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Legacy 9.0 Revision History

Current Version is:
Build Date of: 16 September 2017

16 September 2017 - Version - Build

GEDCOM Export - Fixed GEDCOM export of shared events as regular events.

Hashtags - Hashtags were being exported even if removed in customize section. Fixed.

Help - updated new help file.

Legacy Charting - Fixed an error about "tblGP" that some users were seeing.

Legacy FamilySearch - Added the Temple tab back into the program. Because of the changes at FamilySearch and how Legacy FamilySearch retrieves ordinances, this tab is now very slow.

Legacy FamilySearch - Cosmetic terminology change request.

Legacy FamilySearch - Every once in a while, LFS will need to compact its' database. A dialog box will appear every 30 times you start LFS.

Legacy FamilySearch - Fixed issues with matches not found.

Legacy FamilySearch - Fixed issues with special characters in search and matching feature.

Legacy FamilySearch - Speed issues.

Legacy FamilySearch - Fixed issues with dates in events.

Legacy FamilySearch - When you download a person from FS, LFS no longer assigns a unspecified source to the person in Legacy.

LegacyCharting - Legacy Charting will now honor privacy brackets in certain fields.

LegacyCharting - Mismatch between Privacy Options on Help & Options - Chart options -View and on Appearance-Privacy Options.

LegacyCharting - Privacy Invisible option is not working to to suppress Invisible people.

LegacyCharting - Private Dates converted to BC and not suppressed. Fixed.

Possible Duplicates - Fixed Possible Duplicates error when person had more than two spouses.

QuickBookmarks - Now refresh QuickBookmark names after edits.

Reports - Add new option to only include blood relatives on the Relationship Report.

Reports - Message now shown if no relationship set while trying to produce a Relationship Report.

Reports - On Descendant chart no line is output for an unknown spouse if the "Just leave it blank" option is set.

Research Guidance - 56 New or Updated sources.

13 June 2017 - Version - Build

Legacy FamilySearch - LDS Ordinance features are all working now with the new ordnance API.

9 June 2017 - Version - Build

GEDCOM - Fixed exporting shared event as regular events in GEDCOMs.

Legacy FamilySearch - The temple tab will re-direct the user to the FS website.

Legacy FamilySearch - Updated for the new ordnance API.

Reports - Fixed Bingo report loop.

Research Guidance - 70 New or Updated sources.

23 May 2017 - Version - Build

Fonts - Fixed screen and data font change errors.

Research Guidance - Added or updated: Over 219 sources.

18 May 2017 - Version - Build

Backup - Improved progress messages of Backup to Legacy Cloud.

Backup - Restoring a Legacy 9 backup that includes an .hdb file end up with two .hdb files. Fixed.

Check/Repair - Added a check for duplication of Find A Grave ID's. If there are duplicates (caused by a bug in Gedcom Import) they will be removed and user will need to add the ID back to the correct individual.

Dates - Dates entered as from - to converted to uppercase. Fixed.

Dates - If you use From/to in a date, the From will be uppercase in reports when it should be lowercase. Fixed.

Dates - The date combo From... to... does not appear in reports correctly. Fixed.

Hints - Added a new option to turn off hints for living individuals.

Family View - Siblings list for Wife show both siblings and children. Fixed.

Gedcom - Added an option to export burial information marked as cremation as a Cremation event.

Gedcom - Fixed duplication of Find A Grave numbers when importing a GEDCOM file.

2 May 2017 - Version - Build

Backup - Time shown on backups now show correctly for the timezone of the person doing the Legacy Cloud Backup.

Error - Fixed the "Permission Denied" error that some were reproting.

27 April 2017 - Version - Build

Backup - Added more informative messages to Legacy Cloud Backup.

Backup - Now change mouse pointer to busy and disable buttons while performing actions for Legacy Cloud Backup/Restore.

Backup - Restore from a Local Backup was incorrectly requiring an internet connection.

Deluxe Only - Updated information on Deluxe Only screen.

Picture Center - Field labels for Caption field were missing.

Tags - Tag contents not shown in Family View on start up.

Update - "See What's New" link wsa pointing to the wrong page.

22 April 2017 - Version - Build

Backup - Doing a Backup from the Getting Started interview was not recongizing the selected backup folder. Fixed.

Check/Repair - Added some new checks.

Hinting - Hinting is now available in the Free Standard Edition. We want everyone to be able to use it.

Hinting - Made a few Hinting improvements.

Research Guidance 203 New or Updated Sources.

Research Guidance Added or updated: Over 203 sources.

18 April 2017 - Version - Build

Legacy Export/Import - Shared Events were not exporting correctly

17 April 2017 - Version - Build

New Version 9.0 Released - The beginning of a new Legacy!

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