Really Tight" and "Loose" spaced reports.
  • Book reports can now include spouses vital stats.
  • "+" and '-" zoom buttons have been added to the Picture Gallery which lets you view from 1 to 25 pictures at a time instead of just six. This gives you the ability to see a lot more pictures at one time if you desire.
  • Miscellaneous Searches "Youngest Direct Line Generation" and "Direct-Line Descendants with no Children" no longer includes spouses. They only include the actual direct line descendants.
  • Search Next and Search Previous now skip deleted records.
  • More Gedcom Import improvements.

05 Nov 1997 - Build

  • More Gedcom Import improvements.
  • Added "Read." and "Write." buttons to the Questionnaire Report so text can be read in to the Opening and Closing Paragraphs of the report.
  • Added Smart Note comparisons to Merge Duplicates. Because of the many different methods that genealogy programs use to save their notes to Gedcom files, we have improved the Note Comparisons when looking for differences between the notes.
  • Improved the handling of any errors when Verifying Family Files.

29 Oct 1997 - Build

  • More Gedcom Import improvements and fixed a problem where some Gedcom files would hang Legacy in a loop.
  • Some Options were not being saved properly.
  • Miscellaneous report improvements.

18 Oct 1997 - Build

  • The progress counter in Merge now increments with each AutoMerge instead of incrementing at the end of a group of AutoMerge individuals. This lets you see the progress of things.
  • Miscellaneous improvements to Calendar and Bookmarks.

17 Oct 1997 - Build

  • Added Email Address and Home Page fields to the Addresses Form
  • Added Ancestor Interest and Descendant Interest fields to the Individual's Information screen. You can now set your interest level for each person.
  • Added an option so users can select a two- or three-column display of children on the Family View. If there are more than 10 or 15 children, a scroll bar appears and the total number of children is shown below it.
  • Added an option to display birth and death years for parents and children on the Family View.
  • Added a Repeat/Ditto feature to the Address, Information, Marriage and LDS windows. This feature lets you repeat the information from the last record you saved. There are several ways to repeat a field. You can click the Repeat button at the bottom of the window, press Alt-R, press F8 or click on the title to the left of a field. Each of these methods copies the information from the last saved record and places it in the current field. We have had several PAF users ask us for this feature.
  • When year ranges are printed on reports we now leave room for people to fill in the missing info. Reports used to display missing year info as (1934-) and now it is displayed as (1934-      ).
  • Added a new date format. yyyy mmm dd. For example: 1997 Oct 15.
  • Moved the Marriage Status line below Marriage Place on Individual reports.
  • We now extract !MARRIAGE: sources from an individual's notes importing from GEDCOM and PAF. (This option can be turned off.) If the person has more than one spouse we cannot know which marriage the source refers to so we leave it in the individual's notes.
  • You can now add sources to an Individual's General Notes, Research Notes, Medical Notes, Cause of Death and Marriage Notes.
  • We have added two new options to the Book reports. If you quote a nickname in the Given Name field you can have Legacy use the nickname in the narrative and optionally remove the quoted nickname from the full name. For example, if someone was commonly known by their middle name, you could enter the name as Milton Roger "Roger" Smith, and have the report print as "Milton Roger Smith was born on 12 Dec 1802. Roger married Mary Johnson…"
  • Some new temples have been added to the Master Temple List.
  • The date on the Help / General Information screen now shows the Legacy build date instead of the current date. This lets you see if the Update20.exe build on our web site is newer than the build you are using.
  • Added a "Combine." button to master lists (Location, Surname, Event Type, Source Type, Marriage Status, Child Status and Picture Location). This automatically combines all duplicate entries in the list. For example if you have two "Seattle, WA"s in the list, the two entries would be combined into only one. Also, when you edit items from the master list and the new item you are saving is a duplicate of an existing entry, this feature is performed automatically.
  • Added a "Purge." button to master lists (Location, Surname, Event Type, Source Type, Marriage Status, Child Status, Picture Location). This feature removes any items not referenced by any record in the Family File.
  • Added some Combine options to Verify Family File (on the File menu). When you select these options, Legacy combines duplicates found within the lists during the verify process.
  • Several improvements have been made to Import Gedcom to better support other genealogy programs.
  • You can now turn off the automatic font resizing feature when you stretch forms. (At least one computer was found to have problems in this regard.)
  • Improved searching for blank field information.
  • The wrong day of week was displayed if your computer's system date format was set to dd-mm-yy.
  • Date Calculator. Same day of week fix. Also, the wrong date was calculated if the second date was left blank.
  • Register reports were showing the wrong gender for second spouses.
  • On book style reports, Research Notes and Medical Notes were still printing even if the options were not checked.

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