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How to Automatically Update Your Legacy Program: 

You can update your Legacy program by selecting the Legacy Home tab and clicking either the Updates link or the Download and Install Now link in the Updates box.  The Legacy Home tab will show you the installed version number of your program as well as the available version.  (You can also see the version number of your program by clicking on Help > About > General Information.)

Updates are patches and enhancements that repair bugs, replace damaged/missing files, and bring your program up to date.  Updating will keep your program in "good health"  and will make sure that all of Legacy's many features work at their best.  The update process has been streamlined for Legacy 9.0 Deluxe users: They won't need to enter their email address or use a password when updating.

You can read the Revision History for Legacy by clicking the See What's New link to open the Revision History page.


The update is for both the Standard and Deluxe editions of Legacy 9.0.  The updates are always cumulative, which means no matter how many you have missed, the current version will catch you up on all the enhancements and corrections of the past.

  • We recommend that you use either Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator to download.

  • It is fastest to install Legacy from the Web and RUN or OPEN the setup file when downloading. (People using Mozilla Firefox may be unable to run the setup file from the Web because of the extremely tight security features built into it.)

  • We recommend a high-speed Internet connection (DSL or cable modem work the best).

  • Dial-up connections frequently experience problems because of the time involved in downloading.

  • Please do not cancel the download (even if the download indicator goes backward) as this will break your Legacy program and you will have to download all over again to fix the problem.

Caution This update will result in serious problems if installed over Legacy 2.0 and overwrite Legacy 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 7.5 or 8.0 Deluxe with the Legacy 9.0 Standard Edition. (The Deluxe features in these earlier versions will no longer be available.)  If you are using an earlier version, please purchase the upgrade to Legacy 9.0 Deluxe. Be sure to backup your family file(s). Special upgrade prices for Legacy 8.0 (or earlier) Deluxe users are available by visiting:

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