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Legacy 4.0 Revision History

17 November 2003 - Build

Database Format - Updated the database code to use the same file format as version 5.0 files

28 October 2003 - Build

Fixes - Miscellaneous report problems have been fixed.

1 October 2003 - Build

Fixes - Several small fixes.

16 September 2003 - Build

FGS - Fixed some spacing problems with italicized notes, subheading line height, and not breaking child information across page breaks.

Individual Reports - Source citations numbers for marriage notes were sometimes wrong. Fixed.

Individual Reports - Email and Homepage info can now be included.

Name List Report - Fixed the blank fields when Chop Long Lines is selected.

Relationship Report - Now honors the border line option on the Page Setup screen.

RTF Book Reports - Fixed Event indent amount.

Source Citations - Subsequent citations of a source that included Detail Text or Comments, by a citation of the same source but without Detail Text or Comments was pointing to the previous citation by way of "ibid." This was incorrect because it appeared that the second citation also included the Detail Text or Comment. The second citation now gets it own line without the text or comments.

Web Pages - Pictures now have vertical space between them. They used to be touching each other.

Date Formatting - Dates are formatted using the customized terms on the Dates tab on the Customize screen. For example, if the user has "Cir" set to display as "Abt", this is now honored on reports.

GEDCOM Export - All [[Private]] information is now suppressed from the GEDCOM files.

GEDCOM Import - Re-wordwrapping Notes now also applies to Event Notes.

GEDCOM Export - There is now an option to "Convert formatting codes to HTML style." This will change embedded printer codes from b to <b> so they are recognizable as HTML codes.

16 July 2003 - Build

New Languages - A few refinements were made to improve the use of the new languages.

Data Entry - There is now a new option for the Living setting on individuals. In the past the Living value would always default to YES when entering a new person. You can now set the default value to Yes, No, or Leave It the Same as the Previous Person I Entered. This is done on the Data Entry/Edit tab of the Customize Screen.

10 July 2003 - Build

New Languages - You can now select a different version of "English".  To select a new language click on Options, Select Language.  The new languages available with this release are:

  • English - Australia
  • English - Canada
  • English - United Kingdom
  • English - United States

28 June 2003 - Build

Name List Report - If you select a specific event column, Legacy will now collect all the events of that name from each person and include them on the report. It used to only grab the first one. For example, if a person has 3 Census events, all three are now included

Name List Report - Long columns that wrap to successive pages are now printed concurrently, side-by-side. (Subsequent columns used to start printing on whatever page a previous long field ended.)

29 May 2003 - Build

Census Forms - Fixed the Copies options. Fixed the Print (directly to printer) button.

Ancestor Book Report - All Children now show all spouses (if those options are selected).

Descendant Narrative Report - Second parent is bolded.

GEDCOM Export - When exporting events with Override sentences to "GEDCOM 5.5 Only" destination, the override sentences are expanded (all [fields] filled in).

27 May 2003 - Build

Book Reports - Now use the default marriage phrase Person 1 [married] Person 2.

Dates - Legacy now accepts "Say" dates (Say 12 Dec 1900) and changes them to 'Est'. ('Say' dates are supported in TMG and this way they are imported into Legacy without error.)

Source Clipboard Tooltip - Change from "Reset Source Clipboard" to "Open Source Clipboard." Some people were getting confused as to what the triangle button was for.

Fixes - Several small fixes.

17 May 2003 - Build

Web Pages - Enabled the printing of event pictures on Ancestor, FGS, Individual, and Pedigree web pages.

Web Page Options - There are seven existing small text boxes where you can enter Introduction text, Contact Information, Picture caption, Custom HTML header and footer code, Description and Keywords. Each of these boxes now has a small edit button that will open a large edit window where you can much more easily add and edit the contents.

Web Page Creation - There is now an option to change the default opening page filename (default= Index.htm). Some ISPs use a different name, such as Index.html, or a different letter case. You can also change the extension from .htm to .html.

Customize - Added "Calculated" as a date prefix that can be customized.

Web Pages - Enabled the printing of event pictures on Ancestor, FGS, Individual, and Pedigree web pages.

Event Sentences - Whenever you save a set of Event Sentence Definitions, they are "memorized." When defining a subsequent set of definition, you can click on a sentence label to repeat the last "memorized" sentence. Right-clicking on a label offers to repeat the entire set of eight definitions. This is useful if you want to use an existing set of definitions as a template when adding a new user-defined event.

LDS Seal to Spouse - If a marriage has a date and location we now allow the couple to be sealed together even if there is not enough information to do their individual ordinances.

Master Lists - Improved arrow navigation.

Pedigree Charts - You can now turn off the "#1 on this chart is the same as x on chart x" by setting the Starting Chart # to 0.

Printing - In a past update we had added the option to set double-sided printing for printer that supported it. We have now added another flavor of this option to "not change the current printer settings."

Source Clipboard - Selecting a new master source for the clipboard now automatically blanks the Detail, Detail Text and File Ref fields.

FGS - When printing children's events in List mode, the address line was sometimes repeated twice. Fixed.

Printing - Tabloid sized printing is now possible.

Drag-Drop - LDS ordinance fields are now included in the transfer.

GEDCOM Export - Suppressing the name and details for Living individuals was turning off the export of Alternate Names for everyone. Fixed.

Ancestor Book Report - Fixed some picture duplication and spacing problems. Also some right margin problems for note blocks.

Descendant Chart - Fixed HTML and ASCII indent formatting problem.

FGS and Individual Reports - Fixed some HTML code formatting problems.

FGS Reports - Fixed some Note source citations overwrites.

14 March 2003 - Build

Restore - When you restore a family file that already exists you can now change the name of the file you are restoring. In the past it would overwrite the current family file with the one you were restoring. By supplying a new name this gives you a chance to decide which file you really want to use. If a family file already exists we show the date and time of both the existing file and the file you are restoring as a way to help you make a decision.

Child Status - You can now set the Child Status from the Parents List.

New Display Fields - Added two new fields, MRIN: Spouse(s) and MRIN: Parents. These list the MRIN's of all spouses and all Parents respectively. These are available for display on the Family View and the Name List/Detail tab. They are also available for printing on the Name List Report. (All versions)

Advanced Tagging - The window now remains open until manually closed which allows for multiple tagging operations to be performed.

Backup - When backing up to diskettes or zip disks you now have the option to Erase All, Add To or Cancel. Disk space is shown to you to help you make the decision. The default to a diskette is to Erase existing files. For larger removable media the default is to Append to or Add to existing files.

HTML Output - Cleaned it up.

Event Screen - Added a Repeat button that will duplicate the current field from the previously saved event. (Works the same as the Repeat button on the Information and Marriage screens.)

Web Creation - Now keeps track of its own web pic folder (instead of use the regular picture folder path).

Book Reports - Legacy now remembers the Title Page lines and honors [fields] within them.

Sources Citations - There is a new Source Font setting on the Font Selector that allows you to choose the font and size when printing the source citations section of reports. (All versions)

GEDCOM Import - Now handle some unique tags found in Generations and GenBox.

Book Reports - Fixed a problem in Location Index that would prematurely stop the index building if a particular location was in the report more than 1000 times.

Book Reports - Selecting a custom picture size now works.

Descendant Narrative Reports - HTML output no longer uses <blockquote> to indent paragraphs because it indents from both ends. A paragraph align tag is now used to indent just the left edge of successive generations.

Descendant Book Report - The subscript numbers showing the backline up to the beginning person were sometimes wrong. Fixed.

Ancestor Book Reports - Long ahnentafel numbers after forty or fifty generations were overwriting child names. Fixed.

List Style Calendar - Fixed a rare situation where every month would show 31 days.

Dates - Date Parser now recognizes dates like "bef 11 1800 Jan" that can be found in FamilySearch GEDCOMs.

Dates - Date fields have been lengthened to avoid truncation of long dates. This requires a database conversion when you open an existing family file.

Pedigree View - The wrong spouse name would sometimes be displayed in the Right-Click menu in the Family list. Fixed.

Pedigree View - Had No Children was only being shown for the first spouse in the family list. Now shows for all spouses.

Picture Center - Fixed an "error 9" that would happen when using the Find box to display a person with fewer than 20 pictures right after a person with more than 20 had been displayed.

Alive Indicator - Changed Husband/Wife to show color change instead of trailing period.

GEDCOM Import - Legacy now recognizes the gender indicator from GEDCOMs downloaded from FamilySearch.

Dates - We used to stop recognizing dates at 3000 BC. This has now been increased to 5000 BC.

Name List - Added support for Ctrl-Page Up and Ctrl-Page Down which jump to the top or bottom of the list.

Check for Updates - Fixed an Error 5 that some users would get when doing an Internet, Check for Legacy Update.

Potential Problems - Fixed a Burial More Than 90 days After Death situation where one date was just a year and the other was a complete date.

Export - If doing a selective export of just some individuals we will now export a parents marriage record to keep kids linked even if their parents are not being linked.

18 December 2002 - Build

FGS Reports - Long Husband and Wife names now wrap to successive lines.

Pedigree Web Pages - The bulleted list at the top of the pages were not including marriages that didn't have any date or location.

Pedigree Web Pages - Events using [GivenName] in event sentences were sometimes using the previous name.

Descendant and Ancestor Charts - The Indent setting was being reset to 0 when exiting the menu.

Family and Individual Web Pages - Fixed some blank label problems.

Global Spell Checking Screen - Fixed field spacing problems.

14 December 2002 - Build

Resizing - Added new resizing capability to about 80 windows in Legacy that were a fixed size.

Relationship Report - There is now an option to include (or exclude) RINs on names. (or User ID or AFN.)

Relationship Report - There is now an option to print the names in Given name(s) Surname order or in Surname, Given name(s) order.

Relationship Report - There is now an option to print this report to a .csv (comma-delimited) file format.

Family Group Sheets - Added a button to automatically add - [MRIN] to the end of the title. (Many people couldn't figure out how to do this.)

Master Sources - There is now an option to default new master sources to Published or Unpublished.

Family View - There is now an option to put a " at the end of the Husband/Wife label to indicate that the person has been excluded from potential problems reporting.

Check/Repair - Added a new test to make sure a Child Record correctly links a child to their parents.

Search - Refined the And/Or conditions of Detailed Searches

User ID# - Options, Customize, Other, Clear All User ID's was not also clearing the values from the Alternate Name List.

TempleReady - Submit button when Doing TempleReady was not also doing the Seal to Spouse work that needed to be done.

Search - If three detailed search conditions are used and the second one is an OR the search was not using the correct logic.

Pedigree Web Pages - Now use the "Marriage" word specified in the marriage record for each couple.

Chronology View - Certain Regional Settings were causing the Chronology View to be blank. Fixed.

Name List Report - Fixed metric conversion for column widths and page margins

Name List - Fixed a problem of names being trimmed if they have trailing spaces which then caused records to be saved possibly to the wrong persons record.

Relationship Calculator - Fixed a problem with the way Half relations were done.

18 October 2002 - Build

Chronology View - Certain Regional Settings were causing the Chron. View to be blank. Fixed.

Fonts - Fixed a couple areas where font sizes were causing text to wrap and/or get cut off.

15 October 2002 - Build

Reports - A New report called "Family Tree Picture Report" was added. This is only available from the report menu across the top. Click on Report menu and select "All Reports (books and others)..." This new report is a new Deluxe Edition feature.

Chronology Report - Added the option to print the person's picture on the report.

Chronology View - There are now options to include the death event of Parents, Spouses, and Children.

Family Group Records Report - Added an option to print "page ___ of # of pages" ( e.g. 1 of 4). This is on the Header tab of the Report Options screen.

Ancestor Book Reports - There is now a new option to include Spouse information for children.

Date Entry - If a person enters a date with only a two-digit year, Legacy asks for confirmation and tells the user that if they really wanted a four-digit date then they have to enter all four digits. (This message can be turned off.)

Reports - Embedded [fields] in report titles - [Firstname] now returns just the first given name. A new [Givennames] field returns all the given names.

Book Reports - If the Event Phrase wording line is blank, a blank line is not included in the report. (Previously, a blank line was being printed which created too much space before the event list.)

Web Pages - Changed how we do the links on the top of the Name List pages.

Address and To Do List - For these two reports when the output is set to a text file we will now use the Users Locale aware Separator Character instead of a comma.

Master Sources - There is now an option to default new master sources to Published or Unpublished.

13 September 2002 - Build

Event Sentence Definition Screen - Added the shortcut method of adding printer codes to this window.

GEDCOM Export - If you have set the option to change "Christening" to "Baptism" in Legacy, there is now an option to export the CHR information as BAPM in a GEDCOM file. This option is on the Customize screen of the GEDCOM Export screen.

GENDEX - Fixed a problem with the format of the Gendex index that is created when creating web pages.

Web Pages - Added the "Remove [[ ]]" option to the Private Notes

Web Pages - Added the option to use bullets or numbering on events.

Book Indexes - The entire index is now called Name Index. Previously the first page was shown as "Index" and subsequent pages as "Name Index."

Chronology View - If an event was named Partner or Partnership, an ill-formed entry was shown in the view. Fixed.

7 September 2002 - Build

Backup Family File - A New Backup Compression Library is being used.

To-Do Reports - There is now a new option to include the Alternate Names with printing to-do's for an individual. This info goes in the header section at the beginning of the report. (Standard 4.0 Edition)

Notes - There is now a new option to either open the last note type used (General, Research, or Medical) when you open the Notes window (which is the way it has been in the past), or to always go back to the General Notes tab. This option is set on the Data Entry/Edit tab of the Customize screen.

Book Reports - There is now an option to include underlines for missing death and burial information on living people... Inquiring minds want to know...

1930 Census Form - Is now available (Standard 4.0 Edition)

Mary Hill Ancestor Colors - You can now set the global colors. (Deluxe 4.0 Edition)

Name Tags - You can now choose colors for text, borders and backgrounds. These new options are on the Borders/Pictures tab. (Deluxe 4.0 Edition)

Name List Report - Added an option to shade name lines. This makes it much easier to see where each name line begins when including the surrounding family members. (Standard 4.0 Edition)

Slider Picture Show - Added a Zoom button to the Picture Information window (that pops up when you click one of the sliding pictures). This lets you see the picture fully zoomed. (Standard 4.0 Edition)

Chronology View and Report - There is now an option to remove "USA" from Emphasized locations (those printed in reverse order at the beginning of descriptions). This option is on the Format tab of the Chronology View Options screen. (Deluxe 4.0 Edition)

Descendant Book Report - Added a new option to print (or not to print) the spouses for the children who will later have a main entry and then have their spouses listed again. (Standard 4.0 Edition)

Report Titles - Added [Surname] to the list of fields that can be embedded in a report title. (Standard 4.0 Edition)

Date Formatting - If you are using a date format that doesn't include separator characters, such as 21 Apr 1900, then Legacy will use the selected date separator character ("Separator for numeric dates" on the Date tab of the Customize screen) between any year ranges. For example, 21 Apr 1953-1958 would appear as 21 Apr 1953/1958 if the slash was chosen as the "Separator for numeric dates."

Pedigree Web Pages - There is now an option to print events in List or Sentence style. (Deluxe 4.0 Edition)

LDS Ordinance Submission Report - Added extra columns for filling in information found when doing a manual search of the Ordinance Index. This can then be used to alter the submission GEDCOM file on-site. (Standard 4.0 Edition)

Source Clipboard - When copying an existing source citation to the clipboard, Legacy now looks to see if there are Detail Comments associated with the citation. If there are, Legacy now asked if you would like to copy them to the clipboard with the rest of the citation. (They used to be copied automatically.) (Deluxe 4.0 Edition)

Name List - If you click on the Edit, Notes, or LDS tab, the cursor is now placed in the first input field of that tab. (It used to stay in the Last Name search field at the top.) (Standard 4.0 Edition)

Reports with boxes - If user chooses to use one of the colored box options, the Use Boxes option is automatically turned on. If the user turns off the Use Boxes option, any colored box options are automatically turn off. (Deluxe 4.0 Edition)

GEDCOM Import - If an person in the GEDCOM file does not have a gender included in his or her Individual record, then a HUSB or WIFE tag for that person in a Family record will be used to set his or her gender. (Ordinance Index GEDCOMs often do not have a gender in the Individual records. Many people were thus being imported with an Unknown gender and Legacy's Check/Repair would end up swapping the Husband and Wife positions and assigning the incorrect gender.)

FGRs and Individual Reports - With RINs turned on, the MRINs for the parents and other marriages are now shown on the report.

Location Index - Bracketed locations are now sorted without their brackets.

GEDCOM Export - Excluding Addresses (in the Customize window) now only skips regular addresses and not Repositories. (To exclude repositories you must remove REPO from the Export These Items window.)

28 June 2002 - Build

FGS and Individual reports - The pictures for the Birth, Christening, Death, and Burial are now included when Event Pictures are

Location Report - Added an option to exclude unused locations from the report.

Shortcut Keys - E1 through E9 edits child 1 - 9. C1 through C9 moves child 1 - 9 up to the main position. We have now extended these to include EA - EF and CA through CF to handle up to 15 children. A=10, B=11, C=12, D=13, E=14, F=15.

Pictures - From the Load Picture window, you can now delete picture files by pressing the Del key on the keyboard. After confirmation, the file is erased from the disk.

Update Reminder - Added a screen to remind people to check for updates if more than 30 days passes without checking.

Pedigree Web Pages - Now uses the marriage phrases as specified in the marriage records.

FGS and Individual Reports and Web Pages - The partner of a non-married couple is now referred to as "Partner" or "Other Partner."

Event Sources - Events that have been added by the user and have to event sentence definitions, were being printed in a default format that did not include source citations. We have now added the citations to the default formats.

LDS Options - The Temple fields are now turned off on the File Maintenance/Master Lists Cleanup option if LDS options are turned off.

Pedigree Web Pages - Unmarried couples are no longer reported as "married."

Reports - Legacy now honors all trailing carriage returns at the end of notes.

21 May 2002 - Build

FGS and Individual reports - The pictures for the Birth, Christening, Death, and Burial are now included when Event Pictures are requested.

Descendant Book Report - A new format option has been added to include all children as main entries on the report.

Descendant and Ancestor Charts - You can now include the User ID Number at the end of names.

FGS Report - Long event dates are now shown in their entirety instead of being chopped off. Long locations now have more room also.

FGS Report - The source citations now show up for children's spouse's names.

Event Sentences - If the user has the Event Addresses option selected but doesn't have the [Address] field in the event sentence, Legacy will add it at the end of the sentence (if event sentences are being used).

RTF - Fixed superscript source citation numbers.

RTF - Embedded formatting codes are now honored.

RTF Reports - There is now a blank line below the header of each page and above the footer to provide separation space from the body of the pages.

RTF Reports - The option to include the word "Page" before page numbers on a book report is now included in RTF output as well.

Chronology Report - Sources now appear for spouse's names, marriages, marriage notes, and children's names.

Chronology Report - The Life Shading and Age Column shading options now sticks and are honored.

Reports - Changed marriage paragraph address phrase from "Their address:" to "Address:"

Pedigree Web Pages - "Marriage Information" label is suppressed when the couple has a marriage status of "Unmarried."

Source Citations - When adding a new master source from the Assigned Sources window, the popup window is now called "Add a New Master Source." It used to be "Add New Master Source Definition for...".

Printers - Legacy no longer changes the system default printer setting when you select a new printer for a report.

Fonts - Legacy no longer resets the fonts when a new printer is selected.

Address Labels - When printing labels to a text file and placing all fields for an individual on one line and not surrounding the fields with quotes, they were printing on separate lines. Fixed. (In this situation, any embedded commas in a field are changed to spaces so as not to mess up the delimiter count.)

Master Location Notes - Added a scrollbar to the Notes field on the Add/Edit Master Location screen.

20 April 2002 - Build

Ancestor Book Report - Implemented event pictures for individuals and marriages.

Descendant Book Report - Implemented event pictures for individuals and marriages.

Descendant Narrative Book Report - Implemented event pictures for individuals and marriages.

Ancestor Book Report - Spouse's events are now included.

Web Page Creation - Added the wording options found on printed book reports.

Web Page Creation - Added birth, christening, death, and burial note options.

10 April 2002 - Build

Shortcut Keys - Added Ctrl-Z as a shortcut to Customize and Ctrl-P as a shortcut to the Picture Center.

Location Report - Added the option to suppress living individuals.

Source Citation Report - Added the option to suppress living individuals.

Event Report - Added to option to filter to non-living individuals.

Web Pages - Added the Age at Death option.

Timeline Report - Added the option to include or exclude shadows behind the boxes. This is on the Timeline tab of the Report menu window.

Reports - Added the option to remove the brackets around [[private notes]] when including private notes.

Reports - Version 3.0 had the option to save the current report page as shown in the Print Preview screen to a Windows metafile. Version 4.0 changed the option to allow three different sizes of bitmaps to either the clipboard or to a disk file. We have now added back the v3 option of creating a metafile. You can now choose from all three options.

Reports - The Age at Death is now an option for the three book reports. (On the Options tab.)

Event Sentence Definitions - Added a new conditional field that lets you vary wording depending on if the subject person is living or not. The new field format is: [::living words::non-living words]. For example, a Hobbies event might be worded: [HeShe] [::enjoys::enjoyed] [Desc].

Help - The Legacy Help file now has a new topic called "New Features Not in the Manual." This contains a summary of all the new things that have been added to Legacy since the manual was printed. You should refer to this topic each time a new update is posted on our web site. You can find the top from the Contents page of the Help file under the Overview heading.

Spell Checker - Help file is now included.

21 March 2002 - Build

Chronology Report - Added an option to start sources on a new page (or not).

Chronology Report - Implemented sources.

Marriage List - Added an option to Marriage List Options menu, Untag All, Tag #1.

Source Title Formatting - You can now choose to italicize, quote, or not format the source title when printing source citations. You can also choose to print the publication facts in parentheses or not.

Event Report - Added a Reset button to the Event report options window.

Location sorting - When viewing Location List with the prepositions removed from the beginning, the propositions are now shown at the end so you know they were there.

List Report - Added option to include RIN on main names. (There was already an option to include RINs on the spouses and children.)

Source Clipboard - Clear All Sources will now use the defaults you have selected in Options, Customize.

Check/Repair - Added some additional checks to find sources that were incorrectly attached to Individual Events that no longer exist.

Chronology Report - Fixed the life span shading for living people.

Chronology Report - The Remove Leading Commas on Locations option now works on the report. (It was only working on the View.)

Report Options - Fixed a problem that was resetting page margins back to the defaults.

Report Options - Fixed the [LifeSpan] in report titles to work correctly with male individuals.

Name List Report - The tag's are now included correctly on the report.

Name List Report - If Alternate Names are included the report was not showing the Alternate Name for the person, it was only showing their main name. Fixed

15 March 2002 - Build

Events - Added a Reset button to the Event report options window.

Slide Show - If a sound is playing we will wait for it to finish before showing the next picture.

Backup - Made a little more room for displaying of real long filenames.

Chronology View - Fixed error 13 caused by Regional Settings of some users.

12 March 2002 - Build

Pictures - Fixed a problem in the Slide Show viewer when it encountered missing pictures.

Events - List style events are now formatted with a colon after the event name.

Index View - Age at Death now works.

Chronology Report - [Lifespan] now works correctly for females

Chronology View - Estimated birth or death date on the life span are now shown with "est.". e.g. 1820-<est. 1895>
Print Preview - Added shortcut keys to the buttons.

Relationship Calculator - Fixed some incorrect relationships.

Descendant Book - The picture is not printed for the spouse of a child when the child will appear as a main person in the next generation.

Dates - Fixed some date problems.

6 March 2002 - Build

The beginning of a new Legacy!

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