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Legacy 3.0 Revision History

28 August 2001 - Build

Export - Fixed a problem where sources were not being exported correctly if you selected to export to a PAF 5 Gedcom file.

26 July 2001 - Build

Marriage Form - The age of the husband and wife at marriage is now displayed immediately after entering the marriage date.

Book Reports - Changed the numbering of events to bullet points.

Book Reports - Quoted names are now used in the spouse paragraph narratives.

Descendant Narrative Book - Added a new option to list a child summary at the end of each marriage paragraph. For example:

Robert married Jane Smith... blah, blah, blah ...

(They had four children, Robert Jr., Mary Elizabeth,

James Henry, and Jennifer Marie.)

This option is controlled by the "Children of Each Spouse" option on the Include tab of the Report Options screen.

Sources - Added the Source name to the top of the Source Detail Screen. This makes it easier to remember what source you are currently working with.

GEDCOM Import and Export - Cleaned up a lot of things for importing and exporting to PAF.

4 July 2001 - Build

Family View - Added 3D option to Parents and Main Individuals.

GEDCOM Import and Export - Added support for UTF-8 format which is used by PAF 5.

GEDCOM Import - Fixed a problem where sources for events that had a picture with notes were being assigned to the General Notes field instead of the correct event.

Descendant Book Report - Fixed a problem where multiple spouses were not being included on the report.

29 June 2001 - Build

Name List - Added the "Plus" buttons at the end of birth, christening, death, and burial fields to be consistent with the Information screen.

27 June 2001 - Build

Reports - The starting couples marriage date was being repeated on subsequent marriages on Modified Register reports. Fixed.

Merge - Added a Zoom option on the Options button on the Merge screen.

Sources - Replaced all "Sources" buttons with the icon Sources button for consistency.

Tagging Options - We have added a new options that allows you to turn on/off the display of the Tag boxes on the Family View and Pedigree View screens. See Options, Customize, General tab, Tagging Options.

Pedigree View - Added the symbols to the Family List to show !=Never married, +=Have Children, §=Married.

Pedigree View - Added a Right arrow and Left arrow icon to the small boxes that let you navigate to the next higher or lower generation. If there are no ancestors to the right or descendants to the left the boxes with the arrows are hidden. Adding the arrows should help new users understand quickly what the boxes are for.

Import - Added an option to Check for Valid Temple Names to Import Gedcom, Import PAF 2, Import PAF 3, Import Legacy, Drag and Drop Import screens. If LDS Options is off then this setting is turned off and is not displayed. This should simplify things for beginners who won't see so many errors. They can always go to the Master Temple List and combine Temple Names.

14 May 2001 - Build

Census Forms - The "Printed by Legacy" footer now responds to the settings in Page Setup.

Searching - Dates without years (eg. 16 Dec) are no longer included in the Search List when doing a searches like: Individual Birthdate Before 1500.

Reports - We no longer remove leading carriage returns from note fields.

Source Report - The User File Number for the citation detail can now be optionally included in this report.

TempleReady - There is a new option on the Options button to Exclude Incomplete Names. When this is selected the user has the option to exclude submission of individuals with given names of "Mr.", "Mrs.", "Miss", "?". The user can also exclude individuals with blank given names and blank surnames.

TempleReady - When creating TempleReady submission in Batch mode, a log file is now written out that shows the date created, filename and "Submitted" entry for each file in the batch. The log file is called Batch.txt and is created in the same folder as the Legacy.exe file. The file looks like this:

04-20-2001 D:.ged Submitted 20 Apr 2001 (1) #1
04-20-2001 D:.ged Submitted 20 Apr 2001 (1) #2
04-20-2001 D:.ged Submitted 20 Apr 2001 (2) #1
04-20-2001 D:.ged Submitted 20 Apr 2001 (2) #2
04-20-2001 D:.ged Submitted 20 Apr 2001 (2) #3
04-20-2001 D:.ged Submitted 20 Apr 2001 (2) #4
04-20-2001 D:.ged Submitted 20 Apr 2001 (2) #5

Using this log file you can see which batch to display if you want to see the names submitted for a certain GEDCOM file name.

TempleReady - The title prefix and suffix are now included in the submission file.

19 April 2001 - Build

TempleReady PreQualifying - Legacy now takes "Before" and "After" into account when determining if a person died over the age of eight. For example, a person how was born "Bef 1 Jan 1900" and died "Aft 1 Jan 1906" will be considered over age eight for qualifying purposes. TempleReady itself can then make the final decision as to allow it or not.

TempleReady PreQualifying - When qualifying groups of people in the current search list, sealing to parents and spouses that are not on the list is not done. It is as if the people in the list are the only people in the file.

Report Titles - Added two new title fields. [HusbUID] and [WifeUID]. These return the Husband's and the Wife's User ID numbers respectively.

Descendant Books - If using "blank lines for missing information", blank lines were not getting printed for spouse's parents. Now they are.

Merge - Added a Mark as Not Duplicates button to the screen that tells you Current Pair are Father/Son, Husband/Wife, etc. Almost always you will want to mark these combinations as being Not Duplicates. This new buttons saves several steps in marking them.

Sources - Master Source List, Option, Combine Duplicates now removes any trailing CRLF characters before compares the two sources.

Timeline Report - If printing the birth and death years along with the name, only the birth year was being displayed. Now both are.

Ancestor Chart - A message about a Missing Individual was being reported incorrectly when printing an Ancestor Chart.

5 April 2001 - Build

Ahnentafel Report - Child list is now formatted properly when printing to RTF.

Ahnentafel Report - There is now a space between the event name and the date when printing to RTF.

Book Style Reports - The custom fields such as [Fullname], [CouplesNames], etc. are now available in the titles of these reports. The titles are also now saved if they have been customized or if they have a leading period at the beginning of the title. (In the past the titles were not save but were regenerated when the Options window was opened. For example, Ancestors of xxxxxxx, where xxxxxxx is the name of the current person.

Grid Reports from Name/Search List - This report now honors the font settings from the Change Fonts button.

Descendant Charts - The "sp:" is no longer used in front of spouse lines. (some aren't really spouses.) A standard double line is used instead.

Pedigree Charts - The marriage date and place are now on separate lines. This gives more room for the place.

Addresses - Can now be printed as a List Report. There is now an option on the Custom Size tab of the Address Label or Name Tag Option screen call "Print in a Report Format." Selecting this option causes the addresses to print in a List Report format.

Child Status - If the option to Display Child Status is set we now display the Child Status after the child's name on the Family tab of the Name List. Twin, Adopted, etc...

Dates - If you are using a Date Display Format of mm-dd-yyyy then you must have the Input Format set to month-day-year. If you are using a Date Display Format of dd-mm-yyyy then you must have the Input Format set to day-month-year. Legacy now enforces this rule.

Dates - There is a new option to display years filled out to four digits. The option is set on the Date tab of the Customize screen.

Dates - Some more refining of date recognition and formatting.

Internet Search - Changed the Name boxes on the Internet Search window to be editable so name variations can be searched for.

Note Fields - If any changes are made in a Note field and then the Cancel button is clicked, a warning message is displayed to indicate that a change was made and the user must confirm that the changes should be abandoned.

Merge - There is now a "Not Duplicates" button on the screen that makes it much faster to mark pairs of individuals as Not Dups than having to go through the Options button at the bottom. Alt-X is also a shortcut key that can be used for the same purpose. (Available only in the Deluxe Edition.)

Private - All fields can now include [[private information]] that will be removed when printed.

Relationship Calculator - There is a new option on the Options button to tag the highlighted descent lines from the common ancestor. This can be done on tag 1, 2, or 3.

TempleReady - Legacy will now read the Update files created by the new TempleReady for Windows. This will update your family file with ordinance work information that has already been completed.

13 February 2001 - Build

BC Dates - There is now an option on the Customize screen to place the BC term before or after the date.

Calendar Report - Ages and Anniversaries are now correct throughout the year. They used to all be figured on the current date, not the upcoming birthday or anniversary date.

Compare Two Files - We now display the two filenames at the top of the Compare window.

Compare Two Files - Improved the wording of some of the messages and prompts.

GEDCOM Import - Added support for new PAF 5 GEDCOM tags.

Family View - There are now Events and Sources buttons on the Marriage Bar to show if a marriage has events or sources.

Family Group Sheets - Now include Marriage Address

Master Lists - There is now a new option (on the Options button) to specify where you want to go when you edit an entry. If you change an entry in such a way that it would be resorted into a different location in the list, you can now choose to either move with the entry as it is resorted (the way it has been), or to stay where you were. Staying where you were is nice when you are working your way down a list fixing things. To toggle the option, click the Options button and then click on the "Jump With Edit Sorts" option. When it is checked, you will move with the resort. When it is unchecked you will stay where you were.

Pictures - When printing the Picture Filename List from the Scrapbook, the location of the actual picture to be printed is now shown instead of the stored picture location (which might be different if the picture was moved to a different folder.)

Reports - The lines drawn around the Index and Location Index pages are now controlled by the Page Setup lines option (instead of having two different options, one on the Page Setup and the other on the Index Options).

Reports - When printing reports with pictures to HTML output, the pictures are copied to the output file location so they will show up in the report when it is displayed.

Search and Replace - The option to compare whole words was not working if international characters with accents were in the word. We now handle these correctly.

Web Pages - Alternate names now follow the name format specified for the main name.

20 December 2000 - Build

Help - The new help screens for the Deluxe Edition features have been completed.

PDF - Added the Adobe Acrobat Reader path to the Launch tab on the Customize screen for those who don't have a file association set up for .pdf files.

Added one new Internet search.

13 December 2000 - Build

Initial Release of Free Legacy 4.0 Standard Edition and new Legacy 4.0 Deluxe Edition

Maintenance Pack 2 - A few controls have been updated and if updating from a previous version of Legacy may need to download this Maintenance Pack.  Legacy will display a message when started if this is needed.  If you don't see the message then you don't need to download and install it.

All Forms - Maximized screens are now remembered. They used to always normalize when closed.

18 November 2000 - Build

Ahnentafel Report - The children list now shows the Person Number of a child's main entry indicating the direct-line ascent child.

Book Style Reports - There were some sync problems with the user settings that made it necessary to these to the defaults one time. The first time you print each of the three book styles, you will have to make any customizations changes again. This should be a one-time change and the values should be remembered from now on...

Book Style Reports - Title pages in RTF format are spaces better now.

Reports - Ahnentafel and Descendant Narrative reports can now include the addresses for birth, christening, death and burial.

Reports - Book style reports with generations starting on new pages sometimes ended up with a blank page at the end of a generation. Fixed.

Internet - Add a link on the Internet button to go to GRAOnline for great, free genealogy lessons by Karen Clifford.

GEDCOM Export - Arrival events were being exported with a ARVL tag but are now exported as a standard EVENt.

Legacy Import - If you Import from one Legacy file to another and had the option to include General To Do Items during the import you should check your To Do List for duplicates which were added by mistake. If you have any duplicates you can click the Options button and select Remove Duplicates. This will clean up any duplicate To Do's you may have.

Location Sorting - We have added three more levels for a total of nine. The reverse-order sort now handles any number of levels.

Names - There is now an option to place a comma after the title prefix when displaying a name. There is also an option to place a comma before a title suffix. This makes it easier to distinguish between the parts of a name. These new options are on the Data Entry/Edit tab of the Options / Customize screen.

Search and Replace - Now works in Split Screen view with two different family files.

To Do List - Added Tag and Untag to the Options menu. You can now automatically tag or untag All items or Just the To Do Items currently listed.

Web Pages - Sorting of the Name List page now sorts by Surname, Given Names, Suffix, Title.

Web Pages - New option (see checkbox on 'Who to Include' tab) to add a Link for a starting person to the Table Of Contents.

24 October 2000 - Build

Ahnentafel Report - The children list now shows the Person Number of a child's main entry indicating the direct-line ascent child.

GEDCOM Export - Arrival events were being exported with a ARVL tag but are now exported as a standard EVENt.

Book Style Reports - There were some sync problems with the user settings that made it necessary to these to the defaults one time. The first time you print each of the three book styles, you will have to make any customizations changes again. This should be a one-time change and the values should be remembered from now on...

Book Style Reports - Title pages in RTF format are spaces better now.

Reports - Ahnentafel and Descendant Narrative reports can now include the addresses for birth, christening, death and burial.

Reports - Book style reports with generations starting on new pages sometimes ended up with a blank page at the end of a generation. Fixed.

Search and Replace - Now works in Split Screen view with two different family files.

20 October 2000 - Build

DataControl - We have switched back to using the workaround code for the Microsoft DataControl. This should solve the problems those who have their Regional Settings set to something other than English (USA). They were getting an error "Cannot Find Installable ISAM"

Export - After an Export to another Legacy file we now ask if you want to open the other file.

Gedcom - FTW source repositories now import from GEDCOM files.

Report Titles - Added [HLifespan] and [WLifespan] to the fields available in report titles.

Reports - Fixed multi-line right-justified report title placement.

10 October 2000 - Build

Maintenance Pack 1 - This build will require a Maintenance Pack to be downloaded and installed. After you install this update and then run Legacy for the first time it will display a message about downloading and installing the Legacy 4.0 Maintenance Pack 1. There is a new link on the bottom of the regular download web page for downloading the Maintenance Pack 1.

Indexes - Indexes are now sorted as Surname, Given names Suffix instead of Surname, Title Given names Suffix. For example: "King Clodius Franks II" will be sorted with the rest of the Franks (surname) and will be then listed with other Clodius' for the given name. Before this change it was being sorted with the "K" given names because of the "King".

Delete Family File - Deleted files are now placed in the Windows Recycle Bin so a user can Undo the delete if they need to.

To Do - Added a count to the top of the To Do list.

LDS BEPSC - These new rules always apply. If a person is sealed to some, but not all spouses then they get a lower case "s". If they are sealed to all spouses they get an upper case "S". This same rule applies to "P" for parents and "C" for children.

Sources - The single source clipboard button can now be used to assign to specific field on the LDS tab. The triple bar source clipboard button has been changed some. It is now tab specific. If you are on the Notes tab and click the triple bar then all notes and death cause will get the source clipboard sources assigned to them if there is any information in the fields. On the Events tab all events will get the sources assigned to them. On the LDS tab the currently displayed information will get the sources assigned to them. For the Detail, Family and Temple tab the buttons are hidden. This change gives a lot more control over sourcing and should be a lot easier to understand.

Ahnentafel Book Report - The children of couples now includes the date and place of birth and death. Also, if using underlines for missing information, they are inserted for the children also.

Reports - The option to print the notes for the spouses when producing book reports now works. Previously it was printing the notes no matter what the setting was.

Web Pages - Fixed a problem where the there could be duplicate symbols on the Name List. Also, added a Key for the "S", "C" and "P" letters following a name.

Reports - Fixed a problem where the sources for a birth, chr, death or burial were being repeated for the address for those events.

Combine Duplicates - For all of the master lists we will now trim any leading and trailing spaces before we check for and combine duplicate items.

Formatting - When a location is typed with mixed case letters we no longer run it through the formatting for state and province abbreviations.

GEDCOM Export to PAF4 - Fixed a conversion problem when changing from [[ ]] in Legacy to ~ in PAF4.

30 August 2000 - Build

Book Reports - The phrase to proceed the general, research, medical, marriage, birth, christening, death and burial notes can now be specified by the user. (There is a new "Wording" tab on the book reports option window.

Book Reports - Refined the adding underlines when there is missing information in location fields (and underlines are requested).

Web Pages and RTF Output of Book Reports - Standardized the indentation of the different sections.

Reports - Reports printed to RTF now carry the Label and Data font settings into the document.

Reports - Fixed a problem where Research and Medical notes would only print if General notes was selected.

GEDCOM - Fine tuning on importing and exporting.

GEDCOM - Exports to Pedigree Resource File format now include all sources as master sources.

Book Reports - The AKA's of spouses are now included.

18 August 2000 - Build

Book Reports - Refined the adding of underlines when there is missing information in location fields (and underlines are requested).

Reports - You can now select between All Preferred, Tagged Preferred or Untagged Preferred pictures to print on reports. This lets you turn off the printing of certain pictures that you don't want.

Master Source Definition - A Call Number fields has now been added to the Repository tab.

Source Report - now includes repository.

Profile - Fixed a problem where the user settings would be reset to the defaults if a saved path name had a comma in it.

1 August 2000 - Build

Address Labels - can now be sent to a text file with all fields for each record on one line separated by commas. This way they can be loading into a spreadsheet in columns.

To Do List - We now put quotes around all fields when outputting to-do's to a .csv file for import into Excel or other spreadsheets.

Reports - Descendant Register and Descendant Narrative reports now include the parents of the starting person.

Reports - There is a new option on the Sources tab of the Report Options that will print source citations with the title portion italicized.

Reports - All book style reports can now include event addresses.

Potential Problems - Individual events with the names: Funeral, Obituary, Probate and Will are no longer reported as errors if they fall after the death date.

Sources - Added a new field for recording the User Filing Reference and the Recorded Date to Master Sources.

Pictures - Added a new field for recording the User Filing Reference to pictures. If you have a numbering system for all of your photos you can enter this number with each picture. This makes it easy to locate a picture.

Marriage Events - There is a new "Options..." button on the Marriage Information screen for Marriage Events. The option button has a popup menu with a new selection to "Swap with Marriage Information". This will swap the currently highlighted event with the main marriage information. If you have an "Alt Marriage" event that you find out is the correct information for the marriage you can now easily swap the Alt Marriage event with the main marriage information.

LDS - We have added several new temples to the Master Temple List. We have also changed to a new format for the temple names.

21 July 2000 - Build

Reports - The AKAs for the children now print when doing FGSs.

Reports - There are now two options for using underlines for missing information:

  1. Insert Underlines for Missing Given and Surnames
  2. Insert Underlines for Missing Dates and Places.  

This lets you be more selective.

Locations - Two additional options of "Copying" have been added to the "Moving of Non-Locations to Notes" available from the Master Location list. The two new options allow you to just make a copy of the location to notes instead of moving. No links to the locations are removed like they are when you do a Move.

14 July 2000 - Build

Reports - On the book style reports, the option to "Insert Underlines for Missing Given or Surnames" has now been changed to "Insert Underlines for Missing Information". This now includes all missing dates and places along with missing name parts.

Reports - You can now have both "Put Boxes Around Individuals" and "Pack Information on One Line" when doing Descendant Charts.

Reports - Fixed a problem on the Ancestor Chart where the chart wasn't being built correctly at times. Odd pieces of the ancestors were appearing at the end of the report.

Reports - Individual reports can now include the addresses for birth, christening, death and burial events. Addresses for regular events are also enabled now.

Reports - The children list on an Ahnentafel Book and Individual reports can now show the full date of the birth-death range.

Indexes on Reports - If the option to include the year range of the individuals is selected for an index, people with no birth or death dates now don't show an empty set of parenthesis.

Potential Problems Report - Husband and Wife with same surname are now only reported once (instead of once for the husband and once for the wife). Unknown spouses were sometimes being reported with the same surname. Fixed.

Name Tags and Address Labels - Can now be printed to a text file for use in mail-merge applications.

Web Pages - Increased maximum number of generations from 30 to 250 on Ancestor and Descendant type Web pages.

To Do List - The To Do report can now be printed in a comma-delimited file format. This can then be loaded into a spreadsheet or Palm Pilot.

Adding/Editing - There is now an option to check for potential problems when saving an individual. This checks for date problems on the individual such as death before birth, christening before birth, burial before death, etc. This option can be turned on and off from the Options/Customize screen on the Data Entry/Edit tab.

Pictures - When converting a picture to a JPEG format you can now specify the amount of compress to use. (A dialog box pops up when you save the file prompting for a value from 2 (no compression/ highest quality) to 255 (most compression / worst quality)).

Internet Search - We have added two more locations to search for names online; Genealogy Portal and RootsWeb.

13 June 2000 - Build

Reports - The Family Group Sheet, Individual Report and all book style reports can now include the Birth, Christening, Death and Burial Notes.

Reports - Source citations can now optionally include the repository, including the phone numbers, e-mail and home page addresses. Source Surety can also be included.

Reports - The Family Group Sheet report can now include the address for birth, christening, death and burial as well as for all individual and marriage events. (Other reports to follow.)

Reports - The Spouse's Notes setting is now saved as it should be.

Reports - The Family Group Sheet and Individual reports now have an option to put an asterisk at the beginning of the children who are in the direct line. This option is found on the Format tab of the Report Options window.

Reports - Printing Family Group Sheets for a group of people was stopping when a blank person was encountered. Fixed.

Reports - Fixed an overwrite of children's pictures on the FGS.

Sources - Added "Repository" before the repository information on a source citation at the end of reports.

Sources - Added "Date of Citation" before the Recorded Date on a source citation at the end of reports.

Sound and Video - Some people have not been able to use the built-in Legacy sound and video player when playing .WAV and .AVI files. There is now a new option on the Launch tab of the Options/Customize window to use the default Windows Media Players instead. This will launch whatever default player has been setup for Windows. This might be the Windows Media Player, Real Video, Real Player, etc. This lets you also play .mov, .mp3, .mid and other popular sound and video formats.

Importing - Improved TMG GEDCOM import.

TempleReady - The user can now specify a range of dates within which birth years must fall in order to qualify for submission.

Family View - Fixed some color setting problems where the children would change back to black rather than keep the current color settings.

30 May 2000 - Build

Reports - Alternate names on the Descendant Narrative report are now in given name/surname order instead of the other way around.

Reports - RIN, User ID Number, and Ancestral File Number are now separately selectable items on the reports that can include them.

Reports - The marriage information can now be turned off in the Ahnentafel Book report.

GEDCOM Import - Import of multi-line source details are now handled correctly. (For example, Family Origins.)

Family View - You can now turn off the age to the right of the birth date and place on the Information screen by right-clicking on the number.
Right-clicking toggles the age on and off and is remembered between sessions.

Sources - The Show list from the Master Source List would sometimes report that multiple sources had been selected when only one was.

To Do - If you typed an apostrophe in the Find box at the top of the To Do List you would get a runtime error.  Fixed

26 May 2000 - Build

Family View - Changed the direct-line designator on the Family View Child List to bold instead of a leading plus sign...

Information and Name List - Concerning the ages shown to the right of the date fields - If there is no birth date, the christening date is used and the resulting age number is italicized.

GEDCOM Import - Fixed a problem where imported source detail text would duplicate and result in a huge family file.

GEDCOM Import - Improved import from FTW marriage events.

Reports -  Added a couple new embedded fields for report titles. They are [Lifespan] and [Couplename, Lifespan]. These will add the lifespan years to the title. See Report Title Options in the Help file for a complete description of embedded fields in report titles.

Reports - Added superscript source citation numbering to the Individual Report.

Reports -  Fixed the source citations on the FGS.

Reports -  Fixed overwriting of pictures on FGS.

Reports -  Fixed Christening overwrite on FGS.

18-19 May 2000 - Build

Reports - The Locations Report can now include the dates of the events that use each location. It can also be printed in standard or user-sorted order. The Location Report can also now be reached from the Options button on the Master Location List screen.

Reports - The Individual and Family Group reports now have complete control over font size in all sections. All reports will have this soon.

Reports - The Individual and Family Group reports now show source citations in superscript numbers instead of full-sized numbers in parenthesis. More to follow.

Family View - Changed the Event icon to an "e" instead of an "i". The contrast between "not have" and "have" is now better.

Direct Line - Legacy now keeps track of direct-line ancestors separately from preferred children. When you Set Direct Line as Preferred on the Tools menu, both settings are set. There is now a couple new options in the customize section (on the View tab). The first is the option to turn on or off the Preferred indicator on the Child List. The second is to turn on or off the new Direct Line indicator (a plus sign at the beginning of the child's name). So, you will now be able to see who your direct-line ancestors are as you navigate around in your file. And, you can turn off the * that indicates the preferred children.

Location List - There is now a new option that lets you move entries in the Master Location List to the Notes fields of those that use them and then erase it from the list. People sometimes put information in the location field that is not a location. For example, "Ashes sent to Seattle", "The coffin was blue", or "Christened in a white dress." These entries mess up the location list and really belong in the notes fields instead. This option is reached from the Master Location List by clicking the Options button and choosing Options for Non-Locations.

Master Lists - You can now Tag or Untag a selected group of Master Locations (and other master list items). To select more than one Location hold the Ctrl key down and click on Locations you wish to be selected. You can also press and hold the Shift key to mark a range of locations. Highlight the first location you want and then while holding the Shift key, click on another location and all of the locations from the first one to the currently clicked one will become highlighted. You can then click on Options, Tag, Highlighted Locations. This will tag all of the currently selected locations.

4 May 2000 - Build

TempleReady - By default TempleReady submissions now only qualifies people from the year 1500 on. (There is an option to change the cutoff date.) This new option is reached by clicking the Options button on the Temple tab of the Name List and choosing Change Cutoff Date.

TempleReady - The names of individuals born before 1500 can also be submitted for ordinances to create a GEDCOM that can be sent to the Medieval Department of the LDS Family History Department. This new option is reached by clicking the Options button on the Temple tab of the Name List and choosing Change Cutoff Date.

TempleReady - Submission files now default to the A: drive.

Spell Check - Added spell checking to the Address Notes.

Marriage Information - RIN numbers are no longer displayed on the Marriage Information window if you have the option to not display RIN numbers on the Family/Pedigree View.

Name List - On the Family tab the Mom & Dad radio button now work when you change them. We only have room to display information for the mother or the father. You can select which person's information you want displayed. It was not changing immediately when you would toggle between them.

Addresses - The asterisk is now displayed on the Notes tab correctly.

Search and Replace - Added “Lists-Picture Path” to global search and replace. This will let you change all C: to D: if you moved your pictures to another drive and want to keep the same path structure.

Merge - Baptism and Endowment sources are now being merged correctly.

Merge - "Merge Complete" message is only shown if any merging was actually performed.

Merge - Check/Repair could in certain cases improperly set the Gender of RIN 0 (the reserved Individual record) to an incorrect value. This would then cause Manual Merge to complain when it was first being opened that the person you are trying to merge is of the wrong gender. This has been fixed. You will need to do a File, Check/Repair to get the gender problem fixed.

Web Pages - Event Notes for Pedigree style Web pages are now formatted correctly.

Web Pages - Photos converted to jpeg when creating web pages now stay colored.

WebPages - Family Group Web site can now include event pictures.

Modified Time - Fixed the Modified time to display 12:00 (noon) as PM instead of AM.

Dates - All date formats now honor the option to keep two-digit days and months.

Ages - The Information screen now shows the age of christening, death and burial events.

Ages - The Marriage screen now shows how old the husband and wife were when married.

Family View - Marriage Status and Child Status are now optionally shown on the Family View. The option to display the statuses can be found on the View tab of the Options / Customize screen.

Family View - When you add or change a Cause of Death, closing the notes window was not updating the cause of death field on the Family View.

Reports - The Location report now prints tagged and untagged locations as it should.

Reports - Fixed a problem where incorrect source citations were being attached to information on an Individual report.

Reports - Descendant Narrative reports printed to HTML and RTF files are now correctly indented.

Reports - There is now a new Location report that shows each location along with who and how it was used. This report is reached by choosing Locations from the Reports menu.

Reports - You can now print up to 250 generations on all Ancestor and Descendant reports. No more 21 generation limit.

Reports - Reports no longer remove any leading spaces used to indent lines of notes.

Reports - The Descendant Narrative report now does Henry Numbering as an option.

Potential Problems -When you edit an individual there is now a checkbox along the bottom of the window to exclude that person from the Potential Problems report. This used to be accessible in Legacy 2.0 by right clicking on an individuals tag.

Master Lists - Added tagging capabilities to all master lists.

Marriage List - Added Arrow key support and the Enter key will select the currently highlighted person. The Marriage List now works like the Name List.

To Do Item - Added right click support for cut, copy, paste to To Do Description, To Do Results and Repository Notes.

Backup of Multimedia files - Speed improvements make backups much faster now.

Gedcom Import - There is now a new feature that lets you add some user-defined text to all unrecognized items that are put in the Notes fields during import.  This lets you search for the text later to see what all was added to the notes.

Export - When exporting, there is a new option to Include General To Do Items.

Web Pages - Added missing </div> tag to end of Pedigree style web pages

Shortcut Keys - Changed the shortcut key from Alt-O to Alt-B for Combining items in a Master List. There was a conflict where the Options button was also using the Alt-O shortcut key.

Search - Misc. Search for Oldest Direct line generation is now working correctly.

Addresses -An asterisk is now added to the notes tab so you can tell there are address notes to look at.

Sources - On the bottom of the Individual's Source screen we have added Recorded Date and User File Num to the Detail tab. Also, if you have the option to show entire source set on the Output tab, these two items will be included in the output.

Customize - The optional reminder messages that can be turned off can now be turned back on selectively instead of all or nothing..

29 March 2000 - Build

Speed improvements made to printing of Family Group Sheets.

You can now do a backup of all media files.  (See File menu, Backup Multimedia files.)

For Web Pages we now save the record selection setting and the current Focus Group.

The Set Relationship window will now close automatically when it's finished.

23 March 2000 - Build

Build available at announcement of Legacy 4.0

5 March 2000 - Build

Initial CD release of Legacy 4.0

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