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Legacy 9.0 Revision History

Current Version is:
Build Date of: 21 May 2018

21 May 2018 - Version - Build

File Maintenance - The List Cleanup no longer purges locations only used by Stories.

GEDCOM - AFN number, User ID, FamilySearch ID, and Find a Grave ID can now be exported as events to avoid data loss .

GEDCOM - Q Dates with Qn YYYY format can now be imported in Gedcom and also entered in date field and converted to Legacy MMM Q YYYY format.

Help - Updated Help file.

Hints - All of the Option 8.13 Hints Setting can now be saved to User Defaults.

Hints - HELP button and message added to the Realtime Hint Processing Monitor screen.

Hints - Long FamilySearch passwords now work in Option 8.13.

Hints - Random Database Admin Lock events fixed.

Legacy Charting - Users can now change user interface language in Legacy Charting.

Legacy FamilySearch - Choosing the option to add name to FamilySearch will now add and no longer replace the name.

Legacy FamilySearch - Pedigree Navigation in Legacy FamilySearch will now allow access to children if there is no spouse.

Legacy Home - Refresh button on Legacy Home Tab now does the same thing as Options > Check the Internet Now option?

Locations - Fairfield County, SC was formed in 1785 not 1798 fixed in County Verified.

Locations - Fixes to Manual input in Distance and Bearing Calculator.

Locations - Southern Hemisphere locations now converted correctly in Distance and Bearing Calculator.

Master Lists - Location error when accessing story, generating reports, webpages and exporting gedcoms, caused by purging unused locations, fixed.

Master Lists - Manually entering Geo Coordinates on Edit Location form made easier.

Master Lists - Show list for surnames now has options to exclude married names and/or AKA's from the list.

Options - Set other color and style options" now operational.

Reports - An option now implemented to exclude deceased persons for Address Labels Report.

Reports - Ancestor book report now honoring exclude details on living individuals for parents stories.

Reports - Fixed Formatting errors on the Name Index in reports.

Reports - Name Index in Reports no longer gives blank married surname for people with a blank/unknown partner.

Reports - Private Marriage Events are now omitted in Chronology Report.

Reports - Private Master Events no longer cause all following events to be omitted in Chronology Report.

Reports - Sort Order option in Location Report is now working.

Reports - Stories for one spouse now always show up show correctly.

To-Do - Reinstated showing Name of Individual for individual To-Do.

30 March 2018 - Version - Build

Calendar Creator - Baptism/Christening date no longer used as Death Date substitute.

Charting - Added Czech language option for Charting.

Check/Repair - Improved Logging of FindaGrave duplicate removals.

County Verifier - Beltrami County, Minnesota updated.

Distance & Bearing Calculator - Fixes for Southern hemisphere locations.

FamilySearch - % Complete bar now reaches 100% for non-LDS users.

FamilySearch - Can't Reserve or Print Temple Cards.

FamilySearch - Fixes to matching algorithms between Legacy and FamilySearch.

FamilySearch - Problems with sources moved from LFS to Legacy.

FamilySearch - Replace existing name in FamilySearch does not work.

Faroese - Faroese Language version is now listed on website as released.

FindAGrave - FindAGrave links now updated to the new FindaGrave format.

Fonts - Stretch fonts in Note fields improved.

Gedcom Import - New Roots Magic Gedcom now import correctly.

Getting Started Wizard - Default marriage status now Married.

Help - Updated help file.

Individual Information - FamilySearch link now working.

Picture Center - Picture Center Captions added.

2 February 2018 - Version - Build

Data Entry - Dates BC dates with a prefix do not translate into the other languages - FIXED

Data Entry - Dates dates are being changed when you switch the language from English (or any other language) to Norwegian-Nyorsk - FIXED

Data Entry - Names Error in Possible Duplicates screen - FIXED

Documentation - Help File & Broken Help Links Help topic 9-0121 : 40626 missing close parentheses - FIXED

Documentation - Legacy Website Add downloadable international Help Files to the Legacy webpage - FIXED

Documentation - Legacy Website Undocumented Error Number: "Permission denied (656)" - Part #2 - FIXED

File - File Maintenance File Maintenance Changes Ribbon on completion - FIXED

File - Gedcom Export Gedcom Export Default Character set cannot be reset - FIXED

File - Gedcom Export Private medical note - a note hint appears in the gedcom file - FIXED

File - Legacy Import Undocumented Error Number: "Permission denied (656)" - FIXED

Hints - Legacy Family Tree Hints has stopped working Message - FIXED

Hints - Missing translation in GR, but not in Beta - FIXED

Hints - Number of Hints reported on Hint Icon different from Number of Hints on Hint Results - FIXED

Internet - Create Web Pages Ancestor Web Pages not working for certain people - FIXED

Legacy Charting - Charting 9.0 will not open a Charting 8.0 saved chart - FIXED

Legacy Charting - Charting crashes with wrong language file time stamp - FIXED

Legacy Charting - Charting does not recognize British Quarter Dates - FIXED

Legacy Charting - Charting does not recognize cremations - FIXED

Legacy Charting - Charting hangs when trying to select a chart - FIXED

Legacy Charting - Charting Suppress details for living people not working - FIXED

Legacy Charting - Charting Wizard Step 2 of 3 - Select an Individual shows no individuals and a blank grid - FIXED

Legacy Charting - Default Control when opening Individual Selection Window needs to be changed - FIXED

Legacy Charting - Fan Chart: When ordering get message about overlapping boxes. Do you want to fix it - FIXED

Legacy Charting - Let's change the zoom level when the chart is first created - FIXED

Legacy Charting - Line Color default doesn't match the theme's default - FIXED

Legacy Charting - Mary Hill color coding not working as it does in Legacy - FIXED

Legacy Charting - Names of the months and date prepositions are in English even if you are using one of the other languages - FIXED

Legacy Charting - Problem with unlinked pictures - FIXED

Legacy Charting - Refresh Chart - Does not update changes to Individual Pictures - FIXED

Legacy Charting - The primary and secondary causes of death are switched around in the Cause of Death Chart - FIXED

Legacy FamilySearch - "Reason this information is correct" is missing when you transfer from FamilySearch to Legacy - FIXED

Legacy FamilySearch - Add ability to add a citation to each piece of information being imported using the Guided Startup Wizard route - FIXED

Legacy FamilySearch - Add name into FS not working - FIXED

Legacy FamilySearch - Change default from "Yourself" to "Current Person" when you Import Tree - FIXED

Legacy FamilySearch - Changing the filtering options causes the filtered lists to no longer populate - FIXED

Legacy FamilySearch - Contents of the Contents of the "Reason this information is correct" box sometimes transfers, sometimes is does not - FIXED

Legacy FamilySearch - Dates entered as "between...and..." are changed to "" when dates are uploaded - FIXED

Legacy FamilySearch - If FamilySearch is blocking a merge there is no indication of this in LFS - FIXED

Legacy FamilySearch - Incorrect Percentage report when starting LFS with a new file - FIXED

Legacy FamilySearch - Intermittent Access Violation and Invalid Pointer Errors when opening Information windows - FIXED

Legacy FamilySearch - Legend Tab Scrolling issue - FIXED

Legacy FamilySearch - LFS will not close if two copies of Legacy are running (for beta testers) - FIXED

Legacy FamilySearch - LFS will not display Custom Event Confirmation from FS Family tree - FIXED

Legacy FamilySearch - LFS will not use non-English characters in searches - FIXED

Legacy FamilySearch - List of duplicates in Legacy does not match the list of duplicates on FamilySearch (same with possible matches) - FIXED

Legacy FamilySearch - Ordinal number extension/suffix correction needed - FIXED

Legacy FamilySearch - Pedigree Navigation tool in Legacy FamilySearch not working - FIXED

Legacy FamilySearch - Problem with BC dates - FIXED

Legacy FamilySearch - Problem with divorce and marriage data - FIXED

Legacy FamilySearch - Problem with Sync arrows - FIXED

Legacy FamilySearch - Reads private dates and adds them to FamilySearch - FIXED

Legacy FamilySearch - Source Notes are not showing in 'Upload this source to FamilySearch' screen and can't be uploaded to FS Family Tree - FIXED

Legacy FamilySearch - Standardized Places - Correct Place not found/offered - FIXED

Legacy FamilySearch - Tab count update problems - FIXED

Legacy FamilySearch - The Changes tab is not displaying the contact persons correctly. In addition, change descriptions are different - FIXED

Legacy FamilySearch - The Event Details show no "Contributors" or "Change History" info if you click the "i" icon on the Data tab - FIXED

Legacy FamilySearch - There is a long string of characters displayed for the Family Tree person's marriage information on the Share Data tab - FIXED

Legacy FamilySearch - Transferring children from right to left blanks out the children's names - FIXED

Legacy FamilySearch - Unable to download from FamilySearch into a completely empty database file - FIXED

Legacy FamilySearch - Unable to replace marriage data - FIXED

Legacy FamilySearch - Update Legacy FamilySearch to handle change to FamilySearch API for LDS Ordinance Sync - FIXED

Legacy FamilySearch - When transferring a source from FamilySearch to Legacy, the source format is incorrect - FIXED

Media - Media Gallery From Picture Gallery, cannot link to a picture on a network drive - FIXED

Reports - Book Reports Descendant Book Report - The new option "Include Gender for Children" has not been translated to German - FIXED

Reports - Book Reports Dutch Descendant and Ancestor books - Generation numbers in the Table of Contents of the books is inconsistent - FIXED

Reports - Book Reports text not wrapping around photos of spouse under block of vitals info - FIXED

Reports - Chart Style Family Group Record - Incorrect UID used for spouse for single people - FIXED

Reports - Chart Style Family Group Record - Report Options - Option to include Event pictures does not stick - FIXED

Reports - Chart Style Hashtag filter for coloring boxes in Chart Reports not working - FIXED

Reports - Chart Style Hashtag to select people to color not working. - FIXED

Reports - Chronology Comparison Odd behavior when there are multiple events with the same date - FIXED

Reports - Family Dictionary Marriage Events are not being seen correctly by the FamilySearch interface - FIXED

Reports - Options/Settings Report Options - Event Pictures Option does not stick for some reports - FIXED

Reports - Other Error with Statistics Report calculations - FIXED

Reports - Other Statistic Date Calculations wrong - FIXED

Reports - Publishing Center Calendar Creator - Include Options changes will not stick - FIXED

Reports - Publishing Center Calendar Report in Pub Centre - Settings revert to Only Living - FIXED

Reports - Publishing Center Publishing Center not honoring picture sizes - FIXED

Research Guidance Database Add more Sources to Research Guidance - FIXED

Tabs - Descendant View Adding someone in the descendant view causes error 94 invalid use of a Null - FIXED

Tabs - Descendant View Error 6145 in Descendant View for customized columns - FIXED

Tabs - Family View The "Children" label over the Children's List is no longer visible - FIXED

Tabs - Index View Clicking Startup Family in the Index view does not go to the startup family, it goes to the RIN 0 placeholder - FIXED

Tabs - Pedigree View Change Colours - Untranslated Message on Pedigree View - FIXED

Tabs - Pedigree View When you add a new person via the pedigree view it gives error 3021 - FIXED

Tools - Merge "Merge work file record was not found" error message when starting a merge - FIXED

Tools - Merge Add To-Dos to the Merge screen - FIXED

Tools - Merge Field misplaced on Possible Duplicate - FIXED

Tools - Merge If you move an event from right to left during a manual merge the internet media link does not transfer. - FIXED

Tools - Merge Merge - Vital Event Note differences - Edit Notes Option - FIXED

Tools - Merge Merge Notes Not working - FIXED

Tools - Merge Merge Notes Replace Feature not working - FIXED

Tools - Merge Merge Screen Backup Button - Does not work - FIXED

Tools - Merge Problem with General tab not refreshing in Merge - FIXED

User Interface - Toolbars Mytoolbar setting Legacy 9 beta 151 - FIXED

User Interface - Tooltips Translated Tooltip not used - FIXED

View - Split Screen Several media issues when in Split Screen - FIXED

16 September 2017 - Version - Build

GEDCOM Export - Fixed GEDCOM export of shared events as regular events.

Hashtags - Hashtags were being exported even if removed in customize section. Fixed.

Help - updated new help file.

Legacy Charting - Fixed an error about "tblGP" that some users were seeing.

Legacy FamilySearch - Added the Temple tab back into the program. Because of the changes at FamilySearch and how Legacy FamilySearch retrieves ordinances, this tab is now very slow.

Legacy FamilySearch - Cosmetic terminology change request.

Legacy FamilySearch - Every once in a while, LFS will need to compact its' database. A dialog box will appear every 30 times you start LFS.

Legacy FamilySearch - Fixed issues with matches not found.

Legacy FamilySearch - Fixed issues with special characters in search and matching feature.

Legacy FamilySearch - Speed issues.

Legacy FamilySearch - Fixed issues with dates in events.

Legacy FamilySearch - When you download a person from FS, LFS no longer assigns a unspecified source to the person in Legacy.

LegacyCharting - Legacy Charting will now honor privacy brackets in certain fields.

LegacyCharting - Mismatch between Privacy Options on Help & Options - Chart options -View and on Appearance-Privacy Options.

LegacyCharting - Privacy Invisible option is not working to to suppress Invisible people.

LegacyCharting - Private Dates converted to BC and not suppressed. Fixed.

Possible Duplicates - Fixed Possible Duplicates error when person had more than two spouses.

QuickBookmarks - Now refresh QuickBookmark names after edits.

Reports - Add new option to only include blood relatives on the Relationship Report.

Reports - Message now shown if no relationship set while trying to produce a Relationship Report.

Reports - On Descendant chart no line is output for an unknown spouse if the "Just leave it blank" option is set.

Research Guidance - 56 New or Updated sources.

13 June 2017 - Version - Build

Legacy FamilySearch - LDS Ordinance features are all working now with the new ordnance API.

9 June 2017 - Version - Build

GEDCOM - Fixed exporting shared event as regular events in GEDCOMs.

Legacy FamilySearch - The temple tab will re-direct the user to the FS website.

Legacy FamilySearch - Updated for the new ordnance API.

Reports - Fixed Bingo report loop.

Research Guidance - 70 New or Updated sources.

23 May 2017 - Version - Build

Fonts - Fixed screen and data font change errors.

Research Guidance - Added or updated: Over 219 sources.

18 May 2017 - Version - Build

Backup - Improved progress messages of Backup to Legacy Cloud.

Backup - Restoring a Legacy 9 backup that includes an .hdb file end up with two .hdb files. Fixed.

Check/Repair - Added a check for duplication of Find A Grave ID's. If there are duplicates (caused by a bug in Gedcom Import) they will be removed and user will need to add the ID back to the correct individual.

Dates - Dates entered as from - to converted to uppercase. Fixed.

Dates - If you use From/to in a date, the From will be uppercase in reports when it should be lowercase. Fixed.

Dates - The date combo From... to... does not appear in reports correctly. Fixed.

Hints - Added a new option to turn off hints for living individuals.

Family View - Siblings list for Wife show both siblings and children. Fixed.

Gedcom - Added an option to export burial information marked as cremation as a Cremation event.

Gedcom - Fixed duplication of Find A Grave numbers when importing a GEDCOM file.

2 May 2017 - Version - Build

Backup - Time shown on backups now show correctly for the timezone of the person doing the Legacy Cloud Backup.

Error - Fixed the "Permission Denied" error that some were reproting.

27 April 2017 - Version - Build

Backup - Added more informative messages to Legacy Cloud Backup.

Backup - Now change mouse pointer to busy and disable buttons while performing actions for Legacy Cloud Backup/Restore.

Backup - Restore from a Local Backup was incorrectly requiring an internet connection.

Deluxe Only - Updated information on Deluxe Only screen.

Picture Center - Field labels for Caption field were missing.

Tags - Tag contents not shown in Family View on start up.

Update - "See What's New" link wsa pointing to the wrong page.

22 April 2017 - Version - Build

Backup - Doing a Backup from the Getting Started interview was not recongizing the selected backup folder. Fixed.

Check/Repair - Added some new checks.

Hinting - Hinting is now available in the Free Standard Edition. We want everyone to be able to use it.

Hinting - Made a few Hinting improvements.

Research Guidance 203 New or Updated Sources.

Research Guidance Added or updated: Over 203 sources.

18 April 2017 - Version - Build

Legacy Export/Import - Shared Events were not exporting correctly

17 April 2017 - Version - Build

New Version 9.0 Released - The beginning of a new Legacy!

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