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Legacy-Faroese Mailing List

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This page allows you to subscribe to the "Legacy-Faroese" mailing list and to participate in testing of the Faroese translation of Legacy.

In order to participate in the testing you have to be subscribed to this mailing list so you can communicate with other testers and with the Faroese translation team.  When you subscribe you will be emailed instructions on how to download the test version and get started.

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Faroese Website

Please visit the  Legacy's Faroese translation website.   You can say anything you want the user to know like this is where you will download the latest versions of Legacy.

Privacy Policy

Legacy Family Tree respects the right of subscribers, customers and visitors to protect their email addresses from unauthorized distribution. In accordance, all email addresses are kept strictly confidential.


Please allow 48 hours for changes to take effect.  Unsubscribing usually works the first time for most people.  Click here if you have problems unsubscribing.

Changing E-mail Address

To change your e-mail address, simply unsubscribe the old address and then subscribe the new.

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